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  1. shoreless

    LOTR Digital

  2. shoreless

    New Amazon Show

    I recommend it! The original game (The One Ring RPG) is a self-contained system and I've been playing it for years. It's really, really fun and I think these guys "get" Middle-earth.
  3. shoreless

    New Amazon Show

    One way they could do this kind of thing right (and just do the show right) would be to bring in the right people. There are so many Tolkien scholars out there doing great work, and they're going to have a huge budget, so I hope they hire a Corey Olsen or Tom Shippey type to help keep things in line.
  4. shoreless

    New Amazon Show

    Adapting Middle-earth for a contemporary audience can be done in a representative way, racially speaking, that does not diminish the original work at all. The inclusion of people of varying levels of melanin in Esgaroth as part of the third (second? They all bleed together in nightmarish fashion) Hobbit film is a good example. Lake-town was a trade hub, so it follows that folks from all over the east and south would end up there. I also would have no problem seeing dark-skinned Gondorians (or dwarves for that matter). This kind of thing didn't really become important to me until I got super into Deep Space 9. Avery Brooks went out of his way to say in interviews that part of the reason he did Star Trek (besides the monetary benefits) was to show little brown-skinned kids that they can be captains, too. This can be a part of LOTR without "breaking" canon. People also often overlook that there are literally different peoples (species) represented in these stories, even if they all seem to have European heritage. Anyways, I have no idea how we wound up here but I think Wandalf is on to something. New cycles, guys?
  5. shoreless


    Off-topic, but it seems that FFI (Luke) are active on the Steam page. Might be good to post questions there as well. steamcommunity.com/app/509580/discussions/
  6. shoreless

    Digital Card Game Announced!

    Steam today made it sound like March for early access.
  7. shoreless

    Digital Card Game Announced!

    Luke clarified this on yesterday's stream. There is no beta, there's just early access. To be a part of this we'll buy one of three Founder's Packs ($10/$20/$40*). This will include some exclusive goodies and valor points. He said they wanted there to be some buy-in so the players have skin in the game (paraphrasing); seems like a smart idea to keep out the riff raff when feedback is expected. We expect early access to probably start in March. *I think that's right. Maybe double check the streams - twitch.tv/ffigames
  8. shoreless

    Digital Card Game Announced!

    Besides being solo/co-op, one of the big selling points is that, yes, it will keep the same or similar model as the LCG - fixed packs. The Core Set you receive for free after completing the tutorial, then there will be "hero packs" which contain a hero and then some cards that are built around that hero. You know what's in them, just like an AP. There will be other card packs as well. As far as adventures, though, that's not been made clear.
  9. Well hopefully they're not too worried about keeping it different to steal ideas from the tabletop game. They've played with threat in so many ways!
  10. shoreless

    OFF TOPIC - LotR Lore

    I would add the source books for The One Ring RPG by Cubicle 7. These books do an awesome job of detailing out what we know about specific parts of Middle-earth and they're not afraid to pencil in the details. They're also beautifully illustrated, which is a big plus.
  11. shoreless

    New Amazon Show

    I can second LOTRO. Gameplay gets pretty grindy, even though they've made combat as interesting as possible, but the stories are really good if you take the time to read the quest.
  12. shoreless

    New Amazon Show

    Disagree. I love the LOTR movies (though I probably will never watch the hobbit films again), but I like a more “realistic”, dark age aesthetic. Cf The One Ring rpg. Howe and Lee’s art is good, but I hope to see something different and fresh on this series. The Vikings show could be a good reference — stylish but period appropriate costumes with modern sensibilities.
  13. Lots of news out there. For you newcomers, I did a quick roundup of what we know so far. https://greycompanypodcast.com/2017/12/16/lotr-dcg-news-roundup/
  14. The voice overs aren't god-awful; they're just "yelly". I think they're on par with Hearthstone (though not as funny, of course).
  15. I agree with everything you guys have said so far. I don't mind the Hearthstone "eggs", except that they remind us of Hearthstone -- as does the sentinel shield border thingy (I hope and believe the excessive green effect will go away). As Tim (?) said, they're still tweaking a lot of the graphics. I watched the first half of the stream last night and finished it this morning. Last night I found myself amazed at how much it felt like LOTR in spite of the differences. The table talk those dudes were having was the same kind of discussion we have around the table. Similar decision-making (who to send questing, what's the "deck" going to do, etc.), just a change in keywords and some mechanics. This morning, however, I got worried that this is just one big Hearthstone adventure. I certainly don't think it will be, but the comparisons are inevitable. One other comparison is the recent Star Trek: Discovery. Though on a smaller scale, this digital game holds the same weight of expectation from a very devoted and specific audience. Like DSC, it will be its own thing and it will piss purists off and it will have the potential for greatness. Based on the teeny tiny bit we've seen, I really do think FFI are going to hit the balance between maintaining the "vibe" of the card game and making it accessible as both a digital game and a "revised" (2.0?) version of its physical counterpart. It all depends, however, on actually getting our digital mitts on the cards.