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  1. Assassin droids from knights of the old republic. EDIT: oops!
  2. They also say Q2 release window.... Seems like alot of releases to fit into 3 months!
  3. 🤞 I hope we see this. I feel like the precedent has been set by runewars. Their commanders generally release as a 2 pack mounted and on foot.
  4. You do need at least 1 more rebel core to meet the minimum 3 for a legal lists sounds like. If you are considering another core you'll be well covered there.
  5. Probably 2 so I can field 2 armies out of the gate. Plus multiple Grevious poses
  6. Maybe https://www.shapeways.com/shops/buckethead-bits ?
  7. To counter your anecdote in my local area, I haven't been able to get a meetup of legion more than once since release and X-wing meets 3+ times a week regularly.
  8. This maybe? https://www.heer46shop.de/49383/rebellen_special_pack-
  9. On the other hand, most of the movies were made decades ago. The more recent ones are a little better in this balance.
  10. Really surprised at the common comment "Well this squad has 1 female and 1 alien out of 7 so it's fine". I mean I guess I understand, but don't love, there being more humans than Aliens, but there is literally no reason that the humans shouldn't be 50% of each gender. Also more aliens would be great too. Each sculpt in a unit is unique so there is really nothing holding them back technical wise from doing this.
  11. I love your wookie's fur! makes him look older Any tips on how you went about it?
  12. Maybe Chewbacca is a good unit to shuttle around. He doesn't necessarily mind the wounds if it gets him into combat faster.
  13. Are you still planning a PDF for the commandos?
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