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  1. Hey guys, P.283 of the rule book has a side note regarding how to deal with powers versus nemesis/rivals. Could you please help me in providing, for each Force power, what would be the attacker/defender pool? Example from the book: Influence would be an opposed Deception/Charm roll. Thanks!
  2. A friend sent me an article from a French Miniatures magazine about the wave 7... with confusing information: - Kuat and Cymoon 1 base cost: 112pts - Grand Amiral Thrawn (32pts): will increase command values of enemy ships - Gar Saxon (23pts): when an enemy squadron with Intel or Strategic activates at distance 1, he got 1 dmg. Speed 4, Hull 7, Rogue, "Assault" - Vador (boarding): remove an upgrade card from enemy ship - Chimaera: title allowing to use Fleet Commands - Fleet Commands will be shared with the existing ones, so all accessible for both Rebels and Imperials - Intensifies forward fire: change the face of a die to a hit. - MC75 Armored 104 pts, Artillery 100 pts. Hull 9, balance firepower from all arcs, faster and more agile than MC80 - Raddus (26pts): deploy 1 ship in reserve at distance 1 from an allied ship - Profundity: "jettison" a ship from another (and from reserve) and possibility to transfer an Officer and an Admiral on it - Strategical advisor: exhaust to pass your turn - Caitken/Shollan: reroll all or part of your die (of one color) I don't know if this source is reliable or not, but this is what is written (no cards pictures, only text in French) in the magazine. My surprise is Thrawn effect. Let's see
  3. Didn't say it was a good idea
  4. Yeah, and Wedge has Grit. He is the only one able to move out from the fight, but only triggered when he suffers 1 dmg.
  5. I like the fact that both sides are asymmetrical, and not all ships have their "enemy" equivalent...
  6. Yep, here around it's the same... BTAvenger and/or Sloane.
  7. When you see the attack run in the Death Star trench, it makes sense. Vador shouldn't have Escort for any reason, but be the last one being targetable
  8. Makes sense, should have been like that. Kanan in the Ghost has Scatter and Brace, so why not.
  9. Release the Bothans!
  10. From my experience, TFA works better with 3+ HH, because balancing 1dmg/turn only doesn't worth it. Did you choose Dodonna only for points purpose? Because in your list you do not really max his potential (no Bombers crit hunters for instance). Cracken or even Mon Mothma may be better choices for you. Or even Leia, but she is very expensive. Garm is no good for you, keep him for fleets with 2+ command ships, otherwise his token generation is useless. I play Salvation with Spinal Armament to max the chance to have the right face of die with this title, this + CF of course. Actually, your gr75 is able to activate 2 Awings, not 3. For that you'll need General Leia or Expanded Hangar.
  11. Leia is a great Admiral with a lot of ships and combos, but I did marvels with Mon Karren and Pelta+Projection experts.
  12. Leia is great on a mc80bc!
  13. Put Dodonna on a Jaina's Light CR90 as well
  14. And, btw, microtransactions have been removed by EA yesterday, for game balance purpose. Anyway, the game is very good, and the solo campaign thrilling.