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  1. overkil2

    HTML Based Squad Builder

    Very nice, great job!!!
  2. overkil2

    Good Core deck?

    richsabre said: zelq said: Rich, you say 6 x Dunedain Mark. I assume this is really 3, yes? Again, thanks for all the advice! oh i apologise- must have been a typo, as yes, you can only have 3 of any card rich EDIT- i know what happened- i constructed the deck on cardgamedb and was double clicking each card, which was actually putting 2 each time Rich, what would you suggest to replace those 3 cards?
  3. overkil2

    Are two player games always to the death?

    Grubbyfoot said: I've played 4 games so far, all against my son, and deliberately won all 4 by stealing treasures. Now you did say in an even game, which this isn't (he's 7) but it's a good way to introduce a handicap if you don't want to let your opponent know you're going easy on them. I threw a few damage spells at him for show but mainly concentrated on mobility and defending my own treasure. He nearly got me the last game so I have high hopes that I can get a good game going once he's got used to the more complex tactics. I was surprised though at how fast you can ****** a treasure if you have the right cards and the right maze layout, so playing to 1 point might lead to some very quick wins occasionally, especially against equal players. Awesome. I just ordered this in hopes that I can play with my 10 year old.
  4. Rich, Thank you! this looks awesome. I'll try it out this weekend!
  5. Thanks Rich. That would be great!!
  6. I'm new to the game and wanted to create a decent solo dwarf deck. I have the I have all the expansions/battlepacks up to Watcher in the Water, So, I'm missing The Long Dark Road and Foundations of Stone as well as Massing at Osgiliath. First off, what sphere combos would I be looking at and what starting heroes would you recommend. I'm going to start with the first quest and take it from there. Thanks in advance.
  7. overkil2

    Additional Dice

    I would buy 2-4 sets as well.
  8. overkil2

    Player Meetup Megathread

    Miami, FL USA