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  1. It doesn’t look like there is an option for an additional trooper in a commando squad, so is a squad maximum 5 people and not 6 like the other troops? Am I just reading this wrong?
  2. My only hope is that they've managed to balance the difficulty of the game whether you're playing 2, 3 or 4 players. It just didn't seem to scale properly with WQ
  3. Nope, the unique gimmick takes away one of my favorite parts about card games (deckbuilding) in the hopes of appeasing whiny people who don't like net-decks and from what I've seen the game mechanics bring absolutely nothing we haven't already seen. Hard pass for me.
  4. After having seen the game played I can say that my previous statement about only creating a constructed format if the game is excellent is a moot point. It looks like it offers absolutely nothing interesting in the way of game mechanics. So this is a big fat pass for me. Never mind.
  5. One constraint I would suggest is that any constructed deck must be built from no more than 10 decks. This would make the cost of a deck about $100 (far less than a deck from other games in most cases) yet it would be a large enough pool of cards to allow focused mechanics. And of course a 3 or 4 card limit on regular non-character cards. I like the base ideal of the unique decks but at some point if the game is really fun the temptation to experiment will just become too overwhelming for me and I’m certain I’m not the only one.
  6. I would only want to if the game itself were excellent and offered mechanics that were unlike anything we've seen before in a TCG. I doubt that it's the case. But if it is the case then denying us the aspect of card games that a lot of us really enjoy (deck building) seems like a mis-step. I think sacrificing the opportunity to be creative in order to prevent net-decking isn't a desirable trade for a great many people.
  7. My dream of annoying opponents by saying “roger roger” every time I activate a unit of battle droids is going to be a reality!
  8. At 2:19 am August 29th 2018 skynet becomes self aware and designs a card game...
  9. The “unique” decks are fine. It’s an interesting ideal I suppose but let’s not forget that card sleeves exist and that’s all it takes to disregard the card backs so we can just build our own decks with our entire collection of cards. Some deck building rules will probably need to be put into place as any issues with this format arises.
  10. Mine was $165, I just had to assemble it from a kit. They’re not expensive at all. I’m assuming if someone has enough cash to play just about any miniatures game that they have some disposable income.
  11. My only nitpick is that I would like it to use images of the cards when they are available. I realize all of the pertinent info is there, it would just be nice to see them for the sake of familiarization.
  12. There are many 3D printed versions of this. I know, I know, you don’t have a 3D printer. What are you even doing with your life? Get one. Today.
  13. Who's gonna be the first awesome person to make a table that features a Sarlaac pit?
  14. As soon as I repair my currently non-operational 3D printer I'm going to start making terrain for this game. Some stuff I think can be easily scratch built.
  15. I'm thinking a wrecked AT-AT would make a really cool piece of terrain. Just saw someone said this already.
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