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  1. This pretty much summarizes it for me. I too have a surprisingly good Pipe deck that works amazing in solo. I woud not include Old Toby in it. There's just not enough space, the card is not good enough for it.
  2. I don't think this is really a necessary clarification. Pretty much anyone who's played this game for a few years has noticed the fact that the game is supposed to be built horizontally rather than vertically. If you've played through Angmar Awakened and Dream-chaser you'll see how most cards are supposed to work in combination with others to great effect, but not so great on their own. The difference is that cards like, say, To the Sea! To the Sea! or Guardian of Arnor is that they're fantastic, while these are just boring. Now, ovbviously i haven't seen the rest of the cycle so I don't know if there's these amazing glue cards that will bring a Song or Pipe strategy to new heights, but I don't expect it to be so. If you look at these "poweful capstone" cards like Old Toby or Burst Into Song, they don't feel nearly as good as something like the ones I mentioned or stuff like Lords of the Eldar. Now, there's nothing really wrong with "fun" and "quirky" archetypes like Pipes or Songs, but you have to admit that even within this horizontal paradigm of combos and synergies, these cards feel very underpowered. Your comment strikes me as an apology for cards that direly need it because, you know, they're pretty bad.
  3. Unless the hero and the other 3 as of yet unrevealed player cards of this pack are ridiculously amazing, this is going to be one of the weakest AP's player card wise in a while.
  4. Pretty cool looking quest. I'm really excited to finally fight actual Haradrim in this cycle.
  5. Seeing Beorn's here, just wanted to hop in to say i'd LOVE to have the nightmare image spoilers for the last half of Ring-maker, please!!
  6. Yeah, the Hobbit sagas are IMO pretty bad in general. The only quest I like from is the Battle of Five Armies, which, while hard, actually lets you make decisions as opposed to depend on drawing the Key, or not drawing a shadow card with a burgle effect, or changing your whole deck to win the riddles. I don't think I've replayed anything except for BOTFA since I got them. Now that I think of it, I dont think I've even touched my OHAUH cards for years. The only reason I got that box was the player cards and my completionist OCD.
  7. Sadly, the MECCG dragons like Daelomin, Scorba, Eärcaraxë, Agburanar, etc. were created by Iron Crown Enterprises for the MERP and are thus part of that license, which has nothing to do with this one. Fortunately, as we've seen with Naurlhug, FFG seems to have no problem with filling the space with some FFG-created dragons, so there's a good possibility we see more. With that considered, it would baffle me if we didn't get to explore that design space in a Northern based cycle.
  8. I still don't get why everyone spells this as "Fued". Was there some joke behind that? Yes, I'm a spelling nut.
  9. I'm aware of this. I just suggested the title more as a statement due to the OP's glossing over a pretty interesting place like the Withered Heath.
  10. I would feel disappointed if next cycle we went north and didn't go to the Withered Heath to fight drakes and dragons. So I'm gona say The Withered Heath, even though it's unlikely.
  11. With Erestor, Lauriel will due to your starting hand begin the second round already ridiculous. I agree on the rider of Rohan thing though. With Spirit Théoden, a 2 cost 2 wp 2 attack 2 hp ally even if textless is pretty nice.
  12. I can agree with that, especially if we still have at least a couple cycles left (which I hope is the case).
  13. Rally the West.