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  1. I agree with Artaterex, should be treated that same way you count turns for skipping them, so as long as you have a card elft to encounter the turn you get toaded counts as one.
  2. Page 3 of the FAQ Simultaneous Effects If two or more abilities or effects are triggered at the same time, the player who is currently taking his turn decides the order to resolve them in. Both actions are tirggered at the start of the characters turn so he would choose which order to resolve them in, though he wouldnt be able to use the spell on his own turn though.
  3. Thanks Warlock thats what i was thinking, I belive somwhere theres a rule stating that the active player chooses the order of resolution for effects so that would mean that the actions themselves would still have to be seperate (discard and move then stunned or just stunned)
  4. Okay maybe i need an example for my point. You pay 1 gold at the temple and roll a single dice while playing a knight, you roll a 6 but becuase your the knight you can add two to the score bringing it to a 8, according to your rulings then he shouldbnt be allowed to do this because he only payed one gold, ontop of that what if you played the spell that adds 6 to a roll, you could get a 12/14 with one gold payed, i think having a spell that adds in theory any number while praying isnt that op. if we say you can only get the 1-6 results using this spell with 1 gold then surelly no character or ability should let you bypass that, otherwise whats the jusitifcation to say one ability deserves to go past 6 and others dont? id agree if the spell said anything like "choose what number your dice roll instead of rolling" but it doesnt. I too agree with warlock there needs to be a clear FAQ answer for this and many other obscure situations.
  5. I like the concept, the main sticking point for me would be the balance, having a second character gives you two chances to win at everything and gives a real strategic edge, I would remove the weapons and armor debuff, go to 2/3 instead of 2/2 in strength and craft and then have the resurrection work something like: - At the end of your turn you may resurrect a character that has died this game. Set the character up normally. You must miss your next two turns after the exhausting resurrection process to regain your energy. When a resurrected character is killed, it is instead removed from the game and you may not take a new character to replace it. at the start of your turn you may choose to either control the resurrector or any one character you have resurrected, you control them as normal (you only get one character per round) you are in control of any response actions your base character and any resurrected characters perform (such as being attacked or being affected by an event), if the resurrector dies all resurrected characters under your control die as well. Id lower the life/fate on this guy personally, 5 and 5 is pretty strong on any character and this character is going to be pretty powerful anyway. this character would have a poor start and would have to work hard to make sure not to be the first to die, once there's a character to resurrect they gain a massive tactical advantage, though I'd guess the game would slow down as the board fills with more characters when events hit. do love the idea of a resurrection mechanic but it would have to be handled very carefully, its basically like saying "replenish your life and fate to max, gain a gold and for the rest of the game take an additional turn and gain extra character abilities" so it needs some hard limit on what the resurrected characters can do.
  6. I would rule that you could choose any result so long as you were praying and rolling at least one dice, the spell replaces a dice roll to replace which 1 gold gives you and says you may choose the result, theres no wording on the spell or the temple (from my memory) that says the higher tiers are only unlocked with more gold. The reason i think this is a character could roll one dice and increase the result using other powers (such as the knights bonus to praying)to get a result beyond 6 so saying that the spell would only grant the 1-6 section doesnt really have any reason to exist. From a balance point of view cards that controll dice rolls or boost them arent very rare (i belive theres one spell that adds 6 to a roll) and they can be used for anything, a spell that only affects praying would seem to be better in this situation then any other spell should be right?
  7. Would the following be a much simpler way to errata the valkrie? Once per turn per follower you may ignore discarding a follower to an effect that would cause you to discard them, you may not do this if a follower causes you to discard itself or any other follower. that would seem to fix the problems i know about while keeping the rule pretty yes/no airtight. what do you think?
  8. Ahh must have missed that in the heat of the moment, In a similar extention of the same question what if someone hit me with a spell that said "their turn ends" or other such card?
  9. A quick and dirty question, I was playing a close game and was racing to the CoC, I get past the portal of power and the following situation happens. I attempt to move and use cloak of feathers discard ability to skip to the CoC Other player hits me with immobility stating i cant move (A) I ruled that this would mean i cant take my normal movement and thus cannot discard cloak of feathers and simply lose a turn. (B) They interpretted that since i discarded cloak of feathers but had yet to actually use the movement that i had lost the chance. Which if either of us was right in this case? It was my belife that you cant splice an effect inbetween a cost and a result unlace the effect says so (see counterspell or other such example) (we went with A since i was more experinced, but player B still won anyway so it was all pointless anywho)
  10. The only way I can think of at the moment would be private messaging the secret info to the player who needs to know it from the person who has the board and cards, that means only two people would know about it at least. an option for characters like the spy could be to replace the top of deck checking ability with the ability of the prophetess to discard a drawn card and draw a new one, would change who these characters played but give them powers that stay similar in feel without making the abilities a party ability.
  11. I put the adventure cards, spells, dragon cards, dungeon cards, highland cards and most of the city cards in the second box with the extra maps and all the character models, everything else goes in the main box. the dragon tokens go in the big groove, the sleeping tokens go with life and fate, all the odds and ends cards go in the main card holders.
  12. Dam said: ZeroGrim said: Up until recently I didn't even know there was a difference between craft and craft value and expect alot of players to have this problem as well. My comment isn't directed at you specifically, since this question has been asked quite a few times, but I do go when people miss stuff that is stated OUTRIGHT in the rules!!! Hell, Str and Craft value have their own paragraphs (granted, only one sentence), but it's not like they are hidden in some murky corner of the rulebook, but found under Strength and Craft headings (imagine that). yea you've got a point, I suppose when playing a multiplayer board game with rotating players every single player should have a word for word memory of the rules as opposed to let's say, better wording in the first place. the only reason I asked this question specifically is that on these forums I've found answers for both interpretations, so I wanted to get a clear answer, to me it seemed like a simple typo on the monk for two reasons, first if he did just add his starting craft to his strength in combat why didn’t it just say he adds 3 as there's no possible way to misinterpret that, and second if he only does add 3 then his weakness's make him in my opinion probably one of the worst characters to play, (loss of weapons and armour with reduced stats is not worth an ability that basically gives you a slightly different version of assassinate) though I suppose the easiest solution (which its obviously too late to implement with so many characters now) is to simply change strength and craft on the character sheet to read strength value and craft value, ten letters added to make the rules a bit more clear, o well…
  13. Hi this is a short and simple question A monk has gained two craft counters, he then engages in battle with no other modifiers, does he add 3 (his printed craft value) or does he add 5 (his current craft) to his strength? Up until recently I didn't even know there was a difference between craft and craft value and expect alot of players to have this problem as well.
  14. I've got a simple question that I think I know the answer to but wanted to check. Can you evade another character if they choose to use a special ability on you? I would say you cant.
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