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  1. Yes to my knowledge, there's nothing stopping you from taking an Attack Order in the Command Phase, and then an Attack action in the Unit phase.
  2. This might sound condescending, but it's not, I promise! >< Isn't your question answered under "Unit Phase; Actions," on page 33 of the Core Rule book? Under "Actions" it reads: "A unit may complete its actions in any order it wishes; It can Move and then Attack, or Attack and then Move, take no actions or only one action, or take a double action." So you can never choose to take two Move actions, or two Attack actions in the Unite phase. Drag0n said: There are Artillery weapons in game and they needed Sustained Attacks for Indirect Fire. So if Blinded, A-weapons still can fire indirectly anyway That's soooo true, I never thought of that, good choice of wording on their part then!
  3. ItsUncertainWho said: You attack an enemy walker that is in a tree line (soft cover). Your attack roll gets 3 hits. Soft cover reduces 1 hit, 2 get through the trees and may do damage. The enemy rolls his armor save and, luckily for you, only rolls 1 save. The enemy takes 1 point of damage. Vehicle Damage Table (VDT): You rolled 3 hits, 1 is reduced by cover leaving you 2 dice to roll on the chart. Any damage reduced by cover never made it to the vehicle. You do not roll any dice that were negated by cover on the VDT. Cover reduces damage before it is applied to the unit. So, I was right that it's a specific rule to VDT, and that when rolling to decide a VDT effect, I roll 1 less dice for soft cover, and 2 less dice for hard cover?? This ONLY applies to VDT rolls and not Attack Action rolls against cover on Soldiers or Vehicles? I'm understanding it correctly now??? Thanks again guys! =]
  4. I'll try to make this short and sweet: Cover rolls (Soft and Hard cover) only state that if you have Soft Cover your armor roll is treated to have +1 or +2 to the end results. It does not say anywhere about rolling LESS dice. In the Vehicle Damage Table explanation, it says, "When a vehicle suffers one or more damage, but is not destroyed, the attacking player rolls a number of Combat damage dealt to the vehicle before the Armor roll. Cover reduces the damage dealt, and therefore reduces the number of dice rolled." So, let's say I roll 3 hits against a vehicle. The vehicle is [somehow] in soft cover. The vehicle rolls 1 hit on his armor roll. He takes 1 less damage from the successful roll, and one less damage because his results gained +1 hit on his armor roll from the soft cover. Now, am I reading it correctly that I now roll the VDT roll (To check if the Vehicle suffers any handicaps), which would normally be 3 (The amount of hits I scored before the armor roll), however I can ONLY roll 2 dice now because the vehicle was in cover????? If so, this is only specific to the VDT and not cover rolls in general right? (As in, if I roll against someone in cover, they simply get +1 to their results, I don't roll one less attack dice right?) Hope that makes sense, thanks in advance!!!
  5. Okay…I think we WERE just reading too much into it. If I understand correctly now, if the Unit Leader can draw an UNINTERRUPTED (Read: the line does not pass through ANY terrain) line from the center of his base to the center of the base of a target Unit's miniature, that miniature is NOT obscured, regardless of how close he is or touching the terrain base (Or whatever the players deem to be "in the terrain.") So the books description of being "in terrain" I assume is only for reference of movement, and IGNORING the terrain if you are the ATTACKING Unit Leader in the terrain.
  6. My brother and I are trying to understand the rules of cover, but feel we are reading conflicting rules. So, first off players decide how and when a unit is in cover based on the terrain you are using. Let's say example, we have a couple trees on a base. If a miniature's base at least touches the trees' base, it is in cover. Let's say they provide soft cover. Now, soft cover gives you +1 hit result to your armor roll. Does the miniature ONLY gain the +1 result, or soft cover effect, IF an attacking miniature's Unit Leader cannot draw a line of sight from the center of his base to the target miniature's center of it's base, WITHOUT passing through the terrain? Is this what it means to the miniature if they are "in cover?" In other words, let's say the same defending miniature has his base touching the trees' base, and again is in cover. This time though, the attacking Unit Leader can draw a line clear as day to the defending miniature without passing through terrain. The defending miniature is "in cover" (Touching the base) but there is no obstruction in the line….does that mean he DOES NOT receive the benefits of cover? Therefore no +1 hit result to his armor roll? Hope that makes sense……thanks!
  7. Wow thanks for the replies everyone! Great ideas, especially ^ the one above.
  8. Zuggzug I wanted to comment to say how awesome your setup looks! Also, off topic, but in that pic, the shelf below the Dust minis…are those minis from Descent?
  9. Hey guys, looking to buy a table for War gaming, DUST specifically I guess if it matters!! Probably a silly question, but I don't know where to start looking! Preferably in the 48 x 90 range, even bigger is fine. Maybe even a round large table?? x_x Thanks for any help!
  10. Hey guys, probably a simple question, but I don't even know where to start to get a good gaming table. Preferably a rectangle or large round table, dimensions (on rectangle) anywhere from 48 x 90 ish or larger. Thanks! Playing DUST Warfare if it means anything, and many others soon after!
  11. Maine said: There is ComicQuest in Lake Forest (just off El Toro and the 5, on Bridger). They do not discounts, though. There is a new store called Mercenary Market in Costa Mesa, off the 55 on Fairview. Not to be confused with Miniatures Market. I was there last week, they have a huge selection of Dust models. They do not discount either. They do, however, have LOTS of space for in-store gaming. Brookhurst is the only hobby retailer in the OC area who offers discounts, they're also the 2nd worst customer service due to some of their employees who couldn't care less about you if you aren't a regular. ComicQuest is worse if you have to deal with the owner; the other employers are good. Only Mercenary Market offers any real opportunity for in-store gaming. I know this is a late response, but I just want to say I'm glad it wasn't just me (About your comment on the customer service). They have given me a discount on my big purchases, but about 2-3 of their employees there that I've purchased from were definitely VERY unfriendly, I thought. Didn't say much during one of my purchases, very drab attitude (Not trying to pick on the person, just felt very unwelcoming). The one that really bugged me though, one night my bro and I were at Brookhurst and we were looking at paints with a basket full of Dust models. One of the big guys shouted to us, "Guys, those are already pre painted." First off, he's wrong, they're only pre primed. Secondly, the way he said it was rather startling, and finally, something niche like table top gaming (Especially in west coast)----why would you try and shy away your sales and customers?? Luckily the other employee corrected him right away, and helped us out. Just my two cents!
  12. Hey guys, new player here hailing from Anaheim. I go to my local store, Brookhurst Hobbies, but have been buying up all their merch! Ha ha. Anyways, I was curious if anyone happened to be in the same area and new of any hobby stores that sold these??? Most of the other stores I've been to like Prestige Hobbies, Hobbytown USA, etc, are only model building and/or cards. No tabletop. I'm gonna check out Dicehouse later, but any other suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  13. Shadow4ce said: Another thing to keepin mind is the wording of, "equal to the amount of damage dealt to the vehicle before the Armor roll. Cover reduces the damage dealt, and therefore reduces the number of dice rolled." Which means if a unit of HLGs hit your Fireball in Hard Cover with 3 hits (quite within the realm of probability with a sustained attack and at least one more hit on the Laser Reroll), then assuming they fail they're armor roll, you'd roll 7 dice on the VDT (amount of damage dealt after reduced by cover (not amount of hits). Our group played that wrong for the first week or so, matching the amount of dice rolled on VDT with amount which rolled hits. There are a fair number of weapons which do more than 1/1 damage. I understand what we're talking about, but I think I'm lost on your example, sorry! >< But yeah, roll dice equal to the damage dealt, not hits.
  14. So, we're reading the cover thing right though? Regardless of my wonky explanation lol. So, behind cover, as long as it takes damage, I still roll dice, but if it's in soft cover I roll 1 less die on the vehicle damage table, and in hard cover I roll 2 less dice on the vehicle damage table???
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