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  1. WolfRider

    (Not) Fully Operational

    I understand it as an automatic critical if you're at engaged range of the explosive when it detonates.
  2. WolfRider

    Icebreaker Limits Confusion

    The answers is NO ! No need to ask FFG for something so obvious. Seriously if a broken ice automatically re-activate after the runner next turn, why bother to break it ? What do you think is the purpose of breaking an ice ?
  3. I disagree. FFG made a good job at balancing the game so Force users aren't more favored than non-Force users. But since I've never played or mastered any games with WEG D6, D20 or Saga systems I can't tell which one is the best for Star Wars.
  4. WolfRider

    Specialization talent combination

    Shien Expert is the best specialisation to combine with Soresu Defender. You'll have the strongest defence possible with a lightsaber with 6 levels in Parry with both advanced and supreme and 6 levels in Reflect with both advanced and supreme. And being able to immediately counter-attack will give you a very strong offence.
  5. WolfRider

    Juyo Berserker questions

    Drop the Morality rules as they're written. The way the roll for Morality is made doesn't make sense. Rolling after each session whatever the amount of conflict earned during the session is stupid. A PC should roll for Morality only when a significant amount of conflict has been earned. For your Morality to change, one way or another, it must be really challenged.
  6. WolfRider

    Jedi Order, 6000 years old?

    Perhaps they anticipated that in the aftermath of leaving the EU, the UK would turn back to their old imperial measurement.😀
  7. WolfRider

    Running a campaign with Sith?

    You can let players who want to be darksiders use the option to start with 29 morality at character creation. Imo, that's the fastest way to fall to the darkiside.
  8. WolfRider

    More Books?

    Terrinoth is great as sourcebook for the mechanical part. But as a world it isn't very interesting. Too classical with too much fantasy tropes and cliches written without any twists. It'd have been a less boring if the authors ad dropped the more than overused fight between light / good and darkness / evil.
  9. Do it yourself. With a smartphone it's easy to take a picture of each table, transfer it to your computer and make a pdf file with all the table sin a single document. You own these book so why are asking for someone else do somtehing youcan do easily ?
  10. WolfRider

    Reloading a Revolver

    If ther isn't any rules for reloading but a Talent, it's because this system doesn't bother with ammo counting. PCs never run out of ammo during an encounter. Except when the GM uses a despair to make them run out of ammo. Then only those who bought the right Talent can reload. With a round a minute long I see it as PCs making sure their weapon is always loaded without the need to include it in the narration. But if you want to include it for drama purpose, you can use threats to simulate the PC fumbling with ammos. On the next round you add as many black dices as the number of threats rolled. The weapon wasn't properly reloaded so the next roll is more difficult, but the PC didn't run full out of ammo. With this system I think it's better to make use of advantages, threats, triumphs and despairs to add drama to a scene.
  11. You can play with only one corebook. You can add one or met dices set for a more confortable play, but that isn't mandatory. Here corebooks are around 55€ for EotE and AoR and around 60€ for f&D. So with 60€ you can play for years only limited by your imagination to create adventures for your players. Or you can spend more money to buy the others books for SW FFG and run pre-made adventures.
  12. WolfRider

    Jedi Order, 6000 years old?

    6000 years is not old enough ? It's you who don't have any sense of scale. Human history isn't that old with only 5000 years. The oldest cities are less than 10000 years old. And at that time the only tool and weapons available were made of polished stones.
  13. WolfRider

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    Before Pearl Harbor there was many Americans who enlisted on the English/ Commonwealth side. But there was so few Americans who enlisted on the German side I've never heard of any, except in an Hollywood movie about the Battle of the Bulge. So I've some doubts that Germany very popular in the USA at that time.
  14. WolfRider

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    So you want a Chiss as the next Sith Lord. Since Chiss is the Space Smurf specie.