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  1. I expect my campaign to end at about 14-1500xp they have just over a 1000 now and we have 11-12 sessions remaining including some climatic moments worth more than the average exp. I consider 10 sessions to me a mini-game no campaign I consider worthy of the title has concluded in less than 20 sessions and usually many more. I would say that saying most campaigns end after 10 sessions needs to be qualified at most campaigns I have experienced, as my point that most campaigns take around 30 sessions is equally valid and needs the same qualifier.
  2. I had an odd bug several of the pc's I track changed their race to Aleena, some other pc's did not. For all of these characters the only things I have been editing are Skills, specializations , Equipment and force powers. I have not been able to reproduce the bug or determine what I did to cause it. So this is not much use as a bug report
  3. I run a lot of convention games now days. Everything I run is something I make up myself, you can run the intro scenarios from various games and there are a few other published things which can be run. However the problem here is some of your potential player base have read or played the scenario and so will either rule themselves out or know what is happening. You scenario has to run in 3.5- 4 hours including introduction so most published stuff does not work (the exceptions being living campaign material or free rpg day stuff) Unless it is a living campaign where people take their characters from game to game to game you have to have pregens unless character generation is something you want/need to showcase for the game you are running. The time taken to generate characters makes it almost impossible to run a decent scenario, and is really frustrating to those players who know the system and can knock off a character in 15 minutes wasting their convention time while someone else takes an hour or more of the 4 hour slot, further the chance of a balanced party able to complete the scenario being generated is low. Finally gm designed characters can be built with backgrounds which tie into the plot and lead to hopefully interesting interactions
  4. never had a problem with players looting in Dark Heresy, they take the view that they are agents of in Inquisition and should behave properly it may help that I do not bother with money in Dark Heresy
  5. I am reasonably certain that in some older Warhammer/WH40K books it is established that Daemons can die . The only 2 methods which I remember are 1)Psyk-out weapons 2Other Daemons killing them in the warp. (also I believe there is a Daemon which was killed by an Inquisitor in Purge the Unclean) As they take the pattern of disruptions in the warp , I was thinking that blowing a warp engine or anything else which badly disrupts the warp may do so if the Daemon cannot avoid the effect
  6. Jeff Tibbetts said: Yeah… About that… Banishing it is actually better. Killing it just weakens it and sends it back to the warp. The Grey Knights are doin it right. I am not aware of any way to permanently destroy a daemon, but I'm sure someone in here will know of one? A misunderstanding I mean destroying or killing the Daemon not its avatar in the real world , as you say banishing would be better but thats not what I am talking about . I FULLY understand that blasting a deamon with a plasma gun in the face just disrupts it and sends it back to the warp I am looking for methods of killing the daemon
  7. Thanks for the ideas. I expect my players to try and come up with their own probably including things I have never thought of, I was just trying to get an idea for the options and make sure they had at least one avialable to them other than setting daemons on each other which they know in character works but have seen its unpleasent consequences. I expect them to try and kill the Daemon Prince in question as banishing it for a thousand years is just leaving the problem for someone else who may get suprised by the return of the daemon (also this particular daemon probably poses an intolerable threat to the sector from within the warp)
  8. I have no problem with my players having good equipment , if anything I think the Dark Heresy rules make getting access to good weapons fairly hard for PC's. At the end of the last campaign they where the chosen acolytes of a senior inquisitor trusted to deal with world destroying threats (and ultimatly trusted by the inquisitor to be able to kill the Inquisitor before she could become a Daemon) in the next campaign one of them will be an inquisitor assigned to lead a 5 year mission to explore new worlds, meet new species and decide if they are to be destroyed so It is difficult not to allow them access to the good stuff. (End of last game 1 Heavy Plasma Gun, 1 Plasma Gun, numerous bolt weapons, a melta pistol, power weapons and a force sword) I was looking to see if anyone else had problems with the system , apparently not (arguements that the current system works perfectly are clearly not going to convince me or I would not have been looking for alternatives). So its write my own or convert to a better game mechanic system which would be even more work.
  9. Having just finished a fairly high powered Dark Heresy campaign and planning to move on to an Ascended game at some point in the future I have discovered that I have problems with the way penetration and armour work. I find that if you have high end weapons (Plasma guns/power weapons/melta weapons) armour is largely irrelevant as the penetration rating of such weapons makes it pretty much useless. I don't just want to start boosting armour ratings as a counter as that would make bolt guns/hellguns more useless that they already are so I am looking to see if anyone else has come up with any house rules for this (and hopefully playtested them!) before I have to try and write my own
  10. What are the Canon ways to kill a Daemon (as opposed to just blasting it back into the warp which seems to be the normal method). The solution I cam up with for the finale of a campaign was to allow the Greater Daemon in question to be summoned as part of a ritual to drag a world into the warp and then unleash other rival greater deamons on it figuring that they would tear apart its soul. My players seemed to think that this method was somewhat extreme and their characters found dealing with the consequences of it somewhat disastrous. They may well want to kill a Daemon off in the eventual Ascended sequel and I would like to see what methods could be available when I am planning the game
  11. A write up of a villain from my recently ended campaign which may be useful for someone Charrissa the Charnel Mage of the Calixis Sector Threat Rating Heretic Extremis Malleus Encounter Protocol- Execute on Site. Taking this Heretic alive is considered unwise and dangerous (Cf Belespine Arbiter Massacre) . Crimes Daemon Summoning, Fermenting Rebellion, Murder, Cannibalism, Kidnapping, Torture, Piracy, mental violation, Heresy, Subverting the imperial cult, Fraud, False Identity, Possession of Proscribed Tomes and Materials, Interference with the planatery Tithe, Know Associates Karakas Pyrokinetic, IvorJones Renegade Techpriest assorted dupes and fools. Most of her associates are abandoned when she moves on from a world. Method of Operation .She infiltrates and then starts to form a cult aimed at her overall objective once she has established a cult there will usually be a reign of death and destruction as she departs the planet. However she has shown great flexibility in how and where she infiltrates and subverts a society. Details The modus operandi of Charissa marks her as a False prophet of the Pilgrims of Hayte although the individuality of the False Prophets means this provides little guidance as to her actions. Her orgins have been traced to Malfi where it seems she was a member of one of the lesser noble houses (Her house and all records of it have been purged by Inquisitorial order) it seems she was recruited in to the cult during the Blood Solstice on Malfi , evidence shows that she was already a heretic and sorceress before her recruitment. She has been definitely linked to 4 major events and is suspected of involvement in other atrocities. Before her full notoriety was reached she was arrested by Arbiters on Belespine, there by means unknown while held prisoner she subverted the prisoners in the Belsavis precinct and escaped leaving the whole precinct of Arbiters dead and the building in the hands of the renegade prisoners. The precinct house was reduced in a 3 month siege by elements of the Imperial Guard and Arbiters. Next confirmed presence was the Fenksworld Flesh Riots, an uprising by a cannibal cult killed 3 million imperial subjects in the chaos and notable reduced the industrial output of the hive. The cult was using bound demons and was only put down so quickly due to the fortuitous presence of a squad of Greyknights hunting a different demonic presence. Interrogation of survivors revealed Charissa was the founder and leader of he cult who disappeared just as their attack began. The Lathe heresy slaughter. A signifigant number of tech priests in Forge 3A67delta were converted to a heretical belief in the doom of all mankind and converted their forge workers to combat servitors and skitarri before launching an assault on several other forges and worker habitats. Putting down the uprising took 4 months and orbital bombardment by the orbital lance batterries and production of some material has still not recovered to pre crisis levels. Again traces indicated that Charrissa had spent time at the forge before the crisis broke out. The Piety war, recruitment of Fraternis militia on Piety went disastrously wrong when the militia instead of embarking for crusade launched a crusade of purity aimed at eliminating all leadership figures in the Hive Piety-abstentious. The rogue militia took control of the local PDF and law enforcement facilities and were able to control the entire hive apart from the Arbiter precinct house which held out for 8 months. PDF and imperial guard forces from other hives sieged the hive for 12 months before achieving a break in when Astartes forces form the Smoke Jaguar chapter seized the gates. Inside the Hive a charnel house was discovered the combined imperial forces where unnable to fully exploit the breach after coming into contact with massed Dybuk and mutant forces lead by several Daemonhosts. Selective strikes ordered by inquisitor Marrissa failed to eliminate the daemonic threat and finally Inquitors Marrissa and Justice sanctioned the destruction of the Hive by bombardment from warships of Battlefleet Calixis. Total imperial casulaties 2 billion , purges , riots and crises in other hives added another 500 million. She is also suspected in involvment in the Elros Night of the Maiden blades, The Lind Wyrm cult slaughter, Hilarion Grain war and Tephaine uprisings. I did have stats for her but I don't anymore
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