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  1. BodhiWolff2

    Item and Talent Cards

    Very pretty! Well done!
  2. BodhiWolff2

    Item and Talent Cards

    Very much looking forward to seeing these!
  3. Thank you for posting something so polished in the new GMbinder theme. I'm just learning about using the layout, but with your shining example as a resource, it makes creating a new adventure seem much less daunting.
  4. BodhiWolff2

    Lets make some Heroic Abilities

    Or, for Powers, you simply use Heroic Abilities, but they go past 'Supreme'. Instead, add a 4th level 'SuperPower' level. At those levels, the abilities should reflect super-powered heroic abilities.
  5. Typo Question: Is the Ettin Surge effect misprinted/switched between the Act II version and the Act I version (the Act I version is stronger than the Act II version) Similarly, is the Shield Relic misnamed (the dark version has the light name, and vice versa)?
  6. The card for "Immobilize" states that you cannot take movement actions nor can you spend fatigue to gain movement points. Question: Can you utilize Skill Cards which grant movement, in order to still reposition yourself while "immobilized" eg. Oath of Honor