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  1. Bucket List

    If only FFG actually listened.
  2. The Doors of Durin

    Wow, so this thread actually got a reply.
  3. Gamling VS Guthwine

    Yep, I'm running both in my Rohan deck, with Open the Armory to fetch Guthwine (as well as Golden Shield).
  4. I think this is a no-brainer if they indeed want to make a Radagast hero (please be the case).
  5. Ok, so first of all, full disclosure: this is a post expressing some of the thematic letdowns for me this cycle. I'm not trying to say that this cycle is bad or disappointing as a whole at all. It's still a good story, and the quest design is more slick (if punishing) as it's ever been. The thoughts written in this post, while still important to me, are more or less details and don't totally ruin the cycle for me. The thing is, I think so much more could've been done themtically this cycle. A few months before the announcement of the Sands of Harad, we were pretty much sure the next expansion would take us to Harad, and obviously my expectations were very high. Think of all the possibilities a place like Harad offers! It has the perfect amount of information and the perfect amount of mystery, allowing for the developers to really be creative while staying in a specific interpretation of what we know about it. But, as the cycle was announced and (very slowly) spoiled, I was incresingly disappointed in the thematic direction it took. Not really for what it was, but for what it could have been. Now, this is obviously only related to the quests (now that we have image spoilers for Poros as well as Cirith Gurat) and not to the player cards. When I thought of Harad, I thought mostly about the different cultures that inhabit it, as well as the different enviroments. Now, for the Sands of Harad box itself I can say it's very good, exploring the 3 main things I was also expecting for it to do: Umbar, the desert itself with weather effects (were-worms also are great), and a quest set in some kind of Haradrim settlement. The following adventure, The Mumakil also nailed one of the spots I wanted when exploring Harad (jungle), but as the next 5 adventures were announced I was more and more shocked by how, and I hate to use this word, thematically generic they are. I mean, think of it. It's Harad, there are so many cultures and places you can explore, like for instance I thought about a pack involving the fight with a tribe of "Half-trolls of Far Harad" as Tolkien names them, which is also a theme that could've been easily fitted in Race Across Harad or Cirith Gurat. Another one of the things I was expecting for the most was actually going to a big Haradrim city and infiltrating or attacking a Haradrim palace, overthrowing a Harad lord, something like that. Or, think the fact that, for Sauron's followers, Sauron is a god. Imagine how cool it would've been if we fought in a Haradrim settlement against a Priest of Sauron enemy. There was so much that could have been done with the culture of the Haradrim, but they didn't, and probably we'll never get a chance again. Now, I get that for story continuity reasons the heroes had to get back to Gondor by the end of the cycle, but, they still could've explored all this and still have the heroes return to Middle Earth in the end. To me, and no offense to Caleb, but it's just that the whole "Orcs on Wargs" theme was a hugely uncreative thing to do, especially in Harad. Like, I get that the theme is Haradrim and Free Peoples allying against Sauron, but if the enemies had been other evil, wealthy and powerful Haradrim lords it would've been much more interesting, plus it would've carried the message much more strongly. Some orcs I don't mind, but to me the cycle felt more like "Orcs with a splash of Haradrim" instead of "Haradrim with a splash of Orcs", which is what I would've expected for the Haradrim cycle. Or, if you are doing an equivalent of Orcs for the main enemies, why not Half-trolls? Or anything else really? Like, so many of these quests fall under the overly repeated persecution Orc quest category, like Mount Gram, To Catch an Orc, etc. That, in Harad, is a real disappointment to me. The whole Orc with Warg theme combined with a Spider focused quest really made the whole thing feel like Mirkwood or Arnor except it's in the desert. I know that many people will disagree with this, and I can see the argument for that. It'still a good cycle, but I think that a cycle should explore stuff you can see nowhere else in Middle Earth, and now probably our only chance of seeing Half-trolls and more Haradrim is in Nightmare decks for this cycle. Bummer. I really hope this next cycle they don't waste any opportunities and explore the most exotic aspects of Rhovanion, like the Withered Heath and the Woodmen. So, as usual any responses welcome!
  6. I for one would love to see dragons this cycle. As in, I think it's be a huge wasted opportunity if they didn't include any drakes/dragons. Now, one attacking Dale as @Network57 suggests would be silly, but a visit to the Withered Heath, where we know are still some left (or at least, they could make some left, like Naurlhug), would be awesome. Maybe a pack could be about going to the Heath and try to recover some artifact from a dragon-hoard.
  7. Is this the end of LotR lcg?

    Are you kidding me? Just when I thought I was sick of 2.0 posts...
  8. Big news?

    Yeah, very disappointed by this. I like to play with physical cards. I'm glad they announced the new expansion though, but this BIG ANNOUNCEMENT thing does nothing for me.
  9. Nope, we are getting another announcement most likely. As for this being the final cycle, I could honestly live with that, as long as they finally explore my favorite themes in the player cards. Hero Saruman, Radagast, unique Palantiri and wizard-realted cards, encounter Tom & Goldberry, and player saga attachments like Sting, Glamdring, Phial, etc.
  10. Just wanna fawn over the Necklace some more. I just love how the designers open the deckbuilding space by giving us occacionally these neutral resource generating attachments that are more balanced than Steward of Gondor by having some sort of drawback. First Rescourceful, then Keys of Orthanc and now Necklace of Girion. Even Magic Ring is kind of like that too. I really hope they keep opening the possibilities of different decks being on the same level, without depending so much on staples like Steward of Gondor. Even though I'm mostly curious and excited for this next cycle (as we kinda knew what the Dale expansion would explore in terms of quests) I think I'm already gonna love the new themes and player cards in this expansion.
  11. Wow, this all looks really cool. Bard is really good, but by far Necklace of Girion is my favorite card of this announcement. And it's an Artifact! I'm really looking forward to some developing of the Artifact trait during the cycle, much like we're getting Item support in the deluxe. Hopefully that could mean some Istari heroes. Also, hopefully we'll see some drakes and dragons during the cycle as well! And I don't actually think this will be the announcement, as it was teased that it was only going to be released tomorow and they are even livestreaming it. No reason for it to release it before that. It has to be someting different, but I could be wrong.
  12. The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    I want this pack badly.
  13. I just hope Christopher's resignation means we'll see Blue Wizards/Unfinished Tales stuff in the game.
  14. If you're not gonna address in any way the gross delays and neglect for this game in the last months, at least include a hi-res image of promo Galadriel, FFG.
  15. The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    I mean, I think the release of 2 new lcg's the last two years has a lot to do, as well as the Asmodee merger (they probably looked at the current lcg lineup, decided to focus on a few and "retire" other less popular ones like SW and LOTR to having less product/advertisements/articles, etc). But even though that's probably the case, it's really frustrating that FFG has kept complete silence over a game that was a few years ago one of their top selling games relegated to a secondary place without a word.