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  1. I would say the best and fastest way for them to get some Guardsmen would be to forge a munitorium order moving the unit under their command, obviously if this came to light you might be in stum (particularly if how it came to light was this world fell to chaos because the guard weren't here to keep stuff under control). It might be easier to requisition PDF troopers or to just buy a load of cheap guns and exploding collars and ask the arbrites if they have any criminal scum they'd like to get rid of...... My view on money and the imperial guard is that many regiments get paid in a munitorium scrip which is basically a promise that the local planetary government will pay the bearer x amount of thrones which the planetary government gets off of its tithe. I'm thinking that some regiments probably don't get it because of their status (penal legions for example) and others get swindled out of it by their officers or the admin guys (particularly feudal and so on, I imagine officers might get the money and then be told to distribute it among their unit, pay based on the number reported to be there, I imagine some units will be dangerously understrength so they can skim the pay). I've always had it that some things can only be bought using actual money so there is a thriving business of buying scrip for less then its value, basically a way of guardsmen getting around the authorities trying to limit their access to drink drugs and those with negotiable affections.
  2. I do have instant kills in my campaigns under specific circumstances: 1. Very low level enemies in groups, partially for ease of accounting, partially as its a pain when you roll really badly on a damage roll and see your nice hit just tickles something that should be one shot (so snotlings, grots, vermin, mobs, etc) 2. Low level enemies where a hit might not by the rules kill them by damage likely to be rolled but the hit was quite a good one with a few levels of success (so a guardsman fighting a renegade guardsman as with the armour and TB they may well be able to power through a few average hits) 3. Low level enemies where they have been taken by surprise in Melee (so throat cutting and so on) partially to encourage sneakiness, partially to allow rapid silencing of guards and sentries. I do not allow it with anything bigger then that, everything else damage gets rolled for an accounted for.. In my campaigns when they bump into space marines they are genned as PCs using the death watch books (they are renegades rather then from the heresy chaos space marines though some plague marines will be being thrown at them soon mwhahahaha) and as such they die very hard.
  3. I have always pictured things like the multi melta, plasma cannon and heavy flamer (if they are man portable in any real sense) being used like some world war 2 flame throwers with on carrying the weapon and the other carrying the ammo and them being physically teathered together with hoses. For me the Melta gun I like the idea of it being used like this http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-c0evfMVRI_w/TwDW8D2_AaI/AAAAAAAAARU/lQ2_tI0iqPo/s1600/Cadianplasmameltamain_445x319.jpg%C2'> but there might be lighter ones around that are more portable but less powerful perhaps, for me therefore 15kg sounds okay but I imagin gunners not really carrying anything else much beyond their weapon.
  4. 1.What happens to veterans when most of regiment is wiped out? In codex it's stated that sometimes two wrecked regiments are combined but what if only one or two squad remains from few regiments? Will they be combined into some kind of veteran regiment? My interpretation is that they'd be disbanded, used for special duties or sent to act as training for another regiment, it could be you had an odds and sods company made up of the shell shocked reminants of shredded regiments (could run like a dirty dozen kind of style thing), they could also be used to act as a nucleous for a green regiment to provide some experienced troops/ncos/etc. Then again in 40k its intirely possible that if so few survived a commisar could shoot them for not dieing gloriously with the rest of their regiment...... or assign them to a penal regiment (either as guards or inmates). 2. Does Kasrkin recruit soldiers only from Cadia or sometimes from other planets? Do they act like commando unit or are frontline grenadiers like in HoTE. They are lately absent from fluff sadly. To my knowledge the Kasrkin generally only recruit from the Cadian system and primarily from Cadia itself, however some Cadian characters are shown to be from other worlds and taken on as in system replacements (creed for example) and it is unclear if you are recruited directly from the pool of recruits into the kasrkin or if they take from the pdf and other guard regiments later, I think you would have to be in a Cadian regiment at least to be recruited if non cadian. 3. Can a normal soldier became stormtrooper or is it exclusively for schola progenium orphans? The fluff is conflicted with some saying that they are only schola progenium, some saying that they are the best soldiers from other regiments as well (either in their own units or mixed in with the progies) and a few seeming to indicate that some units of storm troopers are raised just like other regiments but with an odd corps structure so they arn't all from the same world (those sources are very dodgy though and I tend to ignore them). There are other regiments (as people have pointed out before me) that have similar equipment and I can imagine there being commando regiments and heavy drop troopers and things which are pretty much the same equipment and even method wise but are probably less elite and less well trained. Thats my take on the fluff at least 4. If two regiments are mixed together from different homeworlds do they have unified equipment or they use same stuff from their home unit? I would imagine they would take whatever would work together (so no weapons that conflict in calibres/charge/pack size to prevent logistical confusion) but that initially they would be differently equipped a little but that over time they would merge and form a 3rd combined identity (assuming they survive that long). 5. Are there other elite units like karskin in regiments of catachan, tallarn etc? I would probably say no for catchan and tallarn, probably not for atilla either but possibly for Mordians, Pretorians, Vallhallans and we know for sure for Kreigers. They might have similar heavy infantry but would probably use them different. The Vallhallans also have Rangers who are mountain/special forces units (rare in the fluff but do crop up), tallarn has units based off the real world long range raiding units (that helped spawn the SAS), catchans have units that do traps and units that do heavy demolitions and carry around heavy flamers (as they can't have much heavy support in their role) and I imagine would have air cav style units as well, (well basically they are based off of Rambo mixed with Predator so you can imagine). I think Ellysians (not sure if spelt properly) have pathfinder units which go in ahead of drops but I'm not sure how they would work. 6. Does normal units beside stormtroopers and high ranking officers wear carapace armor? Yes but not that commonly, some elite assault units, combat engineers, heavy infantry, etc (and these might be sub units of a regiment not the whole thing) would but 90% or so of guardsmen would wear flak armour. 7. Does M36 Lasgun have a full auto mode? I know that rules state they can fire semi auto only but from what i read looks like they can go full auto. I think this is supposed to be the big trade off with las weapons they don't hit hard and they don't have particularly hight fire rates (generally) but they are ultimately reliable, reasonably accurate and you can easily carry huge amounts of ammo and replenish without much of a supply chain. 8. Does Cadian Tri-dome helmet are issued only to kasrkin? I assume that Cadian gear is fairly widely available and is commonly copied (wether to the same standard is up to you) for guard and PDF forces especially those who have previously served alongside the Cadians. 9. While looking at IG Codex weapon list i don't see autogun. So does IG ever use autoguns? Autoguns and Lasguns are functionally identical on the wargame level and have been for a while so its mainly a matter of fluff as to what they get called at this point. The Imperial Guard does use autoguns (and pretty much anything else really) but tends to use lasguns for ease of supply (they are very hard to break, require minimal maintanance and you can recharge the power packs through most power supplies/solar power/physically pumping a handle on a charger/boiling them/putting them in or near a fire (warning may result in them breaking/degrading ask your munitions officer for details about whether lasguns are right for you, always follow instructions)), there are plenty of instances where autoguns are used in fluff but they are generally for special purposes and used by veteran units who want the extra umph, specialists who know that ammunition isn't an issue as they will be well supplied/won't be in combat for that long but need the edge for when they are. Otherwise they are issued where lasguns are not available for what ever reason or where supply is not an issue. 10. What is imperial policy regarding equipment? In some sources it's said that troopers (mostly veterans) use weapons taken from enemy and other non standard stuff while other sources say that nobody will allow guardsman to keep equipment outside regulations. Basically while in theatre guardsmen get more leeway if only because it is too hard to force them not to use odd equipment that they feel (rightly or wrongly) gives them an edge but when they come out of theatre I imagine they get adjusted with the more flagrent breaches of equipment being righted. Now veterans would often have more leeway as they and their officers have gone through hell together and come out of the other side and so you would probably in most regiments get a lot of things under the radar that wouldn't fly otherwise and some adjustments to equipment may become (to varying degrees of official sanction) the norm. Obviously this massively varies between regiments, salvar chem dogs don't care what you have picked up while mordians probably execute you for not fastening your shoes according to prescribed methods. (the 2nd lot) 1. Does imperium have any other form of communication beside astropath's? I read in few novels they were using some kind of hololith communication device and nospoheric communication between planets. Radio and laser style communication I would presume but nothing FTL apart from psykers. 2. Since my players don't get to own equipment beside standard kit (they need to return all item after every mission) i upgrade their stuff on every XP treshold. What weapons and armor should have 5k and 7,5k characters that will be proper for veterans? I tend not to do this as I let players pick up stuff as they go and rp hiding it/keeping it/dodgily requisitioning it (or buying it off the ratlings at the motor pool who are based off Bilko but dodgier and they may cut you) but they have on occasion gotten extra equipment officially if they are doing a specific role. For my group their gear is theirs and they are responsible for it and if they should lose it then getting it through official channels is a pain in the arse (and sometimes impossible ("oh so your lasgun stopped working and you ditched it..... so you failed to maintain it properly and abandoned it to the enemy...... fill out this form to requesition a bullet, shroud and the wear and tear on my gun and the burial party's shovels, I will need that in triplicate....")) so a lot of things happen through the dodgy grey market and gaming the system. Sorry it is so long.......
  5. I would also include more primitive aircraft for PDF use (fun to put into the hands of rebels as mooks) and also a naval gunnery spotting team/air liason and maybe search and rescue regiment options.
  6. Stalwart Armoured Truck Type: Wheeled Vehicle Tactical Speed: 15 m Cruising Speed: 70 kph Manoeuvrability: +10 Structural Integrity: 30 Size: Massive Armour: Front 18, Side 16, Rear 16 Vehicle Traits: Enclosed, Rugged Tracked Vehicle Crew: 1-2 (driver and commander/gunner) Carrying Capacity: 20 imperial guardsmen and equipment Weapons: None on base model, can be equipped with a heavy stubber/grenade launcher with or without gunner shield as necessary. This heavy armoured truck is a major part of many PDF arsenals inventory and provides a solid albeit lackluster infantry transport vehicle that can be cheaply and redily produced on their homeworlds as opposed to the chimera. Able to resist most side arms and at least resistant to light support weapons the Stalwart is best used as a armoured rear area vehicle to bring infantry to the battlefield and to work in rear area situations where having some armour is useful. Often it is seen used as a armoured security vehicle in support of security service raids where it can be modified for use as a water cannon vehicle or as a prisoner transport. The imperial guard are rarely equipped with it by choice often drawing on this vehicle when they are in need of replacemnts or when on garrison duty.
  7. Well there are multiple roles they could be performing. 1. Infantry support, while not done much in modern warefare here it still seems to be something regularly done in the 40k universe where a single tank gets pulled from an armoured unit to support a company or so of infantry, now there are a few interesting things you could do with this: 1a. Supporting a push, your tank is supporting these infantry as they push up on their objective, maybe they have had some problems with enemy emplaced weapons and they need you to clear them out or maybe its just general support. Imagine you advancing and take out a few machine gun nests then bam a enemy SPG turns up and makes life interesting. 1b. Helping hold the line, your tank and maybe a few others have been sent forward to an infantry regiment to act as rapid reaction fire support to help plug holes and brace buckling portions of the line. Imagine a long night where your tank is being rushed from place to place to help hold back the tide, maybe including a retreat where you have to make the decision to hold off the enemy to save the infnatry or to run as fast as they can to save themselves, maybe conflicting orders from your regiment and the regiment that you are attached to. 2. An armoured push, where your tanks are hammering into an enemy line to break through it for the infantry to follow up, fairly simple just smash into the enemy and hope you don't hit anything that will slow you down or stop your advance. 3. Deep penetrration, where you and maybe some mechanized infantry are hammered through the enemy lines to either range deeply in the enemy lines and cause havoc while the infantry assault frontally (think plan 1919) or to capture significant objectives and cut off the enemy encircleing them for the infantry to mop up (think blitzkreig and russian actions during the 2nd world war). 4. Blunting an enemy attack, where the enemy armour is trying to break through your lines and you are trying to stop them basically imagine the two armoured formations slamming into each other in a whirlwind of destruction. 5. Bulking up a convoy through dangerous terrain, that fuel has to get through that mountain range or desert or forest and they have requested some armoured support to get it through... well good luck getting ambushed over and over again.
  8. Ways I can think to do it 1. Found a colony and specialize in weapons manufacture (yawn) 2. Find an imperial world that is able to theoretically produce an excess of weapons but isn't for reasons (no available market, not enough resources, own need for produced weapons, etcetera, etcetera) solve problem and then profit.... 3. Find an arms dump, either an old abandoned one (old transport wrecks are good) or one that is in an out of the way with a bribable staff....... 4. Find a lost world or minor xeno group who build sufficiently suitable weapons or who can be induced to build the patterns you want
  9. Bron

    Fighting troops

    What I do in the games I've run is as follows: 100 storm-trooper equivelents as a household guard per PC (I leave it up to the PCs whether this is the rogue trader's guard or if they have their own units each (generally the coghead and the navigator will have their own and everyone else lumps theirs together).). 1% of crew/permenant passengers as security troopers (basically permentant under arms troops who have a security/police role most of the time, armed with light solid projectile weapons (autoguns/heavy stubbers/shotguns), flak armour, shock mauls and gas grenades). 5% of crew/permenant passengers as armsmen who when the ship is at battle stations their duty is to be ready to board/repel boarders as needed, very lightly armed (stub/auto pistols, shot guns, maybe the odd stub rifle or so on, tools and hand weapons, maybe a flak vest but just their work gear otherwise). I say for barracks that they can hold a medium infantry brigade equivelent (with light infantry counting as half, heavy infantry/mech infantry/tanks/artillery counting double (I also say that tanks and artillery do not give a boost to boarding/hit and run not even if you are mad enough to try to run earthshakers through the corridors of your ship!) with the idea being that barracks contain space for the troops to bunk and do at least some basic training (like target practice, PT, combat drills and so on), as well as hold their supplies, camp followers and so on. I also say by default they are able to easily ship their men and equipment to where they are needed to disembark reasonably rapidly (as I'm assuming that the designers of the ship arn't stupid enough to put their armoured unit storage at the wrong end of a maze of corridors). I also do allow units to be counted as light infantry regardless of type but their gear will be kept in the hold and so they will take much longer to deploy and they won't get any bonuses for training from the barracks (I give players the oportunity to upgrade the skill level of troops through training in the barracks. In my games I also have a house-ruled type of ship called a light ship (basically think of them as being either very large support craft or very small escort/transport/utility ships without warp capability so relies on a carrier ship rather like a smaller version of the tau orca/warden classes (I got the idea after reading a book about naval vessels in the 1920s-1950s which had things like torpedo boat and seaplane carriers)) some of which can transport troops (either by design or by bodging), with the cutters (a multi-role master of none type) able to land a single infantry company without vehicles, the heavy drop ships (a heavy lander as the name suggests) able to land 3 infantry companies and their vehicles (double if light infantry due to the lack of vehicles) or 2 mechanized infantry companies or 1 armoured or artillery company at a time or the heavy barge which can land double the amout of the heavy drop ship but is a flying unarmoured brick (it is made for carrying cargo rather then troops but can be pressed into this role if necessary but is a big slow high value target so only use for this role if you have already secured your landing ground or if you don't like your soldiers very much). I am currently playtesting these rules but if people want them they can have them.
  10. Yes I believe it was the first book in that series (the one where she is first transferred to the hive world (it has been a long time since I have read it and my books are on another continent at the moment)) I believe it was offered as an option to penitents with experience as ship crew but I assume it is a voluntary penance (though the other option might be you become an arco-flagellant). Also yes it is a very very good read, I will need to find the others (when I last checked it didn't have any sequels I think).
  11. So far I've tended to run games with regiments that I've generated for my players. Generally I've got them to agree on a concept (generally by them telling me they want to be like a specific famous regiment or army or tv show/film/game military unit) and then I've narrowed down the choices from there so that they get to choose specific aspects (mainly the things that arn't obvious as to which would fit the theme I've been given best). We tried where they generated a regiment without my input but that just devolved into days of arguing so we tend to do a more guided approach. I personally think the existing regiments are fun but that as my group arn't that buried in the lore of 40k they sometimes struggle with the feel of regiments. The exception has been the Valhallans where they got it after I basically explained it to them as being "The Red Army IN SPAACCCEEEEE!". I also have issues with how often famous homeworld guardsmen turn up as it always seemed odd to me that there seem to be catchens, valhallans, cadians, kreigers and so on everywhere (you'd think especially with the catchens where there aren't that many of them to draw from there simply couldn't be more then a handful of regiments at any one time even if a high percentage of them were called to the colours) so I have it as my personal headcannon that those regiments that do exist may be being used on all the high profile campaigns while the assendofnowhere dragoons have to do the not so glorious clean up/pacification/etc jobs around it. I have however used existing famous regiments and just changed their look and background a bit to make regiments from similar situations for my campaigns (I always like to imagine them wearing terrible mustaches and putting on accents "no I'm not a cadian I'm a.... Nidarian Grenadier... yes thats it....").
  12. I run my games in a home brew setting that ties in with the events of my other games in other 40k systems. In this area there are two chapters operating, one that as based in the area and another which is only present in part as one of their fortress monasteries moves through. I decided that the stationary chapter would be younger while also being scary dogmatic monastic Templars quite happy to burn whole worlds if they think they are disloyal or "Too Weak To Serve The Blessed Emperor!" (I have always portrayed them speaking entirely in Caps Lock). They are not nice people being insane honour before sanity types and regarding any weakness as being disloyalty (up to and including wearing camouflage or seeking cover (after all "If You Have Faith The Blessed Emperor Will Protect You!)). They are also called the Eagle Masters and have no humour about that at all, they are a font of memes for my groups. One rogue trader group managed to get in good with them after they got into an epic war with some Orks over an asteroid belt (that had no useful resources and was not strategically important in any way) when after several years of wasteful fighting they stood victorious they were asked by an imperial navy admiral why they dragged so many imperial forces into fighting the Orks the Rogue Trader responded with "Because they were there!" which the attending Eagle Masters regarded as being a fantastic response declaring the Rogue Trader a "Worthy Servant Of The Blessed Emperor!". The other chapter is the Guardians of Light, they are older and much more level headed and reasonable, they travel through space on their ancient fortress monastery and try to do as much good as they can (unlike the Eagle Masters they actually care about the well being of people shock horror) but their main obsession is the recovery of ancient technology and knowledge. A couple of the Rogue Trader groups have gotten in with them, one group basically having them as a trading partner where they exchange ancient pieces of tech and knowledge periodically, through which they have managed to get some very useful info and some interesting pieces of equipment. This has also often led to the chapter giving them info to go and get something the chapter wants which they then trade for. The other group has by on more then one occasion coming to the aid of chapter forces and through acquiring some interesting archeotech for the chapter have slowly evolved into being agents of the chapter, able to call on chapter aid while also acting as a deniable asset for the chapter (useful as the chapter is looked upon with some suspicion by the authorities. Basically I've tried to build a relationship between the chapters and their rogue trader allies rather then having it be a more one off thing.
  13. I have tended to do things verbally but I will often produce maps mainly for my own benefit to keep things in the right place mentally. The main thing I've found useful with maps is when things are on a large scale and you are trying to keep things organized, I often use real world relief maps for OW to show where units are in relation to each other, for RT I have a hex grid star map which I use to show position of ships, planets, asteroids, stations and so on, very helpful for working things out. I tend not to give my players maps as I'd rather they draw them on their own as it leaves fun stuff like them getting confused about layouts and making mistakes or making things be too big and so forth.
  14. If you want to have them run low on ammunition you could do what I did to one of my groups at one point. They were holding a trench line and what happened was I gave them a night of hell, heavy artillery and aircraft interdicting supply lines, repeated probing attacks and the odd full blown assault draining their resources forcing them to desperately try to conserve ammunition, eventually running dry and having to scavenge from corpses and then even take weapons off the enemy (and risking unknown weapons and trouble from the ad mech/commissariat if they got caught). I think by the end of it only 1 of their comrades was alive and most of the PCs had burnt a fate point, no one was unwounded some of them severely. Their 8 man squad had killed between them just over a hundred of the rebel troops they were fighting and their regiment had broken the rebel offensive and been flayed in the process. The fact that they ran out of ammunition and couldn't get their wounded evacuated and the brutal unending grind of the fighting made for a very intense session (it was the last session before we switched off to another game (we have tended to run games in 2-3 month blocks (sometimes referred to as series/seasons) before switching to another game for a while to prevent GM burnout or people getting bored, with a full weekend of playing to finish off the one game and starting the next) which meant the session took about 10-12 hours of play with people's real life exhaustion adding to the game experience).
  15. I think being a plasma nut would be a reasonable thing to do being a psychopath, I can imagine a character obsessed with his weapon and with plasma weapons in general, cleaning his gun at every opportunity even when it would be adventitious to be doing something else (such as forgoing sleep or eating) and maybe doing it over and over again maybe even whispering to it and stroking it talking about how you will purge the unclean (bonus points because its creepy while not being something that would probably get into you into trouble as thats pretty much imperial doctrine right there). Maybe have your character disparage any non-plasma weapon, trying to horde plasma weaponry, even taking them from the enemy (which depending on who you are fighting could get you in serious trouble (imagine what would happen to a guardsman who was found with a chaos plasma pistol or one of the tau plasma weapons) and may be very sub-optimal (using a rare plasma grenade where a frag grenade would be okay or even better)). From the point of view of being horribly overpowered compared to your fellows I wouldn't worry about it, your weapon takes forever to reload, has the chance to melt you if you roll badly, if used on full power it has to recharge, has much harder to acquire ammunition and makes you jump right up the enemies' threat rating. In an infantry unit what most people are there to do is facilitate the specialists to do their jobs, if we look at post world war two soviet infantry doctrine (which I feel suits the generic guard regiment model quite well) the main role of the rifleman is to suppress the enemy to prevent them effectively firing back and maneuvering to force the enemy to react and hopefully drive them out of any beneficial cover, the main killing elements were crew served weapons (machine guns and later grenade launchers both automatic and rocket propelled) and designated marksmen. It makes sense that your character is killing far more then their share of the enemy due to your role but I'm sure that if you were on your own you'd be quickly overwhelmed.
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