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  1. We have 7 upcoming tv shows now, that's just wild: -bad batch -obi won -andor -acolyte -ashoka -republic rangers -lando
  2. oh boy, reading comprehension fail, thanks hahaha
  3. This was great! Do you guys have a website/ where can I find issue 1?
  4. Chewbacca and wookiees got a new subtype : "Wookiee Trooper" which the rules just say basically behaves as the Trooper type. Is this to prep for something upcoming that affects wookiee troopers or am I missing something?
  5. I wish we had a way to compare the point changes with the last ones
  6. My only issues with CP is Price. It is alot more expensive than legion, the models look amazing though Card Design. Don't know if this has been improve but the unit cards were ugly in the core set.
  7. Listen, All I want is to make a Jawa/droid army!
  8. Great episode focused on the overall plot. Addressed some questions we have had for along time as well!
  9. Alot of people seem very concerned about different subfactions. As some have said realism is already at the brink when we have Jyn and Luke battling General grevious. IMO they should follow the same route they did with imperial assault and xwing and make scum more or less an etc. Getting models and rules for cool units I want is more important to me that rule informed realism because Hutts arn't likely to team up with Sand people.
  10. Lucky roll for Obiwan I guess? Maul did beat Qui-gon so he definitely is pretty strong.
  11. Aside from maybe some secret demos there hasn't been an opportunity to demo the new descent yet. Based on the preview article today though they do seem like similar games though.
  12. My initial reaction is disappointed but will wait and see. I don't love app required but it is what makes them differ from other popular dungeon crawlers like gloomhaven. That said I did play a demo of LOTR and it was quite fun, I'm assuming we will have a similar experience here. Having a quality tablet makes the experience solid.
  13. very pumped for wookies fix! Hoping the pathfinders discount includes an errata for pao and bistan to be able to be added to core units
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