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  1. For reasons I assume to be uncommon, I did have this problem in a game. I'm trying to work out if we did something wrong. We had the Hypnos Mystery that allowed investigators to close Dream Portals, but caused them to respawn elsewhere based on the reveal of a Gate. Often this would cause the Dream Portal from City 'A' it to appear in City 'B' without the Gate from City 'A' at the other end having been closed first; when the recently revealed City 'B' Gate spawned shortly after, it would be due to appear on that Wilderness space in the Dreamlands where the City 'A' portal was already waiting. I couldn't find anything that covered this circumstance, so wondered if we'd misread the rules somewhere (we resorted to having the Gate appear in City 'B' rather than at the other end of the Dream Portal, as if the Dreamlands board wasn't in play - or, thematically, as if the effect of a previous Gate opening in the Dreamlands location had caused this second Gate to open in its real world counterpart).
  2. A DIFFERENT Composed question, but as this came up in play... Do you flip the card if you fail ANY test, or just if you fail a test with dice rerolled thanks to this card?
  3. As a British player I'd love to see a British Isles sideboard, with a couple of the British based AOs, like Glaaki or Eihort, featured. If they can make it into Arkham Horror it'd be nice to see them feature closer to their original homes, with mysteries that tell more of their stories. It'd be kind of cool to see Brichester and the rest of the Severn Valley in a board game. I'm not sure whether they're available as intellectual properties for the purposes of a boardgame, but it'd be great to see some of the British Mythos represented. The creepy Shub Niggurath cultists of Goatswood, the Azathoth worshiping Shan, the Revelations of Glaaki. Even horrendous Y'golonac.
  4. Yeah, that's a surprise - you'd think they'd be out the gates before Yig. I guess FF are playing the long game. But it's also nice to have the opportunity to explore some of the lesser used Ancient Ones (if you've got the money to get each expansion as they come out).
  5. First expansion announced! Looks like there WILL be a one-god-at-a-time theme, which should make it easy to tailor the game according to your favourite Ancient Ones. Great stuff!
  6. That said, there ARE Carcosa OW events, which you'd normally associate with Hastur.
  7. Then there almost certainly will be a Cthulhu expansion (or something that expands on the basic game). Maybe, because it's on Earth, it'll be something you add to the board on a certain number? Is the Dream Lands an OW encounter?
  8. Not having got the game, but having seen it played (and read all about it with the aim of getting it sometime soon) my initial impressions have been as follows. Most of them touch on things people have already said, but there are a couple of things at the end I don't think other people have mentioned that I thought I'd throw into the mix. Whilst initially disappointed there were just four AOs in the game (as a fan of the King of Yellow I was disappointed Hastur didn't get a mention, but I was as much surprised as disappointed that Nyarlathotep didn't make an appearance) I can see why. Aside from Nyarlothotep, I figure they've gone with the four most influential figures, the most powerful of the Great Old Ones and the three central Outer Gods that arguably rule over everything. Azathoth, obviously, not as influential in human circles, but he's pretty central to the worship of other creatures, including Cthulhu himself, and it seems to make for an easy introductory scenario, so that's good enough to warrant its inclusion. In essence it looks like the main game has a lot of generic themes (but then I haven't seen exactly what monsters there are to pick from aside from a few... it looked like there were a lot of cultists). I'm glad to see Nyarlathotep will be getting the next look in though - using the famous Masks of Nyarlathotep RPG supplement as possible inspiration it makes perfect sense that they'd produce something that goes beyond the simplicity of the basic game to cover him and his various masks. I imagine Masks will translate into various Epic Monsters - it'd be nice to see them each lurking around the parts of the globe the source materials original set them in. It goes without saying that I look forward to seeing a Hastur/Kingin Yellow themed one too, hopefully one that acknowledge the King as a Herald to Hastur from the beginning, rather than to whichever AO is in play. The Tatters of the King RPG supplement does a similar thing for Hastur as Masks did for Nyarlathotep, although on a smaller scale, so I can see lots of option for a Hastur based game. I agree that the game should probably have boosters that are based around particular AOs, so you can tailor your EH game to whichever AOs you enjoy. Whilst I think it'd be great to add totally new AOs to the mix, I think it'd also be great if Yog Sothoth, Shub Niggurath and Cthulhu (I less bothered by Azathoth, as I think it has a pretty simplistic goal that works fine as it is, and no really organised cult to speak of) had their own boosters to enable you to take their basic game to new levels or in different directions. And, as I've said in regards to making Masks haunt specific parts of the board, it'd be great to have AOs that acknowledge their ties to particular countries or continents (all those Severn Valley AOs, for example). As well as additional cards I wonder if the new monsters that are added are kept aside, and only used to seed the mix of monsters whenever a certain AO has been chosen. So, for example, you'd get more Deep Ones drawn in a Cthulhu game, or more Byahkee in a Hastur game. This would definitely add to the inherent theme of each AO. Is this sort of thing covered in the base game? I briefly mentioned the Heralds from Arkham Horror above - I wouldn't be against some sort of return of Heralds in EH. However, having just read about Relic: Nemesis this morning, I was wondering about the potential of having games where one player IS the Herald, able to play a game against the investigators. Like Fury of Dracula, but with Nyarlathotep. I'm not sure exactly how you'd implement that, but it could potentially be pretty awesome (and, again, help make EH a very different game from AH). Extra boards? Whilst I can see the argument for a new board with a better representation for specific cities, I can't see that coming any time soon. The only possible new board I could see would be if they were to create an entirely new board for The Dreamlands, and that's a whole new can of worms. But what delicious worms they'd be!
  9. Plushy said: We've got rules for a Nob of sorts, a Mekboy, a Kommando, and a Weirdboy. The armory is all you could want. It's pretty much all there. I intend to run an all-Ork game sometime soon. Great stuff. I hope to in the not-too-distant future, but I'd love to hear how your game goes. On that note it does seem an idea that a few people have been running with already: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=267811
  10. I agree, for the most part, that the 40K RPGs already has lots of territory to explore with their existing lines (and I've not got that many of the books - I don't know how I'd have the time to use all the available information and run all the games) but since they have brought out new lines after the initial trilogy of books it's fun to speculate on what else might come… :-) I think I'd have to say Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader are my favourites of the existing games, simply because they step away from the "only war" ethos of the miniatures game, and allow you to explore other sides. Rogue Trader perhaps pips Dark Heresy to the post because, whilst I like inquisitors and corruption based stories there's something about the exploring new horizons that appeals to the daydreamer in me. I'm not overly familiar with the Tau, but from what I do know I'd be interested in seeing a book devoted to them, more so than a book dedicated to the Eldar. I think, in part, that's due to past readings of background matrial for the Eldar for the miniatures game. I like their tragic backstory but I'd probably play other RPGs if I wanted to do the tragic and elegant thing (or maybe I just don't like elves much). Books dedicated to Orks (as well as their fantasy counterparts), on the other hand, always had me laughing, and I could see an Ork RPG being a very different creature to most other RPGs out there. A bunch of hulk-like thugs locked together in a tin can floating through space, or tinkering with their vehicles on some barren rock between regular fights with a neighbouring tribe - that sounds fun. Admittedly, it might not serve long range campaigns.
  11. I'd be interested in seeing the Eldar books. I'm not a big Eldar fan myself (which is weird, as the trappings of a mystical and colourful race should be up my street, but then I've always veered away from elves in traditional role play too) but I think that, given sufficient history and details I might be hooked in. Orks were my initial suggestion as they sound like they'd be fun, although I can see how a serious campaign might be a bit of a stretch. Maybe that's not enough to warrant a whole line of a seperate game, but I've already had players say they'd be interested in playing Rogue Trader with just Ork characters. The Tyranids, as well, are not a race I'd immediately want to roleplay… but if they went back to the old rules of Genestealer cults and hybrids living at the fringes of human society… THAT could be interesting. Maybe some of these would work better as bolt-ons to other existing games. Books dedicated to entire Xenos, that allowed you to play them independently of human leaders.
  12. When Only War appeared I was a bit surprised. Admittedly I was a bit surprised when Black Crusade came out after the original 'trilogy' of games but still, Black Crusade seemed to serve as a counterpoint to the other three, whilst Only War is another 'you're representing the empire' book. I've always wondered whether there are likely to be further games in the 40K RPG setting. Not because there isn't already a wealth of material out there but because, well, FFG seem to keep finding new angles. Are there any hints or rumours out there, or are we still having the current lines mined for storylines and supplements? Also, it occurred to me the other day, whilst helping a friend of mine who's a fan of the miniatures game glue his figure together, that Orks would be fun, stupidly fun, to play as.
  13. I was just wondering if anyone had worked up a system for cooperative play (for instances where there's a big bad to defeat rather than a prize just one person can claim). FF has quite a few games that encourage player cooperation, and the 'magical quest' genre tends to have people working towards a goal, even if they go their separate ways. It's just an idea I'm playing with at the moment.
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