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  1. For a higher cost as well. I do anyway agree with your points above. At least for one Pelta. Still not convinced for 2 Peltas still with no Fleet Commands.
  2. Am I the only one surprised by the fact that none of the Pelta's has Fleet Command? For me, the only reason to take a Pelta vs NebB is Shield to Max and/or All Fighters.
  3. Yeah and give them Norra as well, if you really want to make damages. I feel like you can boost even more the Dodonna potential here. If this is something you would like to do I can share with you my list which brought me lot of satisfaction. Unless you took him just to save points?
  4. I would downgrade Solo and Dash to 2 additional 2400's, remove Jan and the VCX's, add a third HH and give the 3 of them TF Antilles. Because beside Garel's Honor, HH need/love TF upgrades. Jaina's Light on the Flagship is always a good idea, at least you can sneak among obstacles to protect a little bit your Admiral, without suffering from it. At least you reach 6 activations, which is fine with small bases.
  5. Yes, my best list squadronless is under Mon Mothma. Admonition and Foresight as hammer and anvil, winged by cr90 and hh.
  6. I usually give them Reinforced Blast Doors, which works great on the mc30 (at least with Mon Mothma). But use them for 2hp, don't wait for the 3, otherwise it's usually too late /sigh
  7. You said everything with "+ squadrons", which totally changes that list, making it much more impactful imo. I don't know what would impress me the most. The fact of facing 11 flotillas, or the fact that you own 11 flotillas Good luck with the list anyway, and looking forward for the BR
  8. From my experience, Hammerheads TF Antilles are better in 3+ groups. Group of 2 isn't enough to take advantage of it. Moreover, you'd better put your Admiral on a Jaina's Light than a mc30. Your mc30 is going to look for brawling, so in risky positions. Not the place of an Admiral. Your squadrons... well I see what you want to do, but this is **** expensive, and all acting at the end of the round, so I am not sure about it. For instance, Dutch loves to act as soon as possible to "activate" your target. Like this I am afraid he won't take advantage of its awesome feat. If you want only rogues as burdens, maybe focus on YT2400, like 4-5 of them.
  9. That's a strange mix of Ackbar, black dices and squadrons... This won't be optimal. If you take Ackbar, maximize his efficiency at red dice range. So he goes well mc30 scout, but not with your external racks, AF2 and mc80 love Ackbar. Your squadrons are very expensive, and it's not clear what their role is... I get your idea of rogues and Hera, but thats very expensive for fighters who will take action late in the round (vs activated squads).
  10. Fun maybe, point-efficient, not sure. Shara and Tycho are great also because of the little 33pts you have to spend for such pain. Hera 28pts... it's a lot... Find 16 more points and add another HH TF Antilles w/racks (jk) And she is really fun with other fighters to push and control. Otherwise Solo can be more interesting.
  11. Right. Otherwise, if you want to really PLAY squadrons, without anything meant to control them, go for YT2400s, which usually do fine. Rogue Squadron as well.
  12. Therefore take Shara and Tycho, and that's it. Play them wisely, lock a max of fighters with them. They last average 2 turns, ways enough
  13. The only moment I gave a Squadron order to one of my HH, was for a Cham token
  14. Octopuses and Squids vs Pizza slices
  15. Congratz guys, nice reports Leia is awesome, I agree with, and matches perfectly with such swarms. I'll just give my 2# regarding the Pelta. In my last game, running similar fleet with HH TF Antilles and Pelta Shields to Max + Projection Experts, the Pelta helped A LOT to make the HH more resistants. As, if TF Antilles is tapped, you cannot repair that round, having a repair of 2/3 shields is awesome. Awesome also is the fact that under Leia, a Pelta fitted like this can: - repair 3 shields of friendly ship, without losing anything (Mec 4 x1.5 = 6pts -> 2pts to transfer 2 shields, 4pts to regen those shields) - repair herself by 1 shield + 2hps/3shields, making her also very tough. In my game, she took a front arc shot at middle range from an ISD and did survive the game thanks to that. But it's sure that ship will ONLY spam Repair orders, so you really mono-task it. But, at least, it makes his job perfectly imo. My only doubt about the Pelta are the Torpedo flechettes. The ship is slow and struggle to catch up the HH's or the Mon Karren, which is no problem with the ranges of Shields to Max and Projection Exp. But it's tough to get in range for the flechettes I think. What do you think?