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  1. I think they could be stretching it out because of the Crossings of Poros leak.
  2. My experience with this game in a nutshell:
  3. I said it on Discord and I'll say it again here. His ability and the last sentence of Gúthwine's ability should've been switched.
  4. I personally think Na'asiyah has a definite eastern look which was intended by the art direction, and which I think is great, I mean, her coolness alone is the main reason to try this hero (haven't had much success myself). As for Númenorean blood in Umbar, it's definitely there, but consider that it was mostly among the nobility, as well as that by the third millenium of the Third Age, Umbar was moslty populated by Haradrim. You can see that by looking at lots of the art depicting corsairs (Haradrim Pirate from FOTW and Serpent's Blade come to mind.) If Na'asiyah herself has any Númenorean blood, I think it's very faint.
  5. While I agree with your second paragraph, I actually do think whether they could be considered POC or not in the context of the game matters. That is one of the reasons they created Kahliel in the first place. It's because of the obvious parallels between cultures in fantasy series and cultures of the real world. Na'asiyah may not be fully Haradrim like Kahliel, but she's a corsair of Umbar, who are of a different culture and race from the European-like Rohirrim, Gondorians, etc, (that is, Southern-Eastern) . Considering the term "POC" is intentionally broader than others, yes, I actually do think for all intents and purposes, Na'asiyah could be considered to be a "POC".
  6. My point is perfectly inferable in both of my posts. As for John Constantine, I think this (calling her Nyashish) is pretty much just a joke he's only telling to himself because it's not funny. It's dumb and not even worth getting that worked up over IMO. As for your post, you specify that calling her "homegirl" is a sexism/gender issue. It's not. You said it yourself, by defining what POC means. I hope that's enough spelling out of my point.
  7. Lol, actually not really (again). It's a whole other issue. But hey, people like to get angry at anything these days, so even if they don't really know what exactly is offensive about something, they still wanna feel offended.
  8. Use your imagination. Or Google, for that matter.
  9. Or release a news article about your main LOTR themed game!
  10. Whenever I think of the FFG Upcoming page:
  11. It doesn't mean next one is next cycle, but getting the new POD and NM over with means we're closer to getting the next cycle announcement.
  12. Just wish this means next news will be about next cycle.
  13. Thanks for the brief but illustrative review, Authraw.
  14. I would certainly hope so. A revised core set would be an excellent way not only to expand the player card pool but also to fix some of its problems. Future new players, which we know are still coming, would appreciate a more balanced version of the Core set created after the card & quest design lessons learned in the past few cycles.