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  1. My guess would be Northern Rhovanion with Erebor/Dale as the settled places and the Withered Heath for a more wild setting (it's also the perfect place for dragon and drake enemies). There's also the Ice Bay of Forochel and Khand. I think there's plenty of room for exploration
  2. Just do Bombadil and Goldberry already! In all seriousness though, I think Followed is fantastic for a Dúnedain deck just play it on a high threat enemy you snared previousl, and there you go. I also like that we got a nice questing ally too, though sadly he's Gondor.
  3. That's the perfect hero for an AP. As for the last saga, Fellowship Sam is pretty much the only I would place a big bet on.
  4. The more artifacts we get, the happier I'll be. I love these cards, particularly the headdress and the Dúnadan. However, the images are not loading for me! Anybody can post them?
  5. Dúnedain decks love Wait No Longer. As for the side quest, it might be good in solo for a mono Leadership or Leadership-Tactics deck, but the 6 progress is tough.
  6. Yeah, this and Dark Tower are the two IP's I'd love to see an LCG of. A soloable co-operative Conan card game would be a dream come true.
  7. 'bout friggin' time!
  8. So, I've been helping dragoncymru with the graphic design of the Havens. Created a whole new template to accomotade to his rules. *Credits to banania for providing some graphic materials from his own Havens in his Tale of Years campaign.* Here's the very first one, Thranduil's Halls!
  9. Didn't even bother reading the article. The best thing about Nightmare to me is easily the art.
  10. Way too many things about Middle Earth would be left unexplored if this were the case. Not gonna happen anytime soon.
  11. Yes, the Red Arrow is another important artifact that still hasn't appeared yet. I could see it in the last saga box much like we saw Gamling and Snowmane and other "out of storyline" things in The Land of Shadow.
  12. You guys are totally right on the Doomed keyword in the second pack. Nice catch.
  13. That's true, it's gonna be fun for some decks just fetching and playing that Citadel Plate for free.
  14. So they're resurrecting Valour as well? That's pretty cool, but it seems to me we're gonna see ships again before we see another Doomed keyword. Pack looks pretty good though. Dat art on Legacy Weapon.
  15. I'd be down for this.