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  1. The 2nd Ed. TIE/ln Fighter Expansion Pack lists three Quick Build Cards on its component list. In the pack I purchased new, there were only two: Gideon/Del/Seyn and Howlrunner/Scourge/Wampa. I reached out to the team that handles missing components and requested the third, missing card, providing a picture of the two received and noting that the third might have Mauler on it, if that might help identify it. I was informed today that the two that I have are the only ones there are for that pack and that, as a side note, Mauler doesn't have a Quick Build yet. So, were there really only supposed to be two Quick Build Cards in this pack, meaning that the component list in the pack itself is incorrect, or does the missing component support team not know what they're talking about in this instance (perhaps conflating my mention of Mauler with somehow the idea that the two cards I showed were somehow three, which would be idiotic but possible)?
  2. Looks like they also mispacked one of my troopers in the Core Set. I had two bodies for SWL_0004 (as expected) and two bodies for SWL_0005 (as expected), but I was sent one set of SWL_0004 arms and three sets of SWWL_0005 arms. So that's another request to put in... ...whenever the website to do so is up again. Looks like it's dead right now, which isn't a particularly good sign for the frequency with which such errors may have been made.
  3. "Sergeant Wallflower, why are you not at your post?"
  4. True. He's barely right at all. I know people who would say that's the definition of being a spouse.
  5. My Core Set arrived today. As someone entirely new to this particular style of wargame (having played Imperial Assault, X-wing, and Armada quite a bit but never any Warhammer and such), I can tell that I was woefully unprepared for the sheer amount of setup and assembly involved. I did run into one issue that wasn't of my own making, though: my 74-Z Speeder Bike Unit Leader arrived with two left arms and no right arm. I've used FFG's "missing part" service before, so I'm not all that concerned. I expect they'll make that right fairly quickly. I'm curious though how common this type of packing error is when it comes to games like this that require a ton of assembly for individual minis. Should I expect more of this kind of thing happening, or was I just "lucky" with my first Legion product?
  6. FYI: The local Targets are staying open past 10 until 2, so the products can be seen but not purchased yet. If it's out on shelves for public view, I see no reason why such a pic cannot be posted.
  7. A buddy just sent me a picture from a Target in the Kennesaw, GA area. The new TFA version of the Core Set is indeed on the shelves.
  8. Heard back from FFG. Because it is a "huge" starship model, they will not replace it. I'm just screwed unless I want to return the product to the original retailer. So much for FFG's consumer-friendly replacement policy.
  9. I took pictures when I submitted a replacement request to FFG through the site here. As I was recording a video review earlier tonight, the OTHER port completely came out of the ship, so now BOTH are separated from the ship. Here's the combined pic I sent to FFG.
  10. So, my Imperial Raider arrived in the mail today, and I was shocked to find that while I usually have a great experience with FFG miniatures, the Raider I received appears very poorly made, or perhaps a bad model that is an abberation. The bottom part that looks like TIE Interceptor wings (for lack of a better term) is attached in an uneven way, making it skew to one side, rather than being even as it should be. The same is the case for the TIE style wings on the sides in the rear. One looks fine, but the other seems skewed inward and slightly downward, again giving it an uneven, sloppy look. Also, when I put the support stand into the front "port" (the little plastic piece that you put it into that is attached to the bottom of the front half of the ship), the port itself came right out! It just stayed stuck to the support peg and separated entirely from the ship, rather than the stand peg coming out of it and leaving it still attached to the ship. Am I the only one experiencing these issues, or is this just a poory produced model?
  11. I put one together that accounts for every piece in every set, given that I thought I'd lost some pieces a while back. If anyone might find it of use: http://www.starwarsfanworks.com/xwingfile/xwingchecklist.xlsx
  12. A while back, the Starfield Game Tile Kit went back to the drawing board, delaying things for all of us preorder folks. I received an email this weekend from Miniature Market that said this item was entirely canceled and thus being refunded. Is this MM basically saying, "Dang, this has been inactive for about a year, so we can't say this is actually coming" or was there actually an announcement by FFG that the tile kit is flat-out dead?
  13. Argh. Thanks. Such are the perils of prepaying for a preorder, I suppose.
  14. Whatever happened to the Starfield Game Tile Kit? I've had this preordered since May and have been waiting to record a demo game video for my YouTube channel until it is available to use as the playing surface. Has there been ANY update from FFG on this product?
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