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  1. " the sixth and final The Lord of the Rings Saga Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game! Specifically says this is the last saga expansion, not just any expansion.
  2. Well, at least they focused this one on my favorite card in the pack. Here's hoping this is something of a pre-taste of what's to come next cycle!
  3. Wow. Can't believe it, but they managed to make the latest LOTR LCG news article more boring than I could've imagined.
  4. Eryn Galen Settler reads "in the staging" in its ability instead of "in the staging area".
  5. Another day, another announcement that isn't LOTR.
  6. I don't really mind the printing delays, it's the lack of news that baffles me. It's been Runewars minis and AGOT LCG non-stop for the last month and couple weeks. How hard is it to write something up, even if to just spoil a couple cards? And I fully expect next article will be a preview for Race a la Off the Beaten Path "spoiling" cards we've already seen.
  7. Time to dust off this baby.
  8. Good ol' FFG, debunking those game death rumors by not giving us a word on said game for over a month, not to mention shipping delays.
  9. Of all the people who would post or even say something humorous, Seastan was to me the least likely.
  10. Yeah, I am aware of that, i was talking more about the doomed keyword hereon forward and how it was a bit too random theme-wise in the Ring-maker cycle IMO (but my post still applies to Close Call and Waters of Nimrodel)
  11. Nope, and that's why I hope Caleb gives the Doomed/Isengard/Palantir theme a bit more support so The Seeing-Stone becomes more relevant. And yeah I know technically it doesn't have to be Isengard and Palantir themed. He could just print any random event or ally and give him Doomed and it would help The Seeing Stone (as he did in the Ring-Maker cycle), but I really hope more Doomed cards deal with the themes of Isengard and the dangers of corruption, like this Steward did. It really is to me the direction in which the Doomed keyword should go, theme-wise.
  12. The power of Orthanc cannot be lightly thrown aside indeed... Hoping Caleb learned his lesson from the Ring-maker cycle lol! As for the card, I absolutely love it. Sure, it costs 3 and asks for doomed to draw cards, but with reduction and/or Loragorn the doomed is just gravy. Drawing cards is always really good, especially if you can splash it into whatever event you play, and I'm so glad they gave the doomed themed ally 2 willpower.
  13. A player in the LOTR LCG FB group has posted this month's player cards spoilers (some of which I am extemely excited about). So, without further adue, here are the as of yet unspoiled cards: What can I even say. The words Orthanc, Isengard and Doomed in the same card again. I wanted this for so long.
  14. My guess would be Northern Rhovanion with Erebor/Dale as the settled places and the Withered Heath for a more wild setting (it's also the perfect place for dragon and drake enemies). There's also the Ice Bay of Forochel and Khand. I think there's plenty of room for exploration
  15. Just do Bombadil and Goldberry already! In all seriousness though, I think Followed is fantastic for a Dúnedain deck just play it on a high threat enemy you snared previousl, and there you go. I also like that we got a nice questing ally too, though sadly he's Gondor.