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  1. I'll try this out next game. I edited it so I'm only using the end sections, but they look great!
  2. Get a job at FFG and make this happen please.
  3. I think internationally, this was the first part of the strangulation of online retailers plan that's getting into full swing in the USA come April 1st, as reported on in the BGG retailer forums. Somehow by both restricting online sales and making them more expensive, FFG (or Asmodee) actually believe brick and mortar stores are going to be better off. Somehow magically on April 1st, my FLGS will no longer be a 40min drive away, it will be completely cleansed of its BO smell and have staff with actual social skills! With increased costs and less online options I'll clearly have to buy less but the FFG Marketing guy, Anton Torres claims he would rather 'purchase only one or two games a year from FFG than buy ten that will sit in his closet'. Bizarrely, he's decided what's best for everyone! But mission accomplished at least for me. Since being discouraged by bookdepository.com non availability and learning of the upcoming policy change, I've weened myself off new X-wing miniatures, didn't buy the last 2 Battlelore expansions and decided to skip the new Game of Thrones LCG altogether. But having said that, they got me on the Star Wars Rebellion and I'll still throw my wallet at any Forbidden Stars expansions.
  4. This thread just turned 1 year old! Some kind of hint for planned expansions would be an ideal birthday present.
  5. Had my first game today despite owning it for ages. It was awesome! I'll insta-buy an expansion!
  6. That was listed prior to when they stopped stocking new stuff. Since they stopped, no new Fantasy Flight stock has been listed. For example: they don't have X-wing Force Awakens core set, and that would be a no-brainer inclusion. So there have been NO new listings.
  7. No, nothing still and I've been checking on a daily basis! No new stuff at all and if they won't stock the super popular Force Awakens core set, there is not much hope for anything else.
  8. I got some of the new Battlelore expansions but the latest undead packs are nowhere to be seen. You can try it with all the big new releases like Mission: Red Planet and there is no mention of them. They have products up until a month or so ago but search by ISBN and no new stuff seems to be in the pipeline. The Force Awakens X-wing core set isn't even there, and if they don't stock that: problem confirmed!
  9. Bookdepository has always been a dependable source for all my FF games. It had reasonable prices and instead of having absolutely criminally insane shipping prices (I'm looking at you, US postal service), it was instead FREE! Usually they would list new FF games months in advance and have them for sale as soon as they are available elsewhere. Lately however, they seem to not list any new upcoming FF products or even products that have been released weeks ago. I asked their customer support and they didn't seem to know anything, even after I supplied the ISBN's for the specific products I was after. So will bookdepository.com stock FF stuff anymore? I need to know so I can start making other arrangements to reinforce my Battlelore army and Star Wars fleet!
  10. Hmmm, that seems like a pretty good compromise actually. I'd like it a whole lot better if it was part of the official rules, but if isn't, I'll be using this system for sure. You're right in that it'll only be workable when the other neutral units are released, but at least I can now plan for this. I was thinking about passing on the neutral units, but now FF gets the sale after all. Thanks
  11. Do I have to buy at least 2 of these packs for use in a base game scenario? If I just buy 1 pack, and both players want to use it during the secret army building phase, how can it be decided who gets them? (You couldn't decide it before the army building starts as that defeats the purpose of building an army in secret). Will there be official rules that cover this conflict? Realistically, it seems that if you want to play anything other than the one off scenario, you have to buy multiple copies; otherwise they are pretty useless? Ultimately, I would much prefer Fantasy Flight just did faction specific army packs (like Scorn and Guardians). It not only keeps the play style of each side 100% unique, it eliminates confusion as to who owns what units. (What colour should I paint the Razorwing base even...?)
  12. Hooray! I really wish they had these expansion packs out ages ago. Maybe even release them alongside the launch of the main game (Imperial Assault shows that it's possible). Going to be hard to get my friends re-interested in playing this game after so much time. But I'm going to try!
  13. Just waiting on my friend to be free for a match; that's the hardest bit of all for making another video!
  14. You have an eagle eye chuck Actually, something screwed up (Or I forgot) and I didn't include the Phantoms load out! He actually had a Stygium Particle Accelerator. But yeah, Advanced Cloaking is a good choice as well. I'm going to double check the next video I make; also put in more combat effects so viewers will know precisely what's going on.
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