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  1. I agree. Maybe using a system similar to Warhammer fantasy Roleplay would work. The cards helped the games pacing and made it easier to know what options were available in any given scenario.
  2. I will buy if it has PvP in mind. If its co-op I wont touch it with a bargepole. I didnt buy LoTR for the same reason. If I want to play co op, I would rather play an RPG or even a board game. PvP opens up the doors for tournament play which is a huge appeal for any CCG/LCG player, and being Star Wars it could be a very successful tournament scene.
  3. Personally, I like the new mechanic. It adds a new layer of depth for challenges. It does raise questions regarding its use in combination with other card effects but I have faith that FFG will find a good balance. It will certainly make the challenge phase more interesting…
  4. Thanks for the detailed responses. I have been doing a little reading on the game now and I think I understand it a little more. I will be buying a copy along with some friends.
  5. Ok, I am a total noob when it comes to Netrunner. I never played the original and have very little idea what to expect. Obviously the game is PvP, where 1 player plays the Netrunners, the other the corporation. Does this mean that 2 players cannot play netrunner decks? This is my main issue as I feel it would limit the options within the game. Everyone who I have asked is a huge fan of the original so im very tempted to purchase this game.
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