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  1. It was listed as quarter 3 last I saw, it may be down now though.
  2. Store shows 3rd quarter for availability still.
  3. Ace Pilot has a Talent Tree, as per the fanned image.
  4. Crimson.Owl said: Whereas hitting with the first cluster missile attack allows the second attack to be made, which if missed could potentially trigger Gunner. Self-fixed. Lack of edit button >.<
  5. Gunner: After you perform an attack that does not hit, immediately perform a primary weapon attack. You cannot perform another attack this round.While cluster missiles says: attack (target lock): spend your target lock and discard this card to perform this attack twice. Missing on the first cluster missile attack triggers gunner, which will result in the cancellation of the second cluster missile attack. Whereas hitting with the first cluster missile attack allows the second attack to be made, which if missed could potentially trigger cluster missile.
  6. Sean and myself have Mod to approve new members on there, I've been pretty good about getting people approved when they apply, if there are any issues feel free to shoot me a PM here if all else fails.
  7. Chrome said: Chrome said: I could see myself dropping down as far as 8th place. Unless Chris chokes and loses both his matches next week. :-p I only dropped 1 spot! Yay! Except that it was Chris who passed me. :-p Now it looks like I've got a re-match with Brendon, who'll be looking for payback. Grrr!
  8. 12 players! That's awesome! The regional in Kearney only had 4 players the next day. Maybe we should have regionals in Omaha! That'd be great! I bet we could get even more players than 12!
  9. Cid_MCDP said: Can I just add that it's really cool and supportive of the community that they're doing this? FFG effectively owns the copyright on those maneuver templates and they're more or less not only allowing, but encouraging folks to, well, violate that copyright by producing their own copies not just for personal use, but for sale as well. I mean, can you imagine a world where a company like Games Workshop does that? Wow. In a world of 3-d printers, this is only going to get harder to enforce. And I agree, it's nice. Support the game, buy the product, but if you have a nice alternative such as sticks and tokens, cool.
  10. The third party ruling is in regards to range sticks specifically due to inconsistent printing of range rulers. Other than what I listed above, the only applicable rule to my situation would be in regards to proxies. In any case, I made my situation aware to the company and was informed of a package being sent my way. Told them of the honest situation and apparently got a response. Neat, and thank you very much FFG.
  11. Bazinga's latest post actually does lead to a potential angle that could prove the hit argument. I stated my piece already, and such so I won't repeat it, but his addition might be the start to how a rules clarification by the devs would sway to the other side.
  12. Yes, they are. Third party is mentioned in that statement. My dog ate my normal one so I'll be ordering a third-party one.
  13. nimdabew said: Why not just have a new phase at the beginning of the turn called power management? You can either add one attack die at the cost of reducing your shields by one, recharging your shields at a cost of one attack die (no secondaries), or engine speed for an additional 1 forward at a cost of one attack die? It would add an interesting dynamic to the game (x-wings would be able to go 5 forward at a cost of one attack die but no ship may go faster than 5 forward). I like this, though without a whole set of tokens to really keep track of it, it would be easy to forget which ships had performed what. For a casual game I think it would be a lot of fun to mess around with. And honestly, due to boost, I see no reason to limit the range, it's just that you could only re-distribute ONE. So you're limited to performing only one of the options. I'm afraid it would be a bit too complicated to add to the game though, with plenty of other stuff going on already. Thematically I like it a lot. Charge your shield to max, frontal arc, and reduce shield power, equalize lasers and fire!
  14. Our league part 2 started up last night and I helped build two Firespray lists for the night: Bounty Hunter -Heavy Laser -Gunner Alpha Squadron Pilot x3 - 99 Points BH -HL -Gun Howlrunner Academy Pilot x 3 99 Points In my games I was sloppy in the first round. Running two of my interceptors into asteroids multiple times and ultimately causing two of their deaths. The firespray was not at a right angle and was a hair off the table edge with a single hull point left. As it ended up, one interceptor versus an x-wing at the very end and some movement mistakes caused me to get the 5- point annihilation win. But I gave up 81 points for his tiebreaker. Second game was much better, paired against Vader with Concussion, Howlrunner, Tur and a generic Interceptor. I lost a single Alpha Squadron pilot and gained 100 points annihilation. With a lot better ship control, I was able to nearly always have a firing solution with all my ships. No need for swarm tactics. The Firespray played very slow, and I was able to maintain 4 shots nearly each time, using Evade to ensure I survived if shot. When I rolled poorly on the first attack I had several instances of getting MORE hits with Gunner's shot. My friend running the Howlrunner list also did well it sounds like, with some close games He got 3 point wins in both games.
  15. Hothie: Unless I am mistaken, at the point where you said MY ships, it would actually be 'any' ships at range 1 of the defender. In this way, the attacker can also splat his own ships with an Assault Missile.
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