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  1. Dodonna's Intense Hammerheads at Home

    If you field Dodonna and Hammerheads, Garels Honor is a must have
  2. MC Triple

    Agreed with some of the above. Such fleet can be awesome, but not with Raddus. Madine is the MVP I think, or maybe Ackbar/Leia, even Garm why not, which such high Command values. Startegic advisor and Bail are also nice here imo. Exodus seems a must have as well imo.
  3. Dual MC75 Ordnance

    What about your squadrons’ choice?
  4. Good God, Luke

    That’s so « unfluff » that Luke has Escort... HE was the one escorted by Wedge and Biggs
  5. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    Good luck with it! I will follow you up!
  6. Good God, Luke

    I got a doubt here... Squadron on an obstacle, means that attacks vs him are treated as obstructed, but what about his own attacks?
  7. Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

    It's written Teaser but it's Trailer
  8. MC75 & Ackbar?

    MC75+Ackbar, I see no problems. But MC30 without Admonition and those fighters, I think that are the weaknesses of your fleet.
  9. Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

    The fight on the train gave me shivers
  10. Yeah I love that Idea too. Actually I am considering 1) Han Solo (thanks the teaser) 2) 2x YT2400 3) Boardings. I think I have to try them all before my tourney
  11. We use home made scenarios: some kind of capture the VIP and some kind of Station assaut
  12. That's an idea, I don't think investing more on the HH would be wise
  13. Dodonna Intensify Firepower Swarm

    This is... madness. And I love it. What about the Leia, Pelta IF and 9 gr75 diposable capacitors?
  14. Hello guys, We are running a 200pts tourney without Admiral, and I plan to field the following: 4x HH torp, external racks, TF Antilles 1x Shara Bey So I have 15 spare points to spend. I want to max those 200pts as initiative is random. What would you buy with the points? I am so undecided... Thanks mates!
  15. Confetti System and Ordnance Porgs

    How do you expect serious answers after such a title Now I am all about Porgs jumping around my ship and, especially, on the ordnance commands. It's time to add a scatter die to the game!