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  1. Are you trolling? Both X-wing and legion are selling well. The new trooper expansions sold out in all my local stores already...
  2. Had the same thought during this episode. Might as well make new republic and resistance the same faction. Gives them 2 kinds of security droids and fleet troopers.
  3. Maybe, but it's not required mini by any means and it's 1000% more accessible then a convention exclusive.
  4. I think people are only upset due to the hype up on facebook from FFG marketing.
  5. Paint set's would be so much cooler if they did what they did for the D&D sets and include an alt scult miniature: https://shop.thearmypainter.com/products.php?ProductGroupId=23#D&D Monsters Paint Set
  6. Word was we are gonna have 3 new unit announcement articles by mid December. Are they all going to be next week ?
  7. That said 401 games is one of the biggest webstores here in Canada, they are generally very professional and legit.
  8. Bit of a bummer, really looking forward to r2! That said my wallet will be happy
  9. One heads up for command cards is you can only have 2 of each pip
  10. How do you assign wounds in a unit like this? Does c3po always take them first?
  11. Rebels -Hera/ Chopper -Cassian/ K2 -Ashoka -Old bi wan Empire: - Ig-88 -Thrawn -Sergeant Kreel/ Generic storm trooper commander -bt-1/Aphra, 000 Republic: -Generic Jedi for both slots -Kit fisto -generic clone commander -boss nass CIS -tactical droid commander -Poggle the lesser -Maul -vader
  12. Love the offworld jawas. My ultimate hope for legion is to one day be able to field an army of jawas and ramshackle droids.
  13. I think it's a real bummer when they do these event exclusives. Personally disappointed this time as OBI is one of my fave. Also why no exclusive at Gencon, the only event I was actually able to attend
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