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  1. Greetings! Apologies if these are repeats – I did do a search, but… Anyway: 1. Page 47 The Regroup Order. They make a big deal about how this will remove Suppression and Reaction markers (especially in the last paragraph). But I’m not sure how you would ever be in this situation. The last thing you do in a turn is remove Reaction markers. Now we start a new turn with initiative. Then go into Command Phase. You cannot react to orders in the Command phase, therefore how would a player ever have a Reaction marker to remove (using this rule in the Command Phase)? On paper being able to remove Reaction markers is great, but I don’t see how this added ‘benefit’ will come into real game play (unless there is some sort of special gun/power that adds Reaction markers in the Command phase.) 2. Page 22 Weapon Characteristics (specifically the 2nd paragraph). It says a miniature can use ALL of its weapons in an attack. Other places in the book reaffirms this as well. Maybe I am just used to so many other miniature games that only let you fire ONE weapon per shooting phase, but it sounds like: A Sturmpioniere Squad (page 121) that has 3 of the models in the unit carry both panzerfaust and machine guns, could actually fire BOTH of those weapons in 1 round of shooting. Is that is correct? Or would you have to pick one or the other weapon? Same goes for many of the U.S. squads. They have machine guns, and the same guys have grenade launchers built into the gun, but the grenade portion has a completely different stat line. Could US forces fire both gun and grenade launcher with a single action spent on shooting? And if so, (I hope) you would be forced to fire at the same target with said weapons. Any clarity out there…? Anywho – love this game. And thanks a ton in advance!
  2. Actually, the rule should probably be printed as (for dummies like me): Models suffering from Blinded can only ever make a single attack action per phase regardless of the number of actions they have available to use. Hence, they can only ever shoot once per Unit phase, and never benefit from the Sustained Attack option. But that’s just me…
  3. Awesome. Thanks bro. That is what I was looking for. Again, I'm not fighting for one way or the other. I just wanted to know how the darn rule suppose to work! Vehicle takes damage, and therefore only shoots once to reflect this damage. Got it. Sounds fair. My friends and I can now play accordingly. Thanks for your help! Have a great rest of the weekend!
  4. Thanks for the super fast reply! At the risk of sounding like a whiny six year old kid – I hear what you are saying. But your very first sentence does not answer my question. I know I cannot do a sustained attack (benefit of re-rolls). So I simply do not want to do a ‘sustained attack’. If I don’t need/want to move in my unit phase, is Blinded telling me/forcing me to only get one action in place of two (1 attack and second action wasted because it is not tactically beneficial for me to move). Sorry to be a pest/child. Just wondering what the rule book allows for. I will happily follow what is intended by the game creators. But this has come up twice now (in one weekend – both in a game changing situation), so I am looking for some clarity. “Peace, um, er…War and Love”
  5. Addendum: Because knowing (going into the Unit Phase) I don’t get the re-roll, why on earth would I even do a sustained attack??? If I don’t need to move my model at all to hit every threatening unit within my 90 degrees, why would I want to ‘waste’ an action on moving? I want to shoot. As much as possible. So the question is, does Blinded actually removed that second action if you have no need to move? Thanks!!!!!
  6. Hello all! Been really loving the whole Dust Warfare experience. Of course, I just started this weekend - so I have questions that will pop up from time to time. Page 44 - Blinded: Book says "WHEN taking a sustained attack action, the vehicle cannot reroll combat dice for the rest of the game." Okay, fine. But what if I have not done anything with my Firball heavy walker in the Command Phase. Now in the Unit Phase, I want to (or 'need to' in order to 'live') to shoot a the enemy/enemies right in front of me within range of all my weapons. I know NORMALLY, you cannot not take 2 attack actions. But in this case, while your vehicle is BLINDED, can you opt NOT to do a sustained attack (because the BLINED rules says "when taking a sustained attack") and actually take two (2) separate shots (without any reroll)? Or are you scr*wed and only get the one shot in the unit phase (kind of harsh for the lowest damage level on the chart - but it is only a (fun) game, so I will abide by whatever the game creators intended.) Thanks is advance for any info!
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