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  1. Disney has been in fact more jealous of the Star wars franchise recently... they actually famously shot down a Darth Vader "fan-movie" over music copyright issue, something that didn't happen during Lucas' tenure. They know the franchise is a pool of gold and are probably scared to death after the Han solo semi-success. 2019 is the "Episode IX" year, and some people in charge might consider it a "make or break" year. I guess nothing "bad/wrong" should be associate in anyway with "Star Wars", including game product issues. So it's possible that everything Star wars-related is now regarded by all parties as ultra-sensitive/Top Secret/Risky Business. But if this is the case with IA, it's obviously gone to ridiculous extreme! Might just be bad Public Relation from FFG though.
  2. It would be very easy to turn down the sound and be the only one to see the app, then just use the maps and objectives and substitutes your Empire group activation/actions to what the app suggest and deploy your Open group choices instead of what the app says (+forget about the added bonus each group gets each round and use your usual Empire-class cards). It would require minimum book-keeping and a bit of tapping around on your tablet, but you would get brand new missions to play! You could also play the whole thing in "fast-forward" before the game to know roughly what's coming up. Just saying.. Thinking about it, I guess it would be a bit cumbersome, but doable.
  3. The App runs very well on my 7 inch Samsung SM-T280, which I guess you can find for less than 100$US these days. Probably can find something even cheaper, but Samsung stuff is usually very reliable and have nice bright colors. (end of the Samsung commercial..)
  4. A Hoth/Cloud City rehash would be nice (FFG did publish a very good adventure on Cloud City for the RPG). I'm not too hot on "Rebels", so HofE/ToL is less appealing to me. But as many said before, anything at this juncture would be fantastic!
  5. I'm no toy business wizard... but what can FFG lose/risk if they put out a small IA expansion based on Endor or Rogue One? It's bound to sell much much much better than anything based on "Rebels", and they already have the license and the images are drawn for all their other games. There must be some issue I don't understand, are they afraid Legion sales would suffer from "competition" from IA?? ...and also: Dress your pet day ??? Really?
  6. Wait, what?? When and where were Jyn and Krennic announced for Imperial Assault???
  7. Considering LEGION, just my 2 cents: at the local hobby store, ALL packs are heavily discounted.. possibly because the game isn't selling. (There is a healthy Imperial Assault Skirmish community in town) Concerning Imperial Assault: Will there be a "next wave" of an Imperial Assault big box and/or blister packs in 2019? Opinions welcomed, but even better would be some "inside info" from those in the know! Personally, I would be happy with just a new "app" campaign, but an Endor or Rogue One box would make me ecstatic.
  8. The Rogue One expansion could be based solely on the Jedha planet. Lotsa stuff there: new Imperials toys and troopers, the market/street fights, the temple and the Guardians of the Whills, the kyber crystal mines, Saw Gerrera's faction and hideout, bounty hunters, a scenario on the Death Star.., obviously the whole crew of the Rogue One as Ally packs.. AND Dr Evazan and Ponda BABA!! As it is a "desert planet", all the smaller tiles from Tatooine could be reused: win, win, win!
  9. A Fat Goblin That is one really fun quest! When can we get a "fat goblin" pewter??
  10. Great app! Little quibbles: - I cannot get to all the buttons on the left: there is no way to scroll the button panel. - I didn't find how to erase an "unpublished" quest. This is not a big deal, bit I'd like to clean up my "tests"… - Moving the tiles vs. moving the whole map is kind of fuzzy. Maybe some right click vs. left click process would be simpler ?? Just my 2 cents..
  11. Well, everybody got his own opinions, experiences, and such… But as a roleplayer/wargamer for the last 30 years, I would place Descent 2nd ed. as one of the top boardgame of the last two decades. I wouldn't worry too much for replayability, as every scenario could be replayed many times with different heroes, different monsters and different Overlord card hands. My only complain, game-wise, would be the fact that heroes can move around monsters as they wish. As I am used to wargame and enemy exerting Zone-of-Control stopping movement, I find this a bit unrealistic. That said, this is a very minor quibble. I've played the game with 1,2 and 4 other players, and even easily homeruled a solo version (drawing a new hand of OL card every turn). All format are well balanced. As for lieutenant, I simply put them standing up in the "door" stand and use my voice-acting skill to render them "larger than life" even without minis. Just my 2 cents. Mileage might vary…
  12. Question about Reynhart (new hero from lair of Wyrm): Can valor token be given to/used by OTHER heroes ? I would think so, because: The Horn of Courage let you give a valor token to ANOTHER hero. The VALOR of Heroes card says: Brefore rolling…, A hero may spend 1 valor to add… Correct ? If not who else, apart from reynhart, could use the new token ?? Thanks!
  13. Is there a way to increase a hero's attributes during the campaign game ??
  14. Isn't DESCENT exactly that: Heroes of Runebound/Runewars in a tactical combat game???
  15. As someone that had to buy Runewars THREE times this year before getting a complete game (First seller told me it was unavailable after I bought it, second seller sent me a box missing 80+ pieces!, the third one was a shrink-wrap new game), I think a reprint is definitively a nice idea, even if the componant are not as "spectacular" as with the original. I love this game and continue support/reprint is a great news.
  16. Slightly off-topic here, but since this thread is one of the most active in the forum, here it goes: As a game collector, I'm looking for past Fantasy Flight catalogs/ad booklets inserted in games (2006 to 2012), especially the recent years. If you have one/many of those and would be ready to part from it, I would gladly pay for shipping to Canada + a little extra, send me a message (sheriffharry) Thanks!
  17. dementia13 said: Thanks! Anyone know if they'll support porting over old quests to the new system? Are they even going to have a new quest database? Converting old quests would be possible but not necessarily easy/balanced/exciting as such. So there's doubt there. As for new fan-made quests: Nothing yet, but the possibilities are endless.. (see the beginning of this thread!)
  18. Here you go: http://app.fantasyflightgames.com/descent_quests.html
  19. Robin said: Sausageman said: The problem with solo play is, why would you make the optimum decision with regards to Overlord strategy? If you play solo - unless there is an opponent "AI" system, you play both sides, trying to be as fair as possible. Exactly. People have been playing solo version of wargames for decades now, it is an "acquired taste": you have to be ready/willing to play both sides as well as you possibly can (even if you "root" for one side.. in my case the heroes.) With the objective mechanics in descent this is not too hard to do: for example, in the first quest those archer goblins try to get out as fast as possible and the Ettin just hit whatever is in his way. It's challenging and enjoyable in solo-mode. Other quests might be more difficult to play solitaire.. we'll see. Descent 1st ed. was more problematic, there was a huge "surprise" element for the Overlord (summoning, etc.). In 2nd ed. everything (apart from the OL cards) is there at the start for everybody to see.
  20. Robin said: I would not draw 3 cards if the OL had less in his hand - say: discard the cards in the OL's hand (up to 3) and replaced them, adding one due to the start of the turn draw. That could work. But my (limited) experience is that the heroes have a slight advantage overall in the campaign game. Always drawing 3 cards limits that. We're definitively in home rule territory here!…
  21. kingbobb said: A clarification question: When you say you draw 3 new cards, you mean OL cards, correct? So at the start of the hero turn, you discard all OL cards and draw three new OL cards. And then when the OL turn starts, you discard all OL cards and draw 3 new OL cards? Why not just keep 3 cards to hand all the time? Simple enough: Surprise factor!, every turn is a "new" situation, with new things to take care of. (Just like a regular multi-player game) If you keep the same OL cards two problems arise: 1) You know in advance what's coming this turn, and the next, and the next. 2) Some cards are simply unusable and are wasted. In fact one could draw a new set of OL cards everytime a new character starts a turn, but I think that would be too much/unbalanced. Hope that answer your question.
  22. Don't want to be redundant, but here is my earlier post in another thread on solo-play: "Basically, I try to fulfill the objectives whenever I play the heroes or the OL (but mainly "root" for the heroes!). The only real modification to the rule I use is with the OL cards: I discard and redraw 3 new cards every turn (heroes AND OL) and use them as it fits. Only exception to that rule: the OL can keep ONE card for the next turn only if it is unusable the turn it is drawn. That works fairly well so far…"
  23. I've been playing a solo campaign with Descent 2e for a couple of sessions now. Basically, I try to fulfill the objectives whenever I play the heroes or the OL (but mainly "root" for the heroes!). The only real modification to the rule I use is with the OL cards: I discard and redraw 3 new cards every turn (heroes AND OL) and use them as it fits. Only exception to that rule: the OL can keep ONE card for the next turn only if it is unusable the turn it is drawn. That works fairly well so far…
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