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  1. I'm new to LCGs with A:NR but I'm certainly happy with a distribution model that has a fixed completionist premium attached to it rather than an essentially open-ended and random completionist premium. I don't know of any CG distribution system that has no completionist premium at all in the implied pricing structure (and in most it is a considerable premium). While I think it's reasonable and fine to object to the notion of completionist premiums, I can't see that it is fair to heap special opprobrium on FFG over this. They promised fixed distribution and pricing out of the LCG model. That they've given anyone who buys in. The argument about limited experience is a bit moot as it folds into wanting to be a completionist. Fine if you want that but the deal is you have to pay extra. It's not some outrageous infringement of the principles of game play. Now assuming, signoftheserpent, that you will accuse me of not reading your posts or 'listening', I will address what on my reading (reading by its very nature is an act of interpretation) is your issue here. You seem to take the position that a core set should provide as many copies of a card as it is legal to build into a deck. As A:NR rules make it legal to include up to 3 copies of any card in the actual deck (identities aside of course) your position is that the core set should therefore include 3 copies of every deck-building card OR that there should be a 'completionist expansion' that can be bolted onto a core set to make up the 'gaps' your perceive there to be in the core set as a result of 1x and 2x issued cards in the box. This is a perfectly reasonable position. It is also one I disagree with. I do not honestly see that it is necessary to include as many legal copies of every core set card in a 'core set'. I especially do not see that it is necessary when the core set is explicitly designed to permit quick and easy deck builds for the beginner. Indeed, I see completionism in the core set as conflicting with one of the primary purposes of the core set in the case of this game. The core set has been constructed and balanced so that each faction's total number of core set cards as provided can be shuffled into the total number of faction type neutral cards as provided in order to produce a reasonable balanced and efficient deck build. This is consideration that plays with the FFG approach to building this core set box. You are perfectly entitled to disagree with the business and balancing decisions underpinning this. But this is how it is. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I am enjoying it and perhaps come to see that in reality there are not many operative limits on your gameplay and enjoyment arising from the core set box build.
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