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  1. Same problem with French translations, it takes a long time for the book to be translated. And worse because the market is a lot smaller than the US one, we are never sure to see all the books translated. If you can read English it is better to buy the books in this language than wait for a translation that could never come.
  2. Reaching the Dedication talent in a tree needs less than XPs. That means you can have 8 dedication by buying Talents for less than 800 XPs. Buying the 7 specialisations needed, the 1st dedication comes from your 1st specialisation tree, needs 350 (20+30+40+50+60+70+80) more XPs. So it's possible to achieve the same stats' rise as Obiwan with around 1150 earned XPs. Of course if you add the Force Powers mastered by Obiwan, it needs a lot more XPs to buy them with their upgrades. And even more XPs are needed tu raise skills levels.
  3. WolfRider

    Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    Thanks I didn't know that.
  4. WolfRider

    Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    I'd love to see examples of crystals with two colour like in SWTOR.
  5. WolfRider

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    You can play an imperial without him / her being a space nazi.
  6. Yes and the rowers have been on strike for monthes.
  7. WolfRider

    Another Character Generator

    You know all the talent trees and all the Force Power trees from the published books are available in pdf ? There is a thread somewhere on this forum with links to the pdf.
  8. WolfRider

    Snipers in combat?

    The OP said the encounter will involve stormtroopers, deathtroopers, an inquisitor and a snipper. That clearly means the snipper is a stormtrooper at worst or a deathtrooper at best. Anyway he / she is an elite soldier and should be a rival or a nemesis. That means too he / she is enough a professional to know that after each shot he / she should move to change position before the next shot, to be more difficult to spot.
  9. WolfRider

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    Human Mandalorian should work for a clone character. The clones from the clone war were Jango Fett's clones and Jango was a mandalorian.
  10. WolfRider

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    Are there officials infos somewhere that the First Order has more Dreadnought than the one destroyed in ep9 ? The same question about the FO massive military could be made. In both ep 7 &8 the FO shows a lot of military strengths. Then everybody assumes that if it shows so much military power it's because the FO has much more in reserve. But it could as much be the exact opposite. The FO uses all the military strengths it can to get a decisive advantage and wins before its adversary can regroup and strike back. Personally from what I've seen in both ep 7 & 8, I think the FO is not as strong as it wants the rest of the galaxy to believe. And that its only chance to beat the Republic is a quick decisive strike with all the military might it can muster. The Star Wars take on the 'Shock and Awe'.
  11. WolfRider

    Unlimited Power/Mystic and My Potential Character

    As long as Warrior is the chosen career. Shaolin are wariors monks not diplomats monks. And a Shaolin Jedi could not be darkside or lightside but must keep both side of the Force perfectly balanced.
  12. WolfRider

    Wild West Setting for Genesys

    I think dividing the ranged skill, or the melee skill too, in two is never justified. And I think it is always the system that must be adapted to the setting not the opposite. Genesys is a template, you pick up what you need in it and left over what you don't need. And you make knew skills and new talents if there is need to.
  13. WolfRider


    Yes. It's better to have a skill than a talent because the more experienced you are, the less you'll blow yourself up while using explosives. And the better you are to disarm explosives devices.
  14. WolfRider

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    FFG's parent company is Asmodée, a french games company that started as an RPG editor under the name of Siroz back in the 80's. Siroz became Asmodée at the turn of the century if I remember correctly and stopped doing RPG only 10 years ago, mostly because the french RPG market was (and still is) a bottomless pit of money for an editor : too small with too many editors. That's very different from Hasbro which didn't know what was a RPG before WotC bought TSR. And even after having owned D&D for some years they didn't have a clue on how worked the RPG market. If they had clues they'll never have approved D&D4, neither published more books than the market could absorb.