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  1. Gizlivadi

    Cycle Sagas?

    I wonder if Caleb is seriously regretting hinting at that now.
  2. I'm thinking Outmatched is going to be Feint in trap form. Basically a one time Forest Snare that discards at the end of the phase. That's my prediction at least.
  3. So the list would be: Thranduil (Leadership hero) The Elvenking (Leadership attachment) Orcrist (Leadership attachment) Galion (Spirit ally) Quicker than Sight (Spirit event) Ranger Boots (Lore attachment) Forest Road Traveller (Lore ally) Overmatched (Tactics attachment) Giant Bear (Tactics ally) Thalion (Neutral ally) So that's it. @player3351457, we can see in the card fan that Overmatched is a trap that plays into your play area unattached, and attaches to the next elegible enemy that enters it. So considering Guarded is normally the very first ability you can see in the text, it's almost certain Overmatched is not Guarded. As for side quests, I wouldn't mind seeing another one myself, especially considering that if a player purchases the core+Wilds of Rhovanion+Ered Mithrin cycle as the first purchase, he or she won't have a player side quest to use with Thalion.
  4. Just as a PSA: I think that with these spoiled cards we know every card coming in this pack. The only ability yet completely unrevealed is that of the Tactics attachment Overmatched. As for Quicker than Sight, looking at both the english card fan and the spanish card fan, it's easy to deduce that the ability is going to be: "Response: Return a Silvan ally you control to your hand to cancel a shadow effect just triggered during combat", or something to tha effect. So yeah, considering the current announcement/release pace of the game, it's gonna be a while before we see new cards
  5. I just wish FFG to focus again on the actual Living Card Game.
  6. Gizlivadi

    Worse than I Thought

    Is this even surprising?
  7. Gizlivadi

    Radagast and Saruman

    I think you're right (I hope you're right, assuming we're ever getting R&S heroes), especially considering what Caleb said in an article about saving up and spacing out important characters to keep player's attention. The difference with Elrond was that he was released in the second cycle of the game. The problem with saving the big guns for last, particularly when the game has slowed down to a pace that's less than half of what it used to be, is that players eventualy get tired of waiting. I mean, sure, we might get them in the very last release of the game. But is it really worth it when during the game's life itself, when you actually got to play and test new quests and see the game evolve, you never got to play with them?
  8. Gizlivadi

    Radagast and Saruman

    I just want Caleb to get on with it and make them, honestly. With the very slow pace of releases and previews the game has lost A LOT of momentum for me, and I don't think I'm the only one. At this point I just want the game to get more Wizard heroes seeing everything else is being covered.
  9. I agree with every single point here, (except for Gandalf the White hero), as I've made them myself numerous times before, especially the Istari heroes and Bombadil and Goldberry with Encounter keyword. Let's hope Caleb agrees too!
  10. Gizlivadi

    The Ghost of Framsburg

    Massive willpower I agree, but without Dáin most Dwarves in Spirit/Tactics (which would appear to be the main spheres in the mining archetype, considering Thorin) have a huge lack of willpower IMO. Untroubled is good, but an event and thus not reliable as normal, regular amounts of willpower are. Some hypothetical attachment that read "Response: After one or more cards are discarded from the top of your deck, Dwarf allies you control get +1 willpower until the end of the round (Limit once per round)" would be perfect.
  11. Gizlivadi

    The Ghost of Framsburg

    ...I just mentioned that...
  12. Gizlivadi

    The Ghost of Framsburg

    While the mining dwarves are getting there pretty fast as we can see, IMO LeadershipDáin-less dwarves need some serious willpower boosts to be playable solo (as a strict tribe obviously). Once you take away LDáin's boost, you're left off with some pretty underwhelming Spirit dwarves. Combat shouldn't be an issue though, as Tactics Dwarves and axes are still pretty strong (also presumably Thorin III is going in the deck). But it's the willpower I'm worrying about. As ridiculous as it might sound, I would love to get a 2-cost 2-willpower spirit dwarf to compensate for the lack of global boosts and raw willpower in Dwarf allies. As for @TheSpitfired point: As much as MECCG had Fram as a playable character, he's way out of timeline for our game. My money is on Fram being the final boss in the scenario, the eponymous Ghost of Framsburg we have to fight in order to get Wormsbane. Why would he impede us from getting it and slaying a dragon? Well, ghosts grow surly in their tombs and we are grave-robbing him. He might want to "test" our worthiness for using his legendary sword by fighting us. Makes sense IMO.
  13. Gizlivadi

    Off Topic: CoTR Brandon

    COTR Brandon prioritizing a terrible action movie before life stuff that is way more important? What else is new?
  14. Gizlivadi

    Gandalf the White?

    I mostly agree with John Constantine here. First, I think that the current hero Gandalf we already have is supposed to represent Gandalf in general, both grey and white (the reason he appears grey in the artwork is because I think the most iconic representation of him is as the grey, plus he lived most of his life as that and only the last few years as the white, plus even when he was the white he would wear the grey cloak over the white garments). His ability, moreover, I think is a perfect representation of Gandalf, again, in general. Second, if they were to make a new version specifically representing Gandalf the White, he would still be named Gandalf to avoid uniqueness trouble. So, in the end, you would end up with just another version of Gandalf much like we previously had Leadership Aragorn and then Lore Aragorn. Personally, I would much prefer if the designers made hero versions of Radagast, Saruman and (if license permits, which I think it should now), Alatar and Pallando before a new version of Gandalf, which is already really good.
  15. Gizlivadi

    Dale deck

    In that case, would it be worth it to run Miruvor, @Seastan? If played on Beravor each round you essentially are paying 1 resource for 2 cards each round (and you get to use her stats), although you are drawing Miruvor the net round. The Dúnedain Pipe would work well in that deck to get rid of uniques and keep your hand fresh.