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  1. Not bad at all! I like it! I've also been playing mining Dwarves recently, albeit with a different lineup. Indeed, Gandalf seems like the way to go with mining dwarves at least as they currently stand. I'm of the opinion that mining isn't wuite there yet and I'm hoping for at least 1 more card to help them. They need something else IMO to make the whole milling thing worth it, as in something that triggers when it is discarded from the top of your deck, or that triggers when something else is discarded from the top of the deck. Still, this is an excellent attempt, wish I had the packs to try these cards!
  2. No Elena makes me most sad, and unless the last pack contains her, no Goldberry also.
  3. New palantiri are ALWAYS welcome. Wish we could break the timeframe a little bit so we could have all 7 of them, but oh well. No encounter Ithil Stone sucks too. As for the stone of Elostirion, thematically it shouldn't be too risky, as this one was disconnected from the others and could only look West into Aman, so no risk of Sauron's influence at all.
  4. I think I said this on facebook, but darn, I would buy the heck out of this. The whole subscription thing is bizarre and the whole thing is bizarre, but, premade minidecks that contain staples, foil cards and a beautiful magazine as well as accesories? I can only weep.
  5. I find it both funny and sad that whenever these threads pop up almost nobody mentions a character with a considerably larger amount of pages and dialogue than most of theThranduil/Angbor/Húrin crowd: Bergil. We have no card to represent him at all.
  6. Excellent ideas @General_Grievous! Indeed JiME looks more and more tempting, I just wish we could see these new characters in the LCG as well. But hey, if AGOT will have new independent releases, same could happen for this game, which would be incredible.
  7. I'm really sad we won't see Elena in the LCG, I love her theme and art and Songs are definitely a subarchetype that would love some support. If side quests and victory display got a special hero, Songs definitely should have gotten a hero.
  8. Ithil Stone I doubt, but the fact they included both the Elostirion Stone and Saruman hero this cycle pretty much guarantees we should see them. What I would love to see as well are more doomed cards that actually related with the original doomed theme, which was Isengard and the magic arts. But it seems that doomed this cycle is going to be just generic events, which sucks.
  9. I wouldn't say Pillars of the Kings is a particularly Gondor-enabling card, I mean there are Gondor cards that deal with Valor but they are not the core of really any of the Gondor decks. I will try it in my monoLeadership Gondor swarm, but I'm not likely to replace Strength of Arms with Need Drives Them.
  10. Yeah, I really hope the rest of the doomed-related cards in the cycle (hoping there's more) actually deal with doomed as a theme or around Saruman and the arts of the enemy instead of generic "good guy sounding horn" events. A doomed attachment palantir would be just perfect.
  11. Lol, I don't even consider that palantir to exist. Pretty sure that we'll see new palantiri this cycle with the new Caleb-modern-design-and-balance-criteria (i.e. what was absent from the ATS cycle)
  12. Pretty much this. I was too expecting him to be Leadership but since this is the last cycle I guess they had nowhere else to put Gildor in. Lore still makes sense for Saruman but the decision to make him Lore feels more like a constriction.
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