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  1. Ritalbringer

    Groggydog's Painty Jobs

    The base is insane! Well done mate! The waves/water/foam effect looks great!
  2. Ritalbringer

    TheModalNodes Conversion Cantina

    That guy!!! He’s kneeling!!! OMG!!!
  3. Ritalbringer

    Spent Fathers Day putting this together...

    Much impressive. Such wow.
  4. Ritalbringer

    BigBadAndy’s WIP thread

    Yes me too! I have done the Mon Cal (as squad leader), the Ishi Tib, the Quarren, the Devaronian and the Sullustan so far. Good ones 👍🏻
  5. Ritalbringer

    Fleet trooper

    Good job on him 👍🏻 Mines will get ardcoat on the helmet and the boots for the shine.
  6. Ritalbringer

    BigBadAndy’s WIP thread

    https://www.shapeways.com/product/5YELHG4NP/princess-bun-head?optionId=65597921&li=marketplace You mean this?
  7. Ritalbringer

    Pao alien from Rogue One

    Beside Pao, it looks like shapeways heads set
  8. Ritalbringer

    Are you playing with enough terrain?

    Ssoooooooo please FFG five us an official terrain coverage %, cause it’s really needed 😁
  9. Ritalbringer

    BigBadAndy’s WIP thread

    Reminds me a F117 Nighthawk 😂
  10. Ritalbringer

    Scariff mk2

    This is Spar... sorry, awesome!!!
  11. Ritalbringer

    Legions of the Lost Pharaoh

    Good job on such a lame and ugly base miniature
  12. Ritalbringer

    TheModalNodes Conversion Cantina

    I cannot recognize the one on the left... Should be because of the red arm!
  13. Ritalbringer

    Imperial Outpost Theta

    Looks like 40k stuff, there is the Adeptus Mecanicus symbol on it
  14. Ritalbringer

    Endor Rebels jocke01

    I love the ATRT pilot with binoculars!
  15. Ritalbringer

    Homebrew Units Thread

    We need taun-taun cavalry!