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  1. I can't speak for anyone else, but I kind of skimmed over the article because of the shipping confirmation email i got for the pre-order. So hoping to have this in my hands in the next two weeks, going by the street date
  2. If you look at the information on their upcoming, it seems like they updated how information is displayed. So, it seems like people should expect it around Thanksgiving, in the US.
  3. Honestly this is why I never really looked at HoT. If it is an in house product it's not worth getting any level of investment in. You can view it as a self fulfilling prophecy but given how FFG quietly drops all support for products without announcing it unless a partnership has ended it really has killed a lot of my interest in anything they release. I don't care about Game of Thrones and actually strongly dislike it, I don't care about Star Wars, and I don't care about Legend of the Five Rings card game, or their in house card game they want to push to compete with themselves and Magic. They abandoned their own developed fantasy setting and their own unique RP System (Genesys) that had potential but required actual investment in.
  4. Eh, Watching the game play video, I don't see it at all unless you mean the very basic "engaged" sort of mechanic. But I wouldn't say the games play similiarly at all simply because of that. Otherwise you could say every game is the same as every other one that shares one mechanic. The Street Masters has less in common with Warhammer Quest/Heroes of Terrinoth than you might think.
  5. Petitions, unfortunately, do nothing when a decision has already been made. It's a form of slacktivism and feel goods while no actual contribution or effort is made beyond hitting a few keys on a keyboard. The fact that people would try go sign a petition that is a year and months old kind of reinforces this...
  6. Out in the Open and on GW's radar are two different things.
  7. Watercolor Dragon I agree with you, there are plenty of companies that tell people to "Go nuts, just do it within reason" when it comes to creating based off their works. Heck I don't know if it's widely known or not, but R. A. Salvatore's Midkemian world sprang up from his D&D campaign that he ran with friends way back in first edition I believe. I am 99% sure I read him saying as much in one of his re-releases of Magician: Apprentice/Master as one book. And you have the Battletech universe, which is FULL of people who are creating their own content and stories that are getting approved by Catalyst or whoever holds that license for the world, both established as well as new authors who are trying to fill some admittedly large shoes....but then at the same time there is at least one Author on Amazon who is self publishing his own works in that universe without their permission. And I know I ran into someone who did something similar with 40k before Games Workshop started allowing their Ebooks to move over to Amazon (which is still overpriced for what they are) I have no problem supporting people who seem like their works are worthwhile, and they aren't just trying to ride someone else's coat tails to 'success', I know i have a close friend and the two of us have tentatively talked about trying to collab a book between us and go from there. But I also know that realistically certain companies and estates are far more likely to tell someone "No" than yes. Games Workshop is -likely- to say no but they seem to have loosened up their grip on the IP given how many (bad) 40k games are being produced for computer games so they might just as likely say 'Yes, but no profiting from it at all". The Tolkien estate is likely to say "No" since by all accounts, Christopher Tolkien is extremely controlling as to who gets to work in the Tolkien world and who doesn't. It doesn't hurt to ask, but just keep in mind something like this is more than asking FFG, it's asking multiple companies, and if either says "No" that's it, and if you only ask one, but not the other, you can easily get into legal trouble or a Cease and Desist.
  8. Really I don't think FFG can give permission to convert Warhammer Fantasy RP (or the 40k games) because they don't own the licenses anymore.
  9. The issue is half FFG giving permission/being OK with using the Genesys system. The other issue is Games Workshop and they are much more strict with their licenses and permissions. Of the two you are more likely to be hit with a Cease and Desist from GW, especially if you publish it even for free, given they have someone working on a new RPG system for them. If you try to charge money for it at all, even through something like Patreon where it's a reward for donations, it's a toss up who will issue the Cease and Desist first, GW or FFG, but it will happen.
  10. "Internalized Crafting" Tavi Said "Earth, Metal, Water, Air" Captain's Fury, Page 442. Which means that's all he can do, since Internal crafting determined which furies you could control. The Sparks on swords and the like is Metal Crafting. The making plant life bloom to take down the gates is Earth not Woodcrafting. Likewise there's nothing supporting Gaius could do all of them either. He was at Woodcraft, Water, and Air, and Fire I believe. I want to say the books said he was never Metal or if he was it was weak. And given that he gets crippled on the Kalrus campaign and can't move, and Earth craft can manage that. He also had Alera allowing him to do more than he should. And Alera wasn't necessarily passed down to Tavi, when the Mosaic was destroyed she dissolved. If the Word Queen had control of the capital she would have had control of Alera. That's why Gaius blew up the old Capital, Alera herself confirmed it. Alera was more of an amalgamation of hundretof minor furies, which is why she could do all she did. Because she wasn't one Fury. It's also why she wasn't tied to one location like every other Great Fury in the world. Because she came from all over the continent/world.
  11. Love the Codex Alera, recently re-read it on my Kindle (Skimmed over the Bernard/Amara sections because, as others have said, repetitive and boring, especially post Kalrus Senior) however I wasn't entirely certain exactly how the "Merit based furycrafting" was going to work for a couple different reasons. Tavi's opinion seemed to be that someone's strength shouldn't be limited by their bloodline, which was partially more of a problem with the Aleran Empire, than Fury Crafting since it placed such emphasis on strength because he knew some great people who just had weak furies. But I didn't get the impression that was meant to be multiple Furies becoming common place. Just that if you were born with a Water Fury, with practice you could theoretically rival a Lord with that particular Fury. This is supported by the fact that people who named their furies tended to be stronger or as strong as Citizens or depending on the individual, Nobles, as opposed to those who lived in the cities (or the Nobles themselves) who looked down on the country bumpkins for naming their furies. The idea of everyone being able to control every Fury isn't supported in the book, even Tavi didn't have all 6 and there's little to suggest Gaius did either. My approach to it would be to have each Fury be it's own Trait with exponentially increasing cost the more of them you get, but then the strength be cheaper. Or just limit people only being able to have 2 or 3 Furies. Other thing to keep in mind with the "Merit Based Furycrafting" approach is that you will have to set the game at a realistic minimum of 50-100 years into the future from the end of First Lord's Fury because Alera's likely approach would be gradual and generational not flipping a switch. It sounds like you had taken the last part into account with the mention of new Vord, which makes me think that the game is 200 years in the future from First Lord's Fury at a maximum, 150 at a minimum.
  12. Cthulhu Mythos is all public domain. The Arkham Horror people try to be true to the source material. I think Cthulhu might be interesting, especially how combat is less of a focus in the Genesys system than in D&D or anything else. I think that if there is an Arkham setting people would need to go in with the expectation that 1: They will go insane. 2: Most of the stuff they fight will be human cultists. 3: The stuff they don't fight will drive them insane, and 4: Combat is secondary to what the Cthulhu mythos truly is about. Which is going insane Which is about coming to grips with things that are beyond the scope of humanity as a species existing, and stopping the worst of these from nomming on the world.
  13. Wulfborn

    Genesys OGL?

    More Terrinoth, Android, Taunhauser, Dust, or Twilight Imperium only goes so far. Support for people to create their own content is what the system needs, which is where an OGL comes in. I think that the problem with "momentum" as you put it, is that at the moment FFG is trying to push too much at the same time, you have the Legend of the Five Rings, Star Wars everything but especially X Wing 2.0, LotR Card Game, Android Card Game, Game of Thrones Card Game, Arkham Horror card game, and then other small projects that I am forgetting about. An OGL would allow the things that you see on Kickstarter (but I would never back) of people publishing or trying to publish, their own custom modules or adventures or settings or what have you for D&D 5E or Pathfinder. It would also take some of the pressure off of FFG due to the expectation and demand of new content if other people can or do do it. However something that the OGL or whatever comes out that people need to accept, or realize, is that they aren't going to be the next Pathfinder. the OGL or whatever FFG creates is likely going to be specifically worded to create that sort of thing from happening. Pathfinder was lightning in a bottle, and part of it did inspire people to publish their own game content, which is great. However, it also instilled people a belief that they can recreate Pathfinder which is not so great, because it has given people a mindset of trying to become the New Pathfinder through questionable or outright illegal activities. Do I think that Genesys needs an OGL or some way to get more content? Yeah, absolutely, you can't support this many different IPs and projects without something suffering for it; just look at Descent and Runebound. However I think that being pessimistic or Doom and Gloom because your interest isn't getting as much coverage as Star Wars is a bit much.
  14. Wulfborn

    Genesys OGL?

    You do know that OGL or not, violating copyright is violating copyright. Even if Genesys never went OGL, people publishing their take on the Fallout universe or whatever else are just as likely to get hit with a Cease and Desist as if it was not an OGL. Both are going to have the Copyright holder tell you to stop, or face law suits. Again, Fair Use/Fan Fiction only goes so far. An OGL is better in this situation because you can try to get the holder of the IP, such as Tolkien's estate, to greenlight your Genesys LOTR if it's well written and supported. The current one circulating the forums now can be taken down in a heart beat by a Cease and Desist from Tolkien's estate, OGL or not. And trying to "hide" it doesn't actually work in court. Harmony Gold's lawsuit concerning IP/Copyright theft against Harebrained Schemes, Piranha Games Interactive, and the holders of the Catalyst game license is a thing because of copyright law. PGI changed the designs of the mechs to something recognizable but still distinct from the "Unseen" of old, that Catalyst Games and Harbrained Schemes used in the physical copy of the game and the recent Battletech game that just launched, and this hasn't stopped Harmony Gold from filing a law suit. HBS was able to get it dropped by not using the two obviously contentious mechs and Catalyst was found at fault because they didn't respond at all, mainly because it was to Catalyst and not the actual company that owns them, but PGI hasn't backed down. So "Changing the names" will not work whether it is someone ripping off Genesys or you creating your "Not Fallout" setting if it is clearly Genesys or Fallout but called something else. People thinking they can just take stuff but change the terminology because "You can't copyright concepts" are hilariously mistaken if they think Asmodee or FFG won't take them to court, and probably win if nothing else by drawing out the case to the point you can't pay your lawyer so you don't have representation, much less actual law and case study, over ripping off their works for Genesys, or Bethesda or the Tolkien Estate or whoever else for their works. The reason that people have created and published LOTR stuff for the various iterations of D&D or the MLP RPG came out, is because they got legal permission to do so. People having to create their own works is not "Sad" as you put it. That's the only way that new things that are worth while get created. The Endless Clones/Copies/Iterations of existing material will never sell and people thinking they can be the next Pathfinder misunderstand what made Pathfinder what it is now. One company capturing lightning in a bottle doesn't mean someone else can do it as well by making a lazier attempt of what Pathfinder did.
  15. Wulfborn

    Genesys OGL?

    That's kind of an obvious one. You literally can't take someone else's creative work and adapt it for your vision of a game, and expect to make a profit off of it. That is what falls into violation of copyright law. Even giving it away for free you are more likely to get a legal Cease and Desist from one of the holders of the Copyright, than a green light to go ahead, look at the Vampire the Masquerade fan made patch/content that would have fixed a lot of the problems of Bloodlines. OGLs don't and can't change the expected protections or rights of copywritten work and FanFiction only goes so far. Really if you want to publish your My Little Pony Genesys setting or Harry Potter or whatever else then you have one option. Approach the holders of the Copyright of that license and get legally binding permission. OGL isn't a carte blanche to violate copyright laws.
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