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  1. Magus is a mixed bag but the card drawing cards are amazing. Lvl e magus searching out a card is amazing, the damage is just gravy on the meat. I have won a game off the level 2 card as well.
  2. Alex319 said: Additionally, if you can play an Unholy Ritual that you drew off the first Unholy Ritual, is it possible to play three or more Unholy Rituals on the same monster group during the same turn? (If when you played your second one you cycled your deck and drew the first one again) If so, what would happen (since the monsters would effectively be reduced to a negative number of actions)? No, OL cards can only target a monster group with the same card once in a phase so once you use the first Unholy Ritual card you have to use the next one on a different Monster group.
  3. any2cards said: We are nearing the end of our campaign, and are playing 1 last quest before the Finale. The OL chose the quest The Twin Idols. Unlike all of the other quests we have played, the rules for this quest does not explicitly state where the heroes place their figures. Since nothing is mentioned, we assumed that they should be placed on the entrance tile. Please clarify this. We had the same question but the answer is at the front of the Quest Guide under setup where it says that if the quest does not explicitly state where heroes start they start at the entrance square.
  4. Can monsters that have gained extra attacks via 'Frenzy' use them for special monster abilities? I ask this as in the OL actions it stats that a monster can perform two actions, one being an attack but also says that a special action can be used and that replaces an attack action BUT frenzy does not say that you can perform an extra special action, only an extra attack action.
  5. KristoffStark said: What I find, especially in two players, is that if the heroes get a couple rounds of bad die rolls, they're toast. This is a very good point. From what I can remember in our play through the OL was rolling very well and we were missing more than 1/6 of the time. More heroes are more forgiving in this manner as they balance our the probability distribution of the roles meaning that a string of misses while bad won't just lose you the game.
  6. I don't know about game of the year but the game has been quite fun. It can definitely have its moments like when as an OL you setup an entire encounter and the heroes can finish it without you having a turn which sucks and there are plenty of 'Huh?' moments with the rules but overall it is worth the purchase.
  7. KingLz said: Did you consider using all his 4 stamina to move each turn and use rest instead of a movement action? As with all heroes that have higher stamina then movement, they should use fatigue to move each turn I guess. If you only use movement actions he really might be very slow. Also using fatigue to move negates traps totally, because they only stop your movement action, not your movement using stamina. Tripwire still gets him on the second move if he needs to double move and he will need to given 90% of the encounters. Also means he can't use rage and any fatigue damage he receives on the OL turn negates this strategy. Also pit trap destroys you with fatigue movement as it stuns you.
  8. After playing a bunch of quests and reading the others the base game quests put a high importance in mobility Grisban seems extremely underpowered. With 1 awareness he is always the target of tripwires, negating his movement, which he only has 3 to start with. His heroic ability will only ever trigger with disease, as immobilize will go straight away perform the ability triggers, stun is removed as an action, and poison is a strength roll to resist which he has 5. Disease doesn't even do much as his willpower is 3. The heroic feat is nice I will admit but does not negate the extreme downsides. If there was a quest where you only had to kill all the monsters and there was no time limit then he might be able to achieve something but I have not come across a quest like that so far. Very interested to hear any thoughts on any point raised.
  9. If you are saying we are losing because we chose the wrong hero this feels like there is something wrong with the game. if I feel that the only way to play the game is to have heros with mobility then why give me heroes of any other type as I have to play those particular heroes. Update: for the interlude we went up to three heros (I played two) and we won by an extremely lucky roll (strength with a 1 strength hero) But in act2 we lost again with the desecrated tomb. There was absolutely nothing we could do to win as lord Alaric moved to the dragon and killed it in one turn.
  10. After a day of playing with two heroes (disciple and berserker) on campaign mode we have yet to win any quests what so ever, and now we are entering the interlude. Are others experiencing the same thing? We played fat goblin, cardinals plight, castle daerion. Personally this has put us off playing the game again as everything we try doesnt seem to matter to the overlord winning.
  11. Does 'howl' affect a reanimate? What is the timing of combat? What order are actions taken? After an attack roll and the OL plays a card giving himself a surge can the play than use his shield to reroll defense dice? When playing death on the wing encounter two, the heroes defeated Belthir on turn 1, is this intentional?
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