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    Your worst/thoughest enemy

    Best Troops players got: Mutiator - rarely used pyromancer coven - rarely used Tzeench daemon bound Silvertower - got for terror tactic/ground support cant be fielded with nurgle daemon-engine Nurgle daemon-bound defiler - actively used good for terror tactic/infantry Warp Talons - most effective unit they hired Chaos Space Marines - untrustworthy, always whining ,irresponsible bunch of super-soldiers just like the player characters.... Human disciple of chaos, Renegades, Pirates, Lost and Damned troops - numerous devoted followers ideal for mechanized warfare (thanks, jets, artillery, etc) dies very quickly Worst enemies they stands against, Greater daemon of Tzeench, Lord of Change: Oba 'mhara Sorceres, chaos spykers Khorne daemon engine Brass Scorpion Rak 'gol mobs Rubric Marines Phase Assassin Imperial Knights
  2. Athanatosz

    The servo arm breaks the game.

    "You might be thinking of something else?" That is our interpretation of the machine trait rule.... Mechanicus Assimilation 20 and other gamey quirks is one of the exit signs in our games....
  3. Athanatosz

    The servo arm breaks the game.

    Also You cant have more as much machine trait as your Tougness bonus. But again haywire granade.... Seriously dude start reading the armory and arm your goons properly....
  4. Athanatosz

    The servo arm breaks the game.

    Enemies can have powerfield weapons. Sometimes they can destroy it. Some times The heretech can gets a sidequest to repair it. Some times enemies can have haywire grande... You now the drill....
  5. Athanatosz

    In a flap over wings

    Use the table from Tome of Corruption. (WFRP II) If you have the guts... > roll from the animalistic features table. Or just made up one...
  6. Athanatosz

    Black Crusade: Dark Heresy 2.0 Edition

    I think it could be more easy to go with the archetype system. Faster and Easier. Only Thing to change is the affinities there are plenty of variations for that in this very forum site if you take your time and start digging... Of course you can change some rules, combat and maybe skills and talents. Basically I suggest drop the backgound system If not necessary. But If that badly needed change all of the archetypes for one.
  7. Athanatosz

    Soulstorm vs BC Characters

    Also imagine how easily can it backfire: Let's say the priest managed to pull it and killed the corrupted heretic with it. Hurray no the priest unconscious. (as the power work:"(effectively knocking him unconscious and causing him to collapse)"). Oh well the heretic just burn Infamy return with 1 wound and R'ape/infect/maim&burn/corrupt the priest. So maybe re doing the cost could be necessary to.....
  8. Athanatosz

    Soulstorm vs BC Characters

    Soulstorm is not a psychic power it is originated from the faith in the Emperor. It Is a Faith power. Shoer answer is Yes it do damage 1d10+Corruption point ignoring Tougness Bonus and armour. (also power field corresponding to the meaning of the power). Also keep in mind it is a different system with different scale. I may swap the corruption point to Corruption bonus to get a workable faith power.....
  9. Make a top level Deathwach brother and stat out to became a leader (Watch Captain) or chief Libarian (Epistolary). Or lurk the Deathwatch books for a stand in npc. (Probably: The Jericho Reach, The Achilus Assult).
  10. Athanatosz

    Humans and CSM - Balancing

    There are several ways to balance the game. First off all never ever take away anything from the characters. You can limit what they get, this also a way to help out charaters if needed.(I do not belive in cripling the starting archetypes, Balancing in the live game a better idea) The main difference is in combat. Simply add +50 opponents per Chaos Space Marine (or any other number try low (as 20) then increase the numbers. (Joe the renegade takes the 5 imperial guard in the right, Jake the Chaos Space Marine takes other 50 on the left.) Or give them other more serious opponents. Other thing is Social encounters from Tome of Excess, fun for every one. About players with CSM Characters: Every other warband member expect them to be monsters on the battleflied, so losing is harsher for them. Also They made and destenied to be warriors, so no whining and bitching about hordes. Thats they job to cut them down....
  11. Athanatosz

    Combining test difficulties.

    Ritual kit and the athame blade usage a little bit questionable Why he get +30 from the mark? (or +10 if the +30 is a net for the +10's)
  12. Athanatosz

    Most rediculous weapon you've created

    nuclear bombs and a ritual that blows away the atmosphere from a planet.... stats for damaging was unnecessary....
  13. Athanatosz


    Well Black Crusade not really has any sort of class system just a starting archetype set. So after you start the game for example as nurgle marine you do your job, meet new interesting people you got introduced to an Obliterator cult. It is love for the first time true and wonderful so the elevate your rotten meat-shell to a glorious new form. The end.
  14. Athanatosz

    Unofficial Errata?

    We changed it to another common lore.
  15. Athanatosz

    Questions about Irradiated

    Stuff of Nightmares protect against it. If the creature has it yes otherwise I said no. Or as works you best...