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  1. Gizlivadi

    The Fate of Wilderland

    Absolutely love this. What can I even say, this is my favorite cycle ever. Radagast looks amazing, as do all these cards.
  2. Gizlivadi

    Mount Gundabad

    You are the man! Thanks!
  3. Gizlivadi

    Mount Gundabad

    @Alonewolf87 Could you at least reveal the name of the 6th pack, as it can be read at the end of the story insert (without actually reading the story insert obviously)?
  4. Gizlivadi


    Or you could check the official spoiler website, CardgameDB, as well.
  5. Gizlivadi

    Mount Gundabad

    @Alonewolf87 Please spoil us the cards! That would make my day.
  6. if the pattern of 2 heroes per sphere holds, there's no room for any of them in the current cycle. Personally, I just hope we get to see Radagast and Saruman heroes in the game before it ends, as well as Tom and Goldberry encounter allies, since there's no representation at all of Goldberry in the game (so much for FFG created female characters huh). I will die happy only if that happens.
  7. Gizlivadi


    Sauron, aka, Asmodee, which is coincidentally the name of a king of demons. Why doesn't this surprise me?
  8. Gizlivadi


    It's almost as if the upcoming page is full of lies until products ship...
  9. Gizlivadi


    And it's a shame, because it's been the best cycle for me in a long while.
  10. @Hannibal_pjv are you paid by FFG by any chance?
  11. Gizlivadi

    Roster of characters

    Yep, and coincidentally a cycle in the Shire could lead us to the White Towers (which also coincidentally appear in the art for Gildor hero, who could come out next cycle), which hold a palantir and thus it could tie in to a theme of wizards and artifacts. (Did I already say ARTIFACTS?)
  12. Yeah, I immediately saw the irony in dalestephenson's post. No, I don't actually believe this is a master plan to distract people into other games, and I did write that post as a provocation more than anything else- which worked. I mean, I am way too far gone into this game and have followed FFG for years to really believe that. Now, this may be a bit off topic but I did ask Caleb about the reprint problem and in general about the state of the game. He replied the same day, and given the vagueness of the answer I assume he tried to write as subjective an answer as possible in order to be safe if I want to make it public. So, assuming Caleb assumed I would post this, here's his answer regarding the reprint problem (granted he's just the designer and not in charge of stock): "Hi Esteban, There are reprints in the release schedule for 2019. I don’t know when they will be available, but they are coming. That is all I know. Cheers, Caleb" Take that for what it's worth.
  13. Yeah, this actually looks like a way of avoiding the reprint problem by distracting the playerbase into another game. That way they don't have to reprint all those cycles because there will be less demand.
  14. True and honest words sadly fallen on deaf ears.
  15. Gizlivadi


    People, please ignore the Upcoming page completely. It's not only inaccurate but it actually misinforms the consumer base. At this point It's more of a detriment than anything else.