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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from Eradico Pravus in Bretonnia Conversion (from Knights of the Grail)   
    I was just clearing up some confusion on my part on Emirikol's conversion of Bretonnia 2nd Ed to 3rd Ed. I have limited 2nd Ed books. So I didnt even know of a female Paladin. I did read of non nobles being Errant Knights by pretending to be nobles though.
    I believe a GM like Emirikol can make their own rules for their own game, and its nice for him to share his ideas with us.
    There is always a point to these conversions, they give people ideas to fill out their own conversions. Also you get feedback to point out some ideas to help the creator.
    There are other people who have also done Bretonnia conversions as well.
    I don't have to agree with his method of Knight Errant, but I can come away with ideas for what I would do.
    Between LordtheMilk and Emirikol's ideas you can find a ruleset you like. Sorry if anyone else did a conversion, these only two I know.
    Bretonnia Knight Errant is actually quite difficult to convert I found, due to blessing and virtues. Whether an action or a talent or a career ability. I had a try on just the career part over a year ago and just couldn't get past the need for a horse and the need for the Virtue of Chivalry. For such a simple career it was annoying complicated when it didn't need to be.
    Since FFG has gone dead silent on further works, its up us as players and GM's to make our own content from 2nd Edition books. Maybe 1st Edition if that old.
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from Emirikol in Roleplaying NPC/Monster Tactics   
    If they use the other character as a shield. Add penalties to that other character so they suffer. Thus causing increases tension. Combat is fluid so they could still be hit but get an extra defense.
    A human ducking behind a Dwarf would mean your movement / dodge be impaired.
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from Emirikol in Light Order / Lore of Light (2e, 3e lists)   
    The other 3 spells I have for 3e
    Light of the Luminary ( has the chaos star symbol on it)
    Heroes call
    Light of Truth (Comet symbol)
    Birona's Time Warp (Comet Symbol)
    Enlightenment ( Comet Symbol - the only Epic)
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from Emirikol in Bretonnia Conversion (from Knights of the Grail)   
    Been over a year since me an LordoftheMilk spoke of this, I wonder how it turned out.
    Empire knights tend to get horses as their career card. You never hear of Bretonnian knights without a horse.
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from LordPasty in WFRP 4e - how should it look?   
    If you could separate WFB from WFRP, so that the 5 main races worked together more. It would help open up elves more.
    Moving away from the old world, there is more interaction.
    Eg Teclis and tyrion book you read humans and elves working together to find a sword in Lustria.
    Bring in Elven magic. Maybe not the all powerful elven wizard lord, but some form of caster at least. Already have wizard lords, and rune lords in the game.
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from socratim in What are the Troll Slayer advanced careers   
    Daemon Slayer. Maybe give him an insanity slot, due to living so long without dying.
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from Apollwn in Formula to calculate enemies   
    I use a book to write down clues or info my character hears. Cause by next day I likely forgetten it, I have a very very bad memory.
    Testing monster on a party to see what they can handle is fun. Until the giant enters the room, that thing nearly killed 2 of the 5 people in the party. I was a dwarf coachman/engineer packing the wagon to make a getaway, the quest was more important than the near death woodelf. Luckily one of our party was good in melee and destroyed the giant, before the elf and halfling died.  The other wood elf couldnt hit a barn door with an arrow.
    But it was fun and exciting, near death is scary.
    The thing about warhammer is that it doesnt matter your level, it is possible to kill a dragon, it may be slightly harder, but it is possible.  As you level, your chances to hit or choices to use, increase.
    It is the roll of the dice that can kill a party.
    This is more a GM question, than a player question like me.  The most of an enemy I have fought has been, 5 wolves, and 2 giant wolves.  There was an encampment of Skaven, but only one of the party got hurt by them, and that was the swarm of rats that nearly killed him.
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from HashKey64 in Quick Ogre Question to GMs   
    Doesnt the weapon come the size of the creature? Eg a two handed for a halfling would be smaller in the hands of a human.
    If you ever saw a picture of an Orge with a two handed weapon, its the size for them and they use both hands to wield it.
    I think the handgun = pistol  thing is for the size of the ammunition, I doubt a ogre could hold a pistol shot
    Funny no rules for bow and crossbows with bigger arrows/bolts.
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from Keeop in So what Inventions did your Engineers design?   
    My dwarf engineer is currently crafting a Superior Hochland Rifle. 
    Am going to call it a dwarven bolt action rifle.
    Due to being Superior it loses its unreliability
    The invention i have called the simple name.
    Dwarven Bullet
    Using one of the special rules for the options.
    Remove reload Add a CR for the power of the bullet Add a pierce 1 for the same reason As all inventions come with Unreliability 2.
    Failing would be the case of the bullet jamming in the rifle.
    Would need to craft a batch of bullets.
    I couldnt seen how a scope would reduce reload time, so thats why I had my own invention.
    Disadvantages, you cant just pick up someones powder and shot and use it. You have to craft your own invention. Take time and money. You always be worrying you have enough Bullets to last until your back to a crafting station.
    Advantages. You get to show those pesky wood elves, who has the better weapon.
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from Emirikol in PODs, what is in them?   
    You do not get any of the cards in the PoDs in any of the boxed sets. They expand your spells and add some items for those priesthoods / mages. Their is even a career PoD that adds I think its 3 careers
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from malgaf in wood elf very quick question   
    Yes thats it means. Still means you can only have rank 1 max in it for a rank 1 character. So you cant train it as an elf and train it again in character creation.
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from malgaf in Training a skill twice in the same career and all that it entails   
    Once you become rank 2 you can train it, as long as you have the advances left in your career to do it. Some careers limit the amount of skills you can train while in that career.
    What I was told you get to train 1 skill for the fixed career advances and you get whatever is on your open career advance limitations on top of that. So for coachman i have a limit of 2. So I can train a max of 3 skills in that career.
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from abidibladiduda in Epic PCs   
    WFRP lets wizards wear armour? I remember from my old WFB days there were only two armours that allowed spell casting, chaos armour and I have forgotten the name of the other, but it was a chaos armour upgrade. I dont think the High Elves even had the ability. Otherwise you got automatic miscasts/fails. Seems they are editing the spirit of the warhammer world by letting people get around this by piling dice on to overcome disadvantages. 
    I can understand people playing by the rules to do this.  But for me its just so wrong. I always thought the reason this was so was the metal in the armour warped from contact with warp energy, and only chaos armour could deal with the distortion caused.
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    DurakBlackaxe got a reaction from JA_42 in New content for WFRP, When?   
    I was wondering when they would release a list of what they are planning next report like they did for other the other expansions.
    Was waiting for more content so I could get my Grey Magic set, its cheaper for the postage if more posted together. Do they give you 2 months notice or a months?, I know the Pods give you like a few minutes notice.
    As a player, I like more careers for rank 3 and 4, dwarves are quite limited in that regard. High elf, wood elf, Bretonnia, Kislev, the border princes, Araby. More origins for those types like there was in Hero's call for humans and dwarves. I know there is player made content but I cant produce good quality cards.
    Whenever I decide to gm, I would love more creatures from the world, the rare undead, the slann/skink/sauron (book just released), the forces of Law who we rarely hear of now. 1st edition had a few special law demons. Chaos dwarves etc.
    Also like to seem more spells for the missing racial types. Ice Magic, Lizardman High magic (obviously not the world spells), Chaos dwarf magic, High Elf magic ( there must be some sort of lower ranking spell system), Law magic for those followers of the Law gods.
    So far everything is focused inside the empire, lets get something west/east/south, north is self explanatory only really kislev and ice witches content. Wonder how Teclis would explain Ice Magic.
    When I was reading about Dragons, I learnt that the more powerful Master Runes that were allegedly lost were in fact created with Dragon fire/magic which due to the wildness of the dragons cannot be duplicated today. Also the Dragons were used by the Old ones to construct the World Gates, which could mean that some high level Lizardman spells arent able to be cast without Dragon help. Maybe thats how the High Elves created that vortex of drain magic, Dragon help, wasnt the High mage of that time a Dragon Prince?
    The game has such a rich lore its a pity that it feels limited to such a small area.
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