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  1. After reading the rule book, but before having much chance to play, I had issues with some rules -- especially LOS. After having more chances to play through encounters & understanding that the game has a more abstract than realistic bent, I have come to accept the rules as written. I still don't like some of the design choices, but they play better than they read.
  2. You misread it. That is under Advanced Rules, not Campaign Rules (emphasis mine). Epic Play, page 19: "This optional rule is for players who wish to access high level Class, Shop Item, and Overlord cards outside of a campaign setting." Yes, if you acquired items by searching tokens, you can use the money from them to buy shop items.
  3. Steve-O said: That said, I would also be fine with playing the interpretation that Fire Breath and such can move directly through obstacles. There can't be an enemy figure in that space, but if you want to go through it, fine. Thematically, I can accept fire billowing around a boulder to burn something on the other side. That is making assumptions about the nature of the obstacle. On tile 7A, the obstacle terrain forms the "doorway". Allowing Fire Breath to go through obstacle terrain would allow you to circumvent a closed door. I think, for simplicity, obstacles are meant to be impassable for all purposes.
  4. Deathseed said: And one more monster question, this one we think we've already worked out via the FAQ, rulebook, and forum, but we'll restate it here for feedback. Flame Breath (and similar powers). As we understand things, it can trace its path around corners and through obstacles like boulders (but not doors) because LOS is irrelevant to it since it is not implicitly stated to require it and it's not actually moving in such a way that obstacles would impeded it. LOS isn't required, so you can shoot around corners, but I'm not sure about the obstacles … "When counting spaces for attacks and abilities, players ignore any non-obstacle terrain in those spaces"
  5. Durin-V said: At the moment there are some ideas to build a plugin for Microsoft Word or a stand alone programm. What would you prefer? A Word plugin would be nicefull but everybody needs Word. On the other Hand not everybody could be happy with a page layout which is fix. I'm happy with Vassal right now, but I use OpenOffice Writer at home rather than M$ Word. Could you do something for OOW instead? I am guessing that it might require expertise that you don't have, if it's even possible (although almost anything is possible with sufficient resources).
  6. I agree with everyone else (so far), the Reanimate can activate the turn it is summoned. Essentially does not mean "it is essential" in this case. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/909800/familiar-activation-question http://www.pegasuspublishing.com/English-Doesnt-Borrow-from-Other-Languages-Shirt-p-26671.html
  7. "Each time you perform an attack with either 1 Melee weapon with 2 hand icons or 2 Melee weapons with 1 hand icon each, you may exhaust this card to add 1 Surge to the results." It doesn't change how you attack, it can grant you a surge if you meet the requirements. If you have two melee weapons equipped, you still need to choose one for a given attack.
  8. Based on the "each time" I would agree that it can only be used once. Next time you are attacked you can use it again.
  9. You are probably going to get the same answers as on BGG: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/907580/please-clarify-this-for-me-berzerker-rage If you want an answer from FFG, I think you need to submit via the Rules Questions link at the bottom of the page: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_faq.asp I have rarely seen FFG respond to posts …
  10. Not having any D1E background, I just assumed it was because monsters were meant to be generic & reusable across multiple quests -- and expansions -- and lieutenants were tied to the story line & were intended to only appear a limited number of times before being replaced in new campaigns. Creating a unique mold for a single figure would be relatively costly. They could have included generic figures in the box -- or red versions of the existing hero sculpts -- to use as proxies, but that would have been a different kind of disappointment for some people. I'm perfectly happy to use the tokens or figures from other sources. You could even use unused hero figures as proxies.
  11. mt77061 said: I saw this in the FAQs section and it made me scratch my head. All I could think was that the Knocked Out Hero just wanted to lay low until the Ruling Ring was destroyed in Mount Doom or something. Maybe the Eagles to rescue the dwarves from the burning trees on the edge of the cliff. If the choice is between missing a turn (not standing up) or missing a turn & giving the overlord a card (because you're just going to get knocked out again), the former seems preferable. In some circumstances it may be worthwhile because the OL is forced to use actions to knock you down again, but if your token is next to monster(s) blocking a hall and/or with nothing better to do anyway …
  12. The hero wearing the cloak has to be targeted … s/he can't cancel a surge against another target. Flail allows a monster to target two hero spaces. Blast is less clear because you target a single hero space, then it affects additional spaces. It has been argued that heroes in those spaces are not targeted, just affected. [it's tough to parry a grenade.]
  13. Heavy Cloak: "Exhaust this card after the dice are rolled to cancel 1 {Surge} on an attack that targets you." I believe it cancels the surge, not its effect(s). As far as I know, there is a single attack roll & all surges are spent once for all targets.
  14. Zwergenkrieger said: Same thing but different: Playing twice a "Unholy ritual" card during a turn, choosing the same monster, is not allowed, too? Is this a triggering condition, too? If yes, is there a definition for a "triggering condition"? Unholy Ritual: "Play this card at the start of your turn. Choose one of your monster groups and draw Overlord cards equal to the number of figures from that group on the map. Choose and keep 1 card per hero and discard the rest. Each monster in that group performs 1 less action during this turn." I believe the triggering condition is "at the start of your turn" & the target is "one of your monster groups", so you can't use it twice. FFG doesn't seem to be big on explicit definitions, at least in D2E …
  15. Dash: "Play this card when activating a monster during your turn. That monster may perform an additional move action this turn in addition to its normal 2 actions." My understanding is that the triggering condition is "when activating a monster" & the target is the Ettin, so you can't Dash it twice during the same activation. You could Dash another monster during the same turn.
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