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  1. What makes u think that way? What would stop anyone for opening one deck after another then (except from time)? -- My opinion: People are starting looking for problems when game isn't even out. With 350 cards it isn't very hard to try to balance the whole set to avoid some freaky combos. And if anything will be too broken - it will get banned (and that kind of stuff also happens to single cards in other games). Ok, there will be possibly some decks better than the others but I think that desingers took it into accout - that's what the banning part is all about. They won't ban good deck - only insanely good decks that they didn't foresee. If we theoretically assume that normal deck's strenght is "1.0" and there will be strenght variations let's say from "0.9" - "1.1" with banning decks that are far above, we will have simillar power level. If designers accomplish that - it will be awesome. I have read the instructions and Garfield seems to try to remove frustrating issues that can be found in collectible card games. There will be no infinity locks because u can use the same effect only couple of times, there will be no mill decks playing different game cause your discard will go back into your deck if you run out of cards, there will be no mana costs (and thus no problems with two cards with the same effect and different costs), there will be no OTK/FTK because you can only get one key per regardless of number of embers u gathered etc. There will be probalbly more decisions (like choosing color for the turn or sequence of playing your creatures etc) and with pregenerated deck probably not focused on one strategy, so - more decisions implies more skill depending game. I think we should take this game as it is - with it's humour and design looks like it has been made for people who want to play and enjoy the game. But it won't suit people that are super combo meta game abusers who would like to break the game itself to win. And I am fine with that. Less toxic people in game - better for whole community. Also this model is something new and exciting. Maybe it won't be as good as I assume but it can be improved in future sets or set new directions for designing card games. We live in modern times and yet we cling to medieval card games and the way they work. Let's wait and give something new a try instead of searching for issues from the very beginning.
  2. If you're here for fun with random deck then - you will buy one from the store's shelf. If you want the particular one? You probably will be able to buy it from another player, like you can buy singles from any other card game. Of course you can try your luck and buy random one hoping it will match colors you want. I don't see the problem here.
  3. I am not complaining that I can not overcome this because I did. I am talking about huuuge influence of combo Starship graveyard + Second Chance. When my opp rolls higher for initiative I am way more screwed than if I was the one who wins it - and it is decided mostly by luck (i know there are different sides on dice). I was thinking about battlefield's special rule of being something extra instead of having gamechanging eff. The cost of card should reflect cards power and in my opinion Second Chance (with option to recycle) is a little overpowered at cost of 3. Second Chance should be second one, not third etc, like someone previously said. And sorry but something "You could include this and that card" does not solve the situation. Participating in 12+ player tournament and having a card in your deck that is directed against particular combo played by 1-2 players that you may have not encounter is a bad choince in my opinion. This game should not have been paper, rock, scissors, right? And again - in case of Grievous someone thought it may have been too OP getting all kind of upgrades, so he's restricted to non-ability ones. Also it fits thematically. I would like to see that Starship Graveyard get errated with the same restriction. Second Chance is good card on its own anyway. Of course it is only my opinion.
  4. Yeah, I misunderstood Crabbok. I was talking about 7-point hero as of unique named character for any side (Maybe exception for guy called Wicket the Ewok ^^). My intention was that there shouldn't have been non-unique character below 8 points, cause 4-character swarm teams should mostly be composed of non-unique characters. I also think that if there will be 6 or lower cost character they would be abused to make 5/6-character decks which not fit in this game, at least in my opinion.
  5. In future maybe I would like to see new mechanics in this game, but honestly - most of your ideas are simply dumb and pointless. Why for? There could be some mechanics that will give you faster shield regeneration than usual (like Dooku). If any character could wield more than 3 upgrades I bet that would be Grievous - and as he does not - I think this kind of thing wouldn't be introduced. For now Heroes with 3 upgrades can generate up to 5 dice (2 dice character with those upgrades can be 150% more potent than without them), what is a huge amount and can overcome swarm of enemies. So I would not like to see something overcoming this. There can be awesome new mechanics that are not simply breaking main rules. Another shallow ideas. 7 and 30 point characters would put this game out of balance in my opinion. If you want play heroes band - you can, 2 strong ones or maybe 3 of the cheapest ones. 4 character teams are swarm of generic and that's their strong point. 7-point heroes would break this balance and in future it could cause no reason for playing "2 badass heroes" or "4 generic swarms". I think that "named" characters should stay in 8-23 points. 30 point character in normal game would also be out of balance - no decisions for you opponent which character target now, and all they do is throwing everything at your, lets say. 20-hp character, and you are doing everything to keep him alive and roll milion dice. 2+ characters is reasonable because there are more decision to take, starting with choosing characters, upgrades and also you need to wise manage them because when one of them dies - you lose power. 30-points "bosses" would be good if there would be some casual variant of game like scenario boss fight. As we can see AT-ST is one of the most expensive and powerful support cards - 6 cost, huge amount of damage on it's die - so if you want compare Capital Ship it should have 20+ ranged damage on its die ^^ And the reason that supports like AT-ST, Millenium Falcon and stuff does not have hit points is that designers want to focus the game on dynamic fight beetween small bands of characters. Again - maybe in some scenarios something bigger would be introduced. But for now I think that capital ships could be only a kind of battlefield. If Jedi Temple has no alligment to light side and Death Star Throne Room to the dark side - I think this won't be coming. There is "One with the force" doing this stuff. Why add something similliar? Non-6 die.. geez. Why for? With custom die you could do almost everything (especially when you add special abilities). Why add more randomness by giving more sides to a die? Pointless. Geez, please, no. Second Chance for now is one of dumbest cards in game. Cards that can heal should cover your need. If character named "Hired gun" is dedicated to good side, I think this won't be coming. I also think that characters that you can think that can be "neutral" for terms of game (like Anakin) could simply have two versions of cards. Non that I am a hater but I am glad that none of you guys are responsible for future development of this game. What I would like to see in this game, that is VIABLE: > Casual scenarios with different objectives - blow something up, 2 players ganing up to defeat the boss(es) (something like raid decks in WoW card game) or "horde" encounters. > Maybe some kind of casual duel mode (one character vs one character, smaller decks) - probably I'll do something like this myself to run casual tournaments just to have fun or for players that are not yet into game. > Cards that cost 1-4 "squad" points that lets you get something in return for playing i.e. 27/28-point squads. Maybe it could be some kind of "title" of "squad special rule". Some of them could be available while running specific heroes or "colours" together. Nothing big, small profits. > No overpowered ill cards. Hope this game will stay theme-friendly and will not become something frustrating in gameplay like Yu-gi-oh! or MTG nowadays. For now i do not see any need new mechanics in fresh game, especially that card's special rules can cover almost everything. New mechanics should be introduced rarely, not being forced into each new expansion. Sorry for poor English, it's not my native language. EDIT: Sorry for posting You, Crabbok, in each quote. I did screw something.
  6. Yeah, but keywords are different stuff here. Ambush is ambush, whethever it has it's text on the card or has not. But yeah, it may be the lack of consitency. However I hope it would get errated one way ("discard this card from GAME") or another (spaceships graveyard returning only non-ability upgrades [like General Grievous] ), because this particular combo seems a little unhealthy, especially in a card game that just have been released and that has relatively small card pool.
  7. So if there is no difference between them why this difference exists in text? I mean - card games usually do not use "extra unnecessary words" ^^ Also last game my opponent was cycling **** Second Chances (he had two of them) about 4-5 times (soaking 20-25 dmg) and prolonged the game for about 30 minutes (we both were on last characters and it was difficult to deal 5 dmg then deal 5 extra the same turn -,-). recycling second chance just sounds evil It is evil, indeed. xd
  8. I have an question about cards that have "discard this upgrade from play". Are they simply discarded to discard pile? If yes, you could make weird loops with Second Chance (!), Thermal Detonator and Infantry Grenades with Starship Graveyard. If no, why does other similiar upgrages (like Hunker Down) have just "discard" in it's effect.
  9. I can't find it anywhere, so can anyone tell me what is the exact size of Armada's ships? I mean lenght of Victory Class Star Destroyer and CR90 Corellian Corvette. Are all (released so far) ships in the same scale? I do not own the game yet, but I'm very curious about this aspect. I'm also wondering about fact that Victory SD is 900m long and Imperial SD is 1500m. Does it mean ISD will by almost twice long as VSD in Armada? Anyone saw any comparison of those two models? Some photos or something?
  10. ST-321 modification card. Hmm. Not as impressive as I thought it will be. But it may do some trick with Colonel Jendon's ability (at the start of Combat Phase, you may assign 1 of your blue lock tokens to a friendly ship at Range 1 if it does not have a blue target lock token). Oh, and full image of Captain Jonus: It's like - take me and another bomber ;D It can be fine with every missile/torpedo loaded ship, especially the one carrying Cluster Missiles (boosts both attacks). Also it can help Steele gain more crits. EDIT: To think how much it can boost Trelix with HLC oO Roll 4 dice, reroll 3 of them (2 by Jonus, 1 by Trelix), then focus if needed. Both images found at http://www.afewmaneuvers.com
  11. After looking again at B-wing's dial and comparing it to Y-wing's and X-wing's.. you're right. It may be slow, but white 1-speed hard turns and green 1-speed banks are too advantageous. Like your changes and agree with them.
  12. EDIT: Sorry for misleading, guys. They are FAN MADE dials.. Link to the source: http://www.afewmaneuvers.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2788 B-wing dial is fine, worst in whole game but that's good in my opinion. Thanks to that B-wing won't be so obvious choice and won't kick off Y-wing from the game. I think it compensates barrel roll and 3 attack value and B-wing will be balanced - not too cheap, not too expensive for his capabilities. Bomber has far more better maneuvers than B-wing, but we need to remember that despite being bomber it is still TIE variation. It's dial is very simillar to Y-wing (the difference is that Y-wing has 4-speed straight red maneuver and it's 1-speed banks are white). As with B-wing's I think the dial is ok and keeps TIE Bomber balanced. And again, they are fan made, but I think that they can be close to those made by FFG. What do you think? PS: Sorry for mistakes. This isn't my native language.
  13. I think that aArendsvark's explaination is fine. Other possibility is that Vader orders crew of his ship to shot at the target until result satisfies him, regardless of limitations of ship systems/weapons or overheating which can cause some damage on his own shuttle. Or it's some kind of "rage force attack" which indirectly devastating his own ship. Beside explaination I think that this effect excellently represents Vader's attitude - he wants to achieve his goal no matter of costs (even if it means loses on his own side). I find those new upgrade cards pretty interesting and thematic. They are no pilots so they don't have some kind of "piloting" skill. They are additional CREW members on larger ships, sitting on decks and doing some other things. If think that it would be boring if crew members could only have been variations of gunner for example. It is good that, thanks to support ships, there are new kinds of effects focused on other elements of the game rather than only on buffing the ship on which they were placed by increasing his firepower etc. About "how do they do it?" (dedicated to xanderf): Intelligence agent - Maybe at close range he's able to recognize the ship (and it's pilot by markings on wings etc) and have previously gathered some informations about it's pilot skill's, style, strategies? Or maybe (far more convincing) he has some kind of spying device with limited radius that he can use to get into target's system and track his movement or his radio reports ("this is red five, i'm going to pursuit firespray" or "i can handle it" by Jenkins)? Saboteur - He can also use some kind of device which somehow damage already damaged ships at short distances. Or he is controlling little flying droid that is able to get inside the damaged ship (like buzz-droids from the beginning of Episode III which were disassembling Obi-Wan's starfigher). But, hey man, this is a game. There are many inaccuracies in games, in this particular game, not only with Wave 3 crew cards. I like those effects, because they are adding variety to the game, even if there is no realistic explaination how do they really work. But I think that somehow they can be explained (as above) and they are not absolutely detached from reality (or SW's reality at least). PS: Sorry for my grammar mistakes. It's not my native language.
  14. Raviael

    Wave 4

    esmolinski said: Picasso said: Interesting that the V-Wing would come up as it is in the scene in Revenge of the Sith when The Emperor arrives to Mustafar. If they can't do the Prequals, I don't see how they could do this ship. I think FFG is basing on Star Wars games (HWK-290 for example). In the case of V-wing in Revenge of the Sith - yes, correctly, but it was older version of that ship. V-wing used by rebels appears earlier than the movie, in old game known as Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D from 1998. It was one of playable ships. Here's a pic from game: As you can see it's secondary weapon in the game were cluster missiles. Sounds familliar, huh? EDIT: V-wings, in game, were insanely fast ships with heavy artillery - rapid-fire blaster cannons and cluster missiles upgradable to homing missiles. Using the scarmjets booster and rapid-fire blasters too much caused overheating.
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