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  1. If you are interested in playing with others and are in the Central FL area join this group and tell us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/331793426953301/
  2. Still looking to get in games with others in the Orlando area. We travel to Palm Bay once a month for their tournaments, but would love to play local as well. Doing our best to grow this game in the Central Florida area.
  3. Hey, we still play regularly. We are south of Orlando, in the Winter Haven area. Don't know if thats close or not, but we also make the trips to Palm Bay once a month for their joust and melee tournaments. The store over there is great and the tourneys are a ton of fun.
  4. Dog's of War Gaming is holding A Game of Thrones Tournament this coming Saturday 7/20/13 All the details are here. https://www.facebook.com/events/375292725905703/?ref=3 This is a fantastic store and a great group of people to play with.
  5. Me and a friend are in Winter Haven and each have a core set. We play this and Game of Thrones. We go up to Cool Stuff every now and then, but would go for a chance to meet up with people and play.
  6. I dont know if we can make it to Orlando on Saturday. There is a local store here in Winter Haven that we might be playing at though if you want to join. Also, we have started a Facebook page for Central Florida players, to schedule meetups and stuff. Much easier than using this fourm for everything. Check it out and like it so we can have better communication. https://www.facebook.com/cflagot
  7. We will be at Cool Stuff in Maitland (the new location) on Tuesday the 1st at 4. We will be there till store closing. Everyone come play!
  8. Oh man, we were at the new location in Maitland. That sucks we missed you. We are probably headed back up to Orlando next week. I will post on here and let you know as soon as I know. Sorry about that. Pretty much we will always be at the one in Maitland cuz it is muchg easier to get too for us.
  9. Hey, we will be back at Cool Stuff on Thursday, around 4 or 5. Come join us.
  10. I'm not close to Jacksonville but I am near Orlando. This coming (22nd) Saturday we have a group meeting up to play in Orlando at Cool Stuff Games. You should come down and play with us.
  11. We will be there at 2. There are 5 of us from our group and then 2 from orlando meeting us there, so should be a good group to play with.
  12. Well, since the Armadillo is closing the 19th, I think we will be heading to the new Cool Stuff in Maitland on 12/22 to play. Let's get as many people as we can and all play. what do you guys think?
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