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  1. I've made this houserule because I think Enhance basic power is too restrictive. But I forgot to add it costs 2 strain per Force die used. I allow any Force user to use any Basic Force Power at this same cost if it isn't possessed.
  2. Personally I let Force users add Force dice to any checks and use the Force pips generated as success or (but not and) advantages. I think it simulates well how Luke use the Force to fire the torpedo in that tiny hole to destroy the Death Star in the 1st movie, or how Anakin use the Force, through not conscientiously, to win podd races. Or how all Force users seems to be naturally skilled with piloting anything.
  3. On the FFG.fr forum there was a news about SW RPG French translations of books that'll be reprinted in the following months. So, you can guess that Edge Studio is working and english books will be reprinted soon too.
  4. I think yes. Padawans are Star Wars' Squires and Jedi Knight are modelled after Knight Templars, Knight Hospitallers and so on. There isn't knights without squires and most kights have been squires before.
  5. That's true in French. We say "La Force" that's the definitive proof the Force is female.🤣
  6. Jedi Knight at 15 ! That's very young to be knighted. She was knighted just out the Jedi Academy without spending anytime as Padawan ?
  7. Why would you need accuracy for a weapon doing AoE damages ? A frag grenade has a lethal range closer to 25m than 5 m and you can still be hit by a shrapnel more than 40 m away. A 5 m lethal range is more a concussion grenade. But those grendes are for use at close or medium range and inside rather than outside. Throwing a concussion grenade at long range is pointless while throwing a frag gerande at long range is useful.
  8. Asmodée tried that very recently and failed. Lucasfilm refuses to discuss it. Perhaps it'll be possible when it's time for the license to be renewed. It's usually at that time you can renegotiate it.
  9. @Tramp Graphics is right. The GM proposes a story concept and it's up to the players to adapt their character concept to it, not the opposite. Then it's easier for the GM integrate characters backgrounds in the story he / she creates.
  10. But it's exactly what Kenobi meant because Yoda was his teacher but not his master. When a youngling becomes a padawan he / she doesn't enter a teacher / student relationship with his / her master, but a mentor / pupil relationship. A padawan doesn't need to be taught the ways of a Jedi. Those were learned during his / her time at the Jedi academy and it's because he / she knows them that he / she is taken as a padawan by a full Jedi Knight or Jedi Master. What a Padawan needs is experience in the world on how to be a Jedi with someone to guide him / her.
  11. The Jedi Master specialisation only means that the character has enough mastery of the Force to have a Force Rating of 3. That means he / she spends enough XPs to get this FR without asking to get it only by choosing the Jedi career then taking Padawan and Knight spec, or Quick path to Power and Knigh or General, as specialisations. Choosing any other career, even one that doesn't give a FR, can work as long as the PC buys the specialisations and then talents from those that'll give him / her the FR3.
  12. Endure is a must have for any PC wishing to focus on lightsaber fights and fighting talents, both melee / brawl and ranged. Alter and Conjure are a lot less useful but might be given the right situation. At my table, it's Battle Meditation that hasn't be taken by any player. But it's logical since the campaign I run is focused on the PCs escaping the Empire while discovering how to master their connexion with the Force. There isn't enough fights that'd make this power useful.
  13. To answer the OP, if a player has concept for his / her character to start with the quick path to power then I don't see why I couldn't allow it. I'm convinced that players should play the character they wish and not the character the GM wants them to play.
  14. They will. From the FFG.fr forum, the talk between Asmodée / Edge and Lucasfilm to print Star Wars books in Europe, for those translated in an European language, received a clear NO from Lucasfilm. All SW RPG will continue to be printed in the same place in China, as they'bve been since the first one was done.
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