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  1. My first reaction was: holy crap my gaming group will totally become the feral space mongols that burns and loot their way through my campaigns… The second one was; what the heck does the 1st and Only have to do with Calixian Sector?
  2. OK, so in fluff Krieg medics are called Quartermasters, who would coup de grace the mortally wounded guardsmen and strip his gear for the next person, or tend the wounded men's injury if he was deemed salvageable. Wonder how I should represent him in game, shoot the PC's character in his head if the wound capacity is negative?
  3. Also stormtroopers in Only War is more like a generic shock infantry with good armor (or best armor in game?) and a hotshot lasgun, this could be any regiment's elite assault team. GW's canon stormtroopers surely have more skills than these boys (the ability to airborne to the least)…
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