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  1. Hi there! 1- Only if the card says so. ie: "Exhaust this character..." 2- The act of committing a character to a story exhausts the character (unless special conditions are applying due to a card effect). Once a character is exhausted, you can't execute an action that says "exhaust this character to" because the card is already exhausted. However, most responses, for example, don't require the character to be exhausted. 3-The most obvious use for Freelance photographer is that you could exhaust and commit him to a story on your turn. Unless you win the arcane struggles on the stories, your characters don't ready afterwards. So after everything resolves, now its your opponents turn and soon they reach the story phase and begin committing characters to stories. You want to defend but all your characters are still exhausted from your turn. If you still a an unspent domain with at least one resource, you could spend it now to ready Freelance photographer and assign him to a story your opponent has assigned to. (such an action would re-exhaust the photographer, but he would now be a part of the resolution of the struggles there this turn.)
  2. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4793 http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_npm_sec.asp?eidm=243&esem=1&epmi=s Excited to see a new deluxe box headed our way. The cards that have been shown so far look fantastic. The theme, based heavily on the actual story "the Call of Cthulhu", seems well integrated especially with the new dormant mechanic.
  3. Quick question: has there ever been any debate as to including expansions in your online game collections? Seems strange when so many FFG games offer such a list of expansion options…
  4. I realize of course that Rune Age is not Dominion but considering my group can't stand to play Dominion with 5 or 6, there's no way my group would do this 5+ players. The downtime and politicing of who to attack and what to do would just slow it down way too much. Best just to enjoy the variety and new combinations the factions add to the classic 2-4 player. Otherwise, you may be better to just consider creating a home-ruled custom scenario - maybe include alliances or team play to help speed decision making up.
  5. I've only played Descent and Rune Age so my overall knowledge of Terrinoth is a bit lacking. Are there any other known factions (maybe from Runebound or Runewars) that would could expect to show up in a faciton after Oath and Anvil. Looking forward to seeing what the orcs and dwarves add but also interested to hear what else could eventually happen. Is there any good source to actually learn more about Terrinoth other then the other games?
  6. Mike Eldredd

    IOS App

    Been playing around with the ios app of this a bit lately. Does anyone else find the computer players really really good! They are dangerous - I think because of this I prefer to play with 3 players. Neat little game - it definately plays well with lighter games crowd - I could see a few friends really enjoying but not quite enough theme for the others - nonetheless its quick and with the right group could make for some pretty interesting game play.
  7. Wow, that's still a long way off for my group - we're almost all from a pretty strict boardgaming background so teaching them to read the flavour text out loud is tricky even. I'm now starting off each game by having each character read their background out loud and "introducing" themselves - I'm hoping that will lend a little more atmosphere to the proceedings - we have a few very impatient players who like to blow through "unimportant" parts pretty quick - trying to get everyone to slow down and share the game is a chore but i'm sure it will be worth it.
  8. Wow! Those look amazing! I'm pretty sure I'd just make an awful mess of mine - these are great!
  9. Was a good episode - nice to see something a little more substantial after some of the easier games they've been featuring lately - to see the cthulhu mythos brush against the mainstream consciousness makes me smile.
  10. A real expansion would be awesome - and if they follow in the suit of ES and Mansions so far, borrowing art and some design should make the process somewhat easy - to hit each Arkham expansion to break down into a smaller scale for ES shouldn't be too easy. It would be kind of neat if they even did them each in their own setting instead of all the museum. Seems like so much material available just considering what they've already covered in Arkham I would have to imagine this is in the works for sooner or later. I think it might be neat to even see a few new dice as well!
  11. Its still in the list of games in their catalogue so I don't think its completely done - would love to see this reprinted!
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