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  1. I have almost played through the entire Heirs of Blood campaign last weekend with a few friends (still two act 2 quests and finale left) and so far the OL won all but 1 quest. I must say that although the OL did win most quests, every quest was a close call and came across quite balanced. And about the relics thing, atm the OL has about 5 relics and still doesn`t come across as too powerfull. Although i must say that we used the rumor cards from the Manor of Ravens expansion and did the Wrong Man for the Job quest, in which the OL had The Shield of Zorek`s Favor relic, that did kinda break the quest for the heroes. They either killed themselves trying to get the luitenant down or died ignoring him. (The OL mostly rolled 3 or 4 on the attribute test so yea )
  2. Haha yea i`m Dutch. Thanks for the link! I really like what you`ve done with it, especially with the condition cards/tokens. I could never get that right, both cards and tokens easy to grab and grouped.
  3. Atom4geVampire, What material did you use for the boxes and the underground in which the heroes models are standing?
  4. When the group i play with comes together we usually plan a weekend for it and go through an entire campaign in 2 full days. Two days and a half if we incorperate the rumor cards. But yeah, we`re probably crazy
  5. I have a question about the aurium wargear part of the encounter. The rules say that a hybrid sentinel may perform a special action to equip the troops with aurium wargear once per activation. Now my question is(using a four hero game as example): Does that mean each hybrid sentinel can do this per round, giving you 3 aurium wargear tokens per round. Or can only 1 hybrid sentinel do this per round giving you only 1 aurium wargear per round? I couldnt really get this out of the rules and its either a great disadvantage for the OL of the heroes. Cause in a four hero game, there will be 8 tokens. In case of only 1 token per turn, the OL needs 8 turn to collect, move 3 hybrdi sentinels of the map, respawn 1 and get that one also of the map since you need 4 fatique tokens to win. This sounds like a lot. On the other hand if you get 3 per round it goes so fast the heroes stand almost no chance. And this is all assuming you dont use the wargears effects and losing tokens. So is the encounter just really inbalanced or am i missing something? Any Thoughts?
  6. opblaasvis said: Is there a way to add a enclosed box with villager information like attack and defense and such in special rules? Or is this being added later? Also there are no options to add a dice figure in the text.
  7. Is there a way to add a enclosed box with villager information like attack and defense and such in special rules? Or is this being added later?
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