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  1. I'd suggest playing in another scale then. All 28mm games with gunfire have ludicrously short ranges. 16" in 1:48 is about 20 metres in real scale. However if you were to make it more realistic then you would need huge tables for anything to be out of range. One f those realism vs practicality ones.
  2. Neffer said: Hi All Just a coulpe of question reguarding artillery and obserer teams. It say on page 57 (DW Core): "For indirect fire, line of site and range from the firing miniature is ignored" It doesn't mention anything about weather or not the firing miniature requires the target unit to be in the front arc or not? Can any one direct me to a ruling on this? Also can a unit with artillery strike use this ability as a reaction? and if so does the firing miniature also take a reaction counter? Thanks Literal reading of the rules has Indirect fire is a type of attack and so obeys the rules of an attack, except where noted in the rules on indirect fire. As it is not over-ruled the facing rules still apply.
  3. spoook said: BDub said: Because they are allies and that is not their theme. Why homogenize the factions into mirror images of each other, especially when there are so few factions? It sounds like you really want to be playing Axis. -B WTF are you talking about? Allies? We have been talking bout Axus this whole time. it was a response to rahal777's post suggesting the Allies should have an equivalent squad.
  4. So you're saying he needs to wait for the book?
  5. I've found Vallejo Model Colour Khaki 70.988 to be a pretty close match for SSU primer.
  6. No - it's not a KV-47. Yes - it's a KV-47 (described as a modified KV-47B)
  7. Personally I think the axis flier looks alot more like this than the original post. www.luft46.com/mess/me329.html If you wander round the Luftwaffe 46 site you'll find a half dozen planes that look to have inspired the Dust designs far more than that model.
  8. Dust models just posted the new flier stats - look how it compares with the SSU attack chopper: 19 points less, faster and better weapons - although I guess hover might make up for it.
  9. The reaction rules seem to really benefit the player going first: Your reaction markers are removed at the end of the turn meaning you don't lose an action if you react. When the responding player reacts they lose an action - meaning they get 2 actions: the reaction and then the one they have left in their turn. The initiating player's units will already have had their turn: this means you will often get 3 actions: the two during your turn and then a reaction to your opponent. The only reason I can think not to react if your are the initiating player is you might get a juicier target later. This combined with the i go you go mechanic seems to put a lot of weight to that initiative roll.
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