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  1. I like the card Overwatch. But i would have named it. Where the hell you think your going?! or Don't leave me! hehe
  2. They can, but as allies. So they could turn on him later on. Orcs respect strength, they love to fight. But after atatcking the village, they will need something else. They could turn on the Champion, or the beastmen, or leave for another area. Khornes rival is Slaanesh, as long as the beastman shaman doesn't get a message telling him to attack the Champions forces, all should be good.
  3. As the GM if you dont like it, make up your own rule. Do not overthink it, they are just there to be cannon fodder to slow the pc's down while the boss does his stuff. Options Roll a D4 and that is how many died. I don't know if there is an Action called Hail of arrows. Use 4 arrows is always another option like you mentioned.
  4. No idea. I doubt there is a choice, either the Witch hunter kills them or gags and binds them then drags them to a wizard agent. Witch hunters, witches and hedge wizards are a real problem, unless you make up a rule. There is also Cleric magic floating around as well. Its even worse with a necromancer, those characters have no defence due to the ghoul following him around. There must be a substantial reward for handing them into a cities Wizard agents. Its the only reason I can think of why they live.
  5. No problem. You just have to remember once damage is reduced by soak and toughness it becomes wounds. Makes it easier to understand then.
  6. A henchman group is treated as one creature with health = toughness * number in group. So in your example you group starts with 15 health. You did 10 damage. You reduce this by toughness + armour soak if any. Since you only mention toughness of 3 and no other soak. They take 7 wounds. So you kill 2 goblins for 6 wounds and one loses 1 wound. You now have 3 henchmen with one at 2 health. To have a total of 8 health left.
  7. I wondered how you found so many people to play for one session, so I looked, and someone mentioned the Barber left, that post was in October. I have too much free time, at work. Take it as a compliment, the podcast is interesting enough I am taking an interest
  8. These podcasts recorded back in October last year? If so you must be really far along in your campaign.
  9. I like these fortune coins, but can use other options Counter or stones FFG makes counters, there are likely other colours. Shouldnt take that much (3 to 5(rieklander) per player) by( amount of players) plus (amount of players - 1 for the party sheet). Gold Counters I have boxes of these, but in 4 colours
  10. Combat in 12 was chaotic. We use stands for combat in our game so we know where we are standing so to stop this confusion. I think you make a error. With the whip he failed but got enough boons to recover a stress. But its fatigue if they use a physical skill which BS is. Not making a criticism, just pointing out things we learnt over the years. Laughing at the method they used to stop the attack.
  11. I am currently listening to 12. I found 11 to be quite slow. Had to listen to it twice, for I dosed off both times in the park. But usually its quite interesting. Pity you have only 2 turn up these 2 episodes. Cause it seems you are left with two charmers with no combat experience. Makes for a unique party.
  12. Wow this thread went nuclear. Lets not have another War of Vengeance. (War of the Beard for the elven people) I blame the lack of dice or die.
  13. A dwarf Engineer rides a gyrocopter. My dwarf coachman rode a coach, a wagon and a cart. Why didn't the engineer guild invent the bicycle? I really disliked the Mountain Goats/rams of LOTR.
  14. The one of the left looks like a daemonette. Daemonette The second would just be a stand-in for a Slaanesh warrior, champion or cultist.
  15. You can also add in side quests. to extend the sessions.
  16. What I had to ask my GM. Was when i bought a superior weapon or armour was instead of improving its crit rating or damage rating. Was to make it out of a lighter but not weakened material. So I lose some weight so could carry more stuff. At 4 strength and only carrying normal gear I am at 20Lb quite often. I think the dwarf book gives options for superior gear, Or my memory is confused again. Really difficult what to add to anything so still is not magical Chained to weapon so harder to disarm. Lighter material Easy concealed Improved damage improved crit throwable
  17. I just saw the Pod Faith of Morr and Grey Magic. I have to check my stock to see if I bought those 2. I remember buying the Grave one. Seems I did. *sigh* Got excited for a few hours
  18. That doesn't sound right. You can only train a skill once at character creation and the maximum ranks of a skill is equal to the character Rank. So at character creation your elf or dwarf character is Rank 1 and can't have skills higher than 1. Your right. You cant be above rank 1 in a skill if your character rank 1 (less than 10xp). Once you have 10xp you are rank 2 and then can buy a rank 2 skill. The benefit for the dwarf and elf is being able to access a skill in character creation for free. But you cannot improve that skill until your in rank 2 as stated. Easy mistake to make. ( I did it when I was new to the game)
  19. I found that with the amount of dice your having to share. Most people tend to buy more so the GM can have his own set of dice pool. Then more so the rounds go faster. There is an app as well. But not sure if its still updated.
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