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  1. I'm always surprised to see the ranks for the Empire armed Forces mimicking closely those of the US armed forces, while the Empire is THE Space Nazis.
  2. It could be the guy enlisted as private and climbed ranks to become an officer. It took him some years for that. Or it could be the guy had a life and joined the Imperial army as an officer while already in his mid-twenty. Or perhaps he was demoted to the lowest officer rank and has to regain his former ranks.
  3. In the manga, Gumn, Gally (or alita in the english version) has an organic brain and a cybernetic body. In the follow up manga Gumn Last Order, she has her organic brain integrally copied then replaced by a chip with a cybernetic body. She still see herself as cyborg after she learns she's a full artificial being. I didn't see the movie. I love too much the manga and was afraid to be disappointed by it.
  4. That's exactly the point where the clear moral line between Good and Evil start to be blurred by shades of grey. And the PCs reaction will impact the story and change it. The players will need to answers some question about their character. Of course it'll work better with involved players. I think we could even say that playing imperials only really works with really involved players. Players who are ok to explore their own character. Of course if that isn't the players's cup of tea, they can still play vanilla as rebels fighting the Evil Empire. I'm not saying it won't be as fun and or interesting.
  5. @Donovan Morningfire, English is a foreign language for me, I'm French. SO I prefer to take what I read in english literally. But my wife is English (even if she says British😉) and she agree with you on that subject. My main problem with using Move Force Power on sentient beings is that means using it on minion groups is allowed too. Then if a character wants to remove all the blasters in the hand of the guys in the minion group and move them away, he / she'll need many (strength or magnitude or both) upgrades. But if that character wants to move the minion groups away, he / she'll need just the upgrade to move silhouette 1 target. Perhaps another one if the GM rules a minion group counts as one silhouette more than the base silhouette of its member. I find it illogical and not consistent.
  6. I think you miss the point of the narraitive dice system used by Star Wars FFG. It isn't about success, that's the default expect result of most dice rolls, it is about advantages / triumphs and threats / despairs. In this system only one more success than failure on the dice is enough to succeed. That means every more success than that one more are wasted, except in a combat roll where they're used for damages. OTOH, the amount of advantages or threats left on the dice after cancelling, is important. One advantage or threat is not the same as two or three or more. Most interesting the dice rolls results I've seen playing this system are : success with threats and failure with advantages. The first means the player succeed but with complications that will show their effects in the narrative of the game. And the second means the player failed but with the possibility of something positive to happen in the narrative of the story.
  7. And why doesn't matter ? I never describe exactly the rank insignia of anybody, not just imperial, wearing ones on their uniform / clothes; If the PCs have a reason to recognize the grad corresponding to this insignia, I tell them which grade it is. Otherwise I tell them from the appearance they could guess if it's an high ranking guy or a middle ranking or a low ranking.
  8. How I understand it is for ranked talent : first rank cost 5 xp and count as a tier 1 talent. then 2nd rank cost 10 xp but do not count as a tier 2 talent, 3rd rank cost 15 xp and do not count as a tier 3 talent, 4th rank cost 20 xp and do not count as a tier 4 talent and 5th rank cost 25 xp and do not count as a tier 5 talent; all ranks thereafter are the same as rank 5. If the 1st rank for a ranked talent start at a higher tier than tier 1, do the same except the 1st rank bought always count as a T2+ talent but the subsequent ranks don't count even if they cost the amount of XPs. That way ranked talents aren't cheap if you want a lot of ranks in it, but having 5 ranks in it doesn't take a tier 5 talent slot. And to get a real tier 5 talent you still must buy talents as indicated by RAW. It gives more freedom in the choice of talents for characters with a lot of xps.
  9. Why for you a imperial soldier must be duped, I mean being a supoter of Empire discovering how evil is the Empire ? Why not just being someone who doesn't give a **** about politics, doesn't care about the Empire's evilness, and is here for personal reasons ? I've ran an AR campaign with all characters were near-human or human stormtroopers. Not a single one was a supporter of the Empire because they believed the Empire was the good guys. In fact no players <were interested about this good guy versuss bad guy stupid **** or to play the over-abused tropein RPG of good versus evil. I know the Star Wars canon says it's a Good / Light versus Evil / Darkness fight and the Good / Light must prevail at the end. That's fine for telling a story in movies. That isn't as fine for telling a story through an RPG. Mudding the waters, adding shades of grey, having players and non-players characters with a flexible morality alongside purely good and purely evil characters. All of that make a lot more interesting story and, imo the most important things in an RPG, make for more roleplaying by the players.
  10. If only the authors have used the correct words for the Move Force Power if they meant it to be used on object and sentient / living beings, there'll be no need to ask in the forum. Then the word object is used in all description of the Move Power, if it isn't the right word, why wasn't it corrected in AOR and F&D ?
  11. What are you talking about ? The spec / talents sheets are in pdf not jpg. And they aren't distorted either in a pdf reader or printer on paper.
  12. But a minion group is not an object even if it is a target. Move long text use the word object not target. For me it means, by RAW, you can't use Move Force Power on living / sentient beings, and that include any minion groups, but you can use Move Force Power only on inanimate objects. Imo, for all Force Powers we must stick to the wording in the long description of each FP. That's the safest way to limit abusing Force Powers to not transform them in an all powerful magic that can do everything, every time, everywhere.
  13. Imo, it isn't a problem if +1 Force Rating start at Tiers 3 if for each rank after the first it goes up 1 tier. So, it'll be T4 or the 2nd +1 FR and T5 thereafter. Actually that means having a FR4+ will be difficult to achieve for a character. I don't know if it'll be more difficult than the actual system with spec trees.
  14. Then Magus might not be a spec you want for your character. But you can add Sense Force Power. It's the closest to Boudhism Force Power you'll find. And of courser Ebb / Flow because it's a must have for any Force User.
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