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  1. In Mobile here - we have a small group. Does anybody do a regular league night?
  2. We are attempting a "two" player campaign. Working on how that will work has been a bit of a pain. Thus far we have both taken two platoons in our factions and both represent ONE allies platoon. I'm axis he's SSU. There's gotta be a way to set up a "remote" campaign…just takes some honesty and shouldn't really be that hard. Could have protected forums for factions. A general forum for determining game types per the week and an Moderater only results forum. There's a part of me that finds the fact that there would be "wars" on multiple fronts - to be amazingly cool. I guess you could even split up the map to truly reflect it. Each "front" would have to still communicate and coordiate with other to maintain where placement might be. You could even share the army lists with one another so that I may have to play my colleagues army against my buddy with the outcome being posted and the moderator making the decision based on faction wins coupled with total AP losses. We allow AP to exceed 150, but you can only have ONE platoon. So if you are full up - then those points go to your reserve - but it might be a bit fun to make that AP shareable to your colleagues…just like in war - sometimes that favor of shifting a unit around can change the tides of battle. Any interest in developing a remote campaing system for those of us where campaign players are limited?
  3. I have a premium Sigrid if you are interested.
  4. I feel your pain Warboss - I too play in a campaign against the SSU. My opponent however likes to field Winter Child - so any of my S2 units take a beating. He just finally figured out how to make him deadly effective - he's like a flying harasser. At first I threw a ton of energy into attempting to take down the SSU force - but now I have to simply rely on an overall strategy of beating him via the misison parameters. I still have to apply some tactical shifts to my plans - meaning I cannot afford to lose too many units - but sometimes a group of zombies makes for an oustanding piece of bait. As an axis player I have learned NOT to sit idley by. I'm not even sure how to play the axis as a defense team - save for adding dig in. Angela is your friend - so are your snipers. Blutzkrieg will get you as close as you need to be to soften him up. I have used Hans in the past - but I'm trying out some new options. One option I did a while back was take Manfred as CO + a beobachter - thus two radio commands + weiber serum (you MUST make yourself remember to use it). Heavy Flak Grenadiers - are amazing. You only have to use the burst feature IF they are in cover - if not - light him up. It's 9 dice - all you are looking for is suppression - not a table wipe. Also - if your opponent isn't too "cheeky", meaning he's stacked his campaign with heavy armor or WC, use Heinrich against his guys. That's another 30" range vehicle. Again - he can help keep the suppression on. Here's a couple of the campaign playtest armies I used - I have included the outcomes best of memory. Key Positions - Snow - Dust Warfare - Force Builder Faction: Axis ( 150 / 150 ) --- Heroes Manfred (15) - Survived --- SturmgrenadierePlatoon(135) Upgrade: Improved Command (5) Command Section: Kommandotrupp (25) - Survived 1st Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers (26) - Survived 3rd Section: Laser-Jagdgrenadiere (25) - Survived 4th Section: Recon Grenadiers (17) - Dead as hell Support: LPW I-C "Hans" (25) - Destroyed Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12) - Survived Outcome: Mission won with moderate losses. Symbolic victory, unpreparred, none Dust Warfare - Force BuilderFaction: Axis ( 150 / 150 )--- Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (150)Upgrade: Extra Panzer Support (10)Command Section: Manfred (15, Hero) - Survived1st Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers (26) - Survived2nd Section: Axis Gorillas (24) - Dead3rd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17) - DeadSupport: Beobachter Team (8) - DeadSupport: MPW III-A "Wotan" (50) - Survived Outcome: Win with severe casualties I am undefeated against my SSU opponent in 300 pt games - and although I won these two - the casualites versus the AP recovery cost hurt. I lost my patrol game embarrassingly when he deployed a chopper (the anti troop one) on my side of the table and within round 2 command phase had taken out my VIP - which was as schwer platoon. I had NO way of beating him as his command AP was only 25 - so I had to eat a very humbling patrol loss. I say that to mean - You CAN do it - just don't let him walk up on you. Do your best to balance your mission objectives without losing sight of your forces. If you're in a pinch - call a fallback - discretion is the better part of valor. Good luck!!!
  5. Last night our match was wide side of the table. Off target Shelling. and a point per unit eliminated. He had soviets. Heroes: Lara Sturm Platoon: Improved Command Kommando trup Batt gren Laser gren (fodder Lothar Beobachter Team Schwer Platoon Heavy Kommandotrupp Gorillas Heavy Flak Recon Grenadiers Ludwig (proxy model using Flame Luther) Sniper I built this knowing my opponent tends to love his heli - but also fields his mechs and typically relies on them heavily. Plan was for Flak to take out heli, which it did in round 2 But - the army list was construted PRIOR to the battle builder. Isn't that the way you're supposed to do it? Not sure of all his army specifics - save for KV47, rifle squad, volunteers, close combat squad, a proxy hero, Natasha with pilot, His two command units. The field was mostly urban, but with his KV47 and its grenades they tore through my Batt grenadiers. I used the laser grens as bait for his close combat unit. Except he just punished me with that KV47 grenade no cover stuff. I probably should have NOT played aggressive, but I did.
  6. What's the point of suppression? To recap - It prevents only one action - even if the unit has multiple suppression tokens? It prevents a reaction. It provides cover. If the number of suppression tokens is greater than units and a hero is not attached that unit is retreating. I know it's probably simple - but I'm having a tough time with point number one. What's the point in spending time putting multiple suppression bits on a unit of say 5 - especially if they are in hard or soft cover?
  7. So I've been trying desperately to figure out the Axis. I bought a lot from a guy and have almost everything - NO DUPLICATES - I'm starting to wonder if I need to buy multiples to make them work. So I have read everything I can on them and I guess I'm not getting it. I suppress the heck out of an enemy unit - then send the gorillas in (bad dice) but still what's the point? If I just sat back and let my enemy come to me I could have the drop on him several times over via reactions. Is that how the Axis should be played. Controlled stance - not aggressive? Granted a "You just suck" answer is the easy way out - but does anyone have any sort of direction for me?
  8. So I'm tired of losing with my Axis army. I'm not going to spend a bunch of time justifying my experience - but this is really frustrating. I currently don't have any multiples of units - but I do have 1 of all the axis. It was one helluva ebay deal. Here's what I ran today… Dust Warfare - Force Builder Faction: Axis ( 300 / 300 ) --- Heroes Sigrid Von Thaler (20) --- Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (188) Upgrade: Lightning War (10) Command Section: Kommandotrupp (25) 1st Section: Recon Grenadiers (17) 2nd Section: Axis Gorillas (24) 3rd Section: Heavy Laser Grenadiers (35) Support: MPW II-B "Ludwig" (40) Support: LPW I-C "Hans" (25) Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12) --- Blutkreuz Platoon (92) Command Section: Manfred (15, Hero) 1st Section: Axis Zombies (19) 2nd Section: Laser Grenadiers (21) 3rd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17) Support: LPW I-A "Heinrich" (20) My primary mistake was that I deployed the Hans too late - Round 4. Should have dropped him in around the 2nd or 3rd round to draw fire. Unfortunately for me my opponent just sat there - albeit his list was all jumpy bastards, a Pounder, and Steel Rain.
  9. I printed both my axis and allied set via a one hour printer. Cost 13.00. If I were a patient man they would have cost only 6.50 delivered.
  10. Disregard. Found it. PG.54 4th paragraph under carry capacity. Don't know how I missed it.
  11. I am playing an army that currently had the Hellboys with improved command inside of the Fireball. Do I still get to use my command points via proximity and via the radio? Thanks…
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