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  1. Is there an article or video I missed that explains how Marvel Champions scales in multiplayer? I'm mostly curious from a design point of view. In LOTR, you pretty much just reveal extra cards and that seems to handle the scaling (though most agree it's not ideal in 3-4 player games). Is Marvel the same?
  2. Perusing this article as a refresher, I’d put forth that they most likely came from the north between the wood and the mountains. If they were on a campaign to knock out as many goblin strongholds as possible, they probably went up over the top of Mirkwood past the Grey Mountains and worked their way down.
  3. How will they handle introducing new heroes into scenarios? Would you just have to start over?
  4. Yeah I lost my first game and squeaked by on my second; not sure who says this game is easy 😁
  5. I was going to ask. I think it's a fine choice; it's your game to paint after all! Though I will probably do mine in mostly earth tones, because I like those colors and think they fit the theme, they certainly won't pop the way yours do.
  6. I'll try to remember to post a pic, but standard deck boxes fit the mini american cards rather well if you turn them sideways. Though I did feel a bit sad cutting up those beautiful boxes.
  7. @Wandalf the Gizzard No. I glued the ends of the bits box to keep them together, but for the cards I cut up the Beorning boxes that came with it and made them into a divider insert, basically.
  8. To save a little money and use all the swag I've collected over the years from the LCG, I converted some goodies for use with JIME. The back one is the lovely COTR deck box from GenCon last year. I made some slots and put the cards in sideways (sleeved), but the dividers are too tall to seal the lid so I'm going to have to cut them a bit more. Works for me, though, as the cards were stressing me out.
  9. I’m eager to see some reviews of the Feldherr insert. It looks really nice! My main concern is the cards though. There are more than I expected and they’re all jumbled up in the bags. Do they actually make card boxes for this size card that could fit in the JIME box? That wit dividers would be nice.
  10. There wolf. There castle. The eviler the better, so I'd love to see some Black Numenorean sorcerer types!
  11. Glad I read this before committing campaigns to my iPad. Having my laptop on the table isn't as economical, but being able to keep everything on Steam is tempting...
  12. I'm curious about this too - why remove the weakness cards from your deck between adventures?
  13. Wow these look good! At first I shrugged this game off because I didn't want a $100s sitting on a shelf, but the more I see the more tempted I am to pick it up. Haven't painted anything since Mice & Mystics, so these cool minis are definitely a plus.
  14. steamcommunity.com/app/509580/discussions/
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