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  1. The problem I was trying to address is exactly that. There are decks that can make an opponents deck irrelevant (plus a single game allows for much easier drawing problems). Without a mechanism in tournament play allowing for adjustment of your deck so that you are able to vary your responses this is a problem. Plus if there was no need for fixes we would have the barrage of errata and card restrictions/bans we had in the last 2 FAQs!!!
  2. Even best of three matches would be interesting to see (or at least try!) but I don't think that would solve the issue of interesting cards getting restricted or banned (that I firmly believe would be fine if we had a sideboard). I really would like everyone's opinion on this, I firmly believe there is room for improvement in the game (that would hopefully attract more players).
  3. Well Netrunner has 65 minutes rounds at the moment (and I believe it was 80 minutes during our last regional). A 60min round is not unusual in a lot of cards games I have played. Plus (and this is a big one) the usual turnout in my area - and most areas from what I read around - is usually very low. If players split their wins then total stories won should come in play (and after that even total success tokens placed should count). If the time limit is reached without the second game having finished total stories could be the deciding factor. Or even a point system like the one in Netrunner (essentially changing what we now have altogether and potentially easing the placement calculations if an event has a very big attendance). Plus a game could be a draw (this is covered in the currect CoC tournament rules) and it really has to be an overall tie for placement in the top 8 or top 4 that would affect a tournament schedule (I don't think it would be very likely if total number of stories and total number of tokens is taken into account!!!!). What I have seen during the time I followed and played CoC is that most decks are kind of "one trick ponies". They are designed to have a winning mechanic or archetype (which is the normal process while deckbuilding) but frequently there are times when a deck has no answers for an opponent card or deck archetype. On top of that when a strong combo is discovered, the devs try to tone it down by restricting (or banning) the cards involved and/or issuing an errata for the wording (Thing in the Ground comes in mind - OMG they really destroyed that card!!!!!). Having a sideboard and a second game would allow for "answers" to be included when someone is designing his/her deck and I believe it would boost the competitiveness of the game overall.
  4. What I think this game needs is: 1) A 12-15 card sideboard 2) Tourney game rounds that have 2x 30min matches matches (60mins total and you can used the sideboard this way). That would make the cards easier to balance instead of using a barrage of errata and FAQs, and deckbuilding would become even more interesting (as you can create more "resilient to hard counters" decks).
  5. 1) Call of Cthulhu 2) Warhammer: Invasion 3) Android Netrunner
  6. So they need a FAQ clarification same as the Pawn got, that's all. I don't think this kills gameplay with Caissas
  7. I don't really understand the confusion. When you install Caissa programs, you install them as any other program - on your rig. Then you spend a click to move it on an ICE. That is why there is the <click> cost. Are you guys not paying the initial <click> cost to host the Caissa program on an ICE by installing it directly on ICE ??? Caissa programs DO NOT have a wording like Parasite (Install Parasite only on a rezzed piece of ice.) If they need to be installed on ICE the cards would say so. edit: Referenced Parasite for clarity.
  8. Loprw said: I still have a doubt with these cards: when FT is attached to IO and te character is returned to his owner, that discards IO from play or stays in game? My first thought is IO stays in game because the blanking also affects the effect of discard from play IO when the character changes control again. The "If control changes again, discard infernal Obsession from play." part of the card is also blanked by Frozen Time, so it doesn't trigger as long as it stays blanked.
  9. Hi there. She needs to search for solutions against cards in your discard pile. Some examples would be: The Stone on the Peak (Shub location support, Dunwich Denizens) Atlantis (MU civ support, Seekers of Knowledge) Back from the Dead (Shub event, In Memory of Day) Gregory Gry, Shadow of his former self (Criminal char, Journey to unknown Kadath) Specimen Room (Shub Location support, Murmurs of Evil) Trophy Room (Criminal location support, Murmurs of Evil) Dr Baker, Chief of Medicine (Lodge char, Twilight Beckons) Feasting Ghouls (Shub char, The Wailer Below) Hope that helps, if you need anything more just ask in this thread.
  10. I would suggest Call of Cthulhu (for the theme, mechanics and the extensive card pool that you can acquire in time, although I believe 2x Core Sets are a must). Alternatively I would suggest Android Netrunner (interesting theme and mechanics, it just came out so it has a really small card pool but it will be easier to get all the cards fast, and again 2x Core Sets are advised). Have fun!
  11. Toqtamish said: I don't know if you know this already but this has been brought up about a million times before and FFG has said very clearly they will not be doing this. They have said it is not cost effective to do this. The reason core sets are the way they are is because they prefer card diversity over a full playset in Core sets. Also you do not need 3 of every card. I have two core sets for both AGoT and Android: Netrunner and that is more than enough and the only reason I did that is to build multiple decks. Netrunner is Ok if you get 2x Core Sets (unless at some point for a specific deck/meta you need 3 copies of the singles included to run smoothly). But if you try Call of Cthulhu you will be surprised at how many of the core cards run 3x in almost any deck (especially competitive decks)!!! An Advanced Core Complement Pack would be God sent!
  12. Any chamce we can replace the included card images with something bigger? I have collected high rez images of the cards (they really help me with the eye strain) and I can't find a way to use them with OCTGN. Which editor did you use to make the sets? OCTGN 2 Game Editor 64bit fix rc1 ??
  13. +1 Forums are very slow and unresponsive !!!!
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