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  1. On the card it reads "recover 1 heart". So if Avric gives another choice to spend a surge on, I would read that as heal 1 heart instead of damage. Thanks for everyones input, this is becoming more clear. On the overlord card, "critical blow" I'm assuming it is the same. It gives the monster another option to spend its surge on, in this case a +3 damage surge? Am I correct in reading that?
  2. Does that mean that all heroes within 3 spaces of Avric are healing 1 life per turn regardless?
  3. Hi, Just picked up the game and am curious on surge gains. The Hero Ability for Avric allows himself or hero within 3 spaces to gain surge on all attack rolls. Is this an option to spend a surge on Avric's bonus or an additional surge to whatever is rolled? I'm not sure how this works. Example, If I roll no surges, do I still get a surge of healing 1 life for free? On critical blow, the attack gains 1 surge of +3 damage, It is applied after dice are rolled. So I'm guessing that if no surges are rolled, you would not apply this card as no surge would exist to apply the crit blow to. Or… Can it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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