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  1. richsabre said: zelq said: Rich, you say 6 x Dunedain Mark. I assume this is really 3, yes? Again, thanks for all the advice! oh i apologise- must have been a typo, as yes, you can only have 3 of any card rich EDIT- i know what happened- i constructed the deck on cardgamedb and was double clicking each card, which was actually putting 2 each time Rich, what would you suggest to replace those 3 cards?
  2. Grubbyfoot said: I've played 4 games so far, all against my son, and deliberately won all 4 by stealing treasures. Now you did say in an even game, which this isn't (he's 7) but it's a good way to introduce a handicap if you don't want to let your opponent know you're going easy on them. I threw a few damage spells at him for show but mainly concentrated on mobility and defending my own treasure. He nearly got me the last game so I have high hopes that I can get a good game going once he's got used to the more complex tactics. I was surprised though at how fast you can ****** a treasure if you have the right cards and the right maze layout, so playing to 1 point might lead to some very quick wins occasionally, especially against equal players. Awesome. I just ordered this in hopes that I can play with my 10 year old.
  3. Rich, Thank you! this looks awesome. I'll try it out this weekend!
  4. I'm new to the game and wanted to create a decent solo dwarf deck. I have the I have all the expansions/battlepacks up to Watcher in the Water, So, I'm missing The Long Dark Road and Foundations of Stone as well as Massing at Osgiliath. First off, what sphere combos would I be looking at and what starting heroes would you recommend. I'm going to start with the first quest and take it from there. Thanks in advance.
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