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  1. Definitely going to watch on buying this until I can see what the headlines are. If it's the same overly punishing garbage, I will pass. Also, I don't understand this artwork for the chef's knife at all. Why not have a picture of Zoey holding the blade instead of the Red Gloved man? Yeah, I know I am nitpicking but c'mon.
  2. Best: Everything that isn't the Forgotten Age. Worst: The Forgotten Age. I really, really hope the "Return to" box finds a way to somehow balance out the campaign to make it a little less brutal.
  3. One of the poorer design decisions. If you can't evade, your stuck fighting or focusing. Don't kill the monster in an attack? You're stuck taking automatic damage and repeating the process until the monster is dead or you are dead. It isn't fun.
  4. I find the Mythos phase to be overly punishing, especially when compared to 2nd edition, EH, or AH: LCG, primarily due to the headlines deck. I hate the headline deck and think it easily the worst part about 3rd edition. All it does is hurt you. You *MIGHT* luck out and get something decent but usually you are losing clues, taking damage, or taking horror. Even worse, is they often make zero sense. You're hanging out at Velma's Diner? Well, you're now cursed because a visiting academic gave a lecture on Egypt across town. I hoped with the expansion they would at least give us a couple of semi-neutral headlines and I believe we got a few, but it doesn't really improve the situation any. I'd much rather have a card that smacks me than draw punishment tokens.
  5. It certainly appears this game is done for. I just gave away my copy the other day. While I appreciate the game for what it was, it wasn't Civilization and that ultimately detracted from my enjoyment of it as a whole.
  6. It is odd we haven't heard any rumblings at this point. They must be saving up announcements for convention season.
  7. I would be on board with characters having their own, unique headline deck. At least the headlines would make sense then. For other things I would like to see in the expansion: One new tile to expand the city per expansion, One enemy, and 3-4 new investigators. Keep them small. While I love Eldrtich Horror, I greatly preferred the smaller expansions over the bigger ones. The extra boards made it tedious; that's why I was excited about the modular design of AH 3rd.
  8. Whatever they do, I hope they gut the stupid headline mechanic. It's easily my least favorite part about this edition. They often make little thematic sense to the story and only hurt the players. I'd tolerate it more if at least a ```1/4 were positive. As it stands now, most just straight-up hurt you for no logical reason. It's extremely annoying.
  9. I sent you a PM about how I encountered only one monster, Soakman. I really enjoyed the scenario but did notice a few spelling errors here and there. We ran through with the doctor, psychologist, athlete, debutante, and private eye. With our skills, I found it pretty easy. I imagine it would have been more difficult had we done things differently.
  10. Man, I just hope this expansion has better minis. I still cannot get some of the other minis into their bases for fear of breaking them.
  11. I could have sworn it said Merrick Act II. Maybe I misread it. I would not be surprised if I managed to make the game harder than it needed to be. I tend to do that quite a bit in games...
  12. A lot of the difficulty of Kindred Fire came from the random, seemingly cheap, attacks. For example, in Kindred Fire, when you get sniped by the "peasants" at the end of every round for one unavoidable damage. I understand it is supposed to be a harder campaign but possibly losing two health at the end of every round is pretty weak. Even worse was Wrath Incarnate. On top of fighting a chapter 2 Lord Merrick, who attacked with 3 dice, we were stuck fighting a regenerating, jacked-up red elemental who got to attack twice in a round. If I did not house rule that stun negated one of this attacks, we would have been slaughtered. We only had 3 players, so maybe that is what made it so hard. We had Albright as the Disciple, Tahra as the Necromancer, and Grisbane (the slow) as a Berserker. It was a slog. I pitied my reanimate; he kept getting resurrected just to get killed about a turn later.
  13. I love the app because it let's me play Descent again without having to worry about hurt feelings.
  14. Yes. Thanks for the reply. Any idea how much experience we can expect to have by the end of the latest campaign? I suspect it's around 3 or so.
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