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  1. The GM kit provides an adventure that is more or less a tresurehunt a big shot trader shows up and offers you information about a relic having given up on it himself
  2. I have in the past held some disjointe unorganized sessions just for some brief fun but now I've put in some effort and bought rescources for saturday so I wondered if I could get some help me develop it: The characters start on a slave ship heading for a mining colony, the ship is led by a pirate lord named Archeus, the slaves are in cells of five the prisons are rather basic as a result of being a new addition it lacks any particular sophistication outside of electric locks. The cells are located in the lower mid-section between two military quarters the hangar is at the end of the ship and the navigation is at the upper part of the midsection while medical, storage, civilian quarters and command. It is a relatively small ship enough to sustain a force of three hundred men with five hundred in civilian personal two hundred of which happen to be prisoners. The military personal outside of the officers are equipped with stubbers of a variety while the officers are as a rule equipped with swords, normally high quality or chain, the rest, outside of those with wealth, are equipped with knives and improvised weaponry. Each of the military quarters have their own mess halls as well as armory’s. The ship is a week from its destination and the electronic looks can be opened by data slates that are held by any prison guard. The characters should focus on getting out and infiltrating one of the quarters surrounding them alternatively they could secure an exit and rally the rest of the prisoners however they are outgunned, outnumbered and in a bad position. Archeus has his own personal quarters next to the command center and within it he has three rooms his living/trophy room, his personal chamber and the chamber of his concubine. The officers sleep in the same quarters as their men though have their own rooms roughly 10x25 meters and allow for some privacy and personal life, civilian personal works the same way however they have been increasing as the men have formed families causing Archeus to consider purchasing a new ship or expand the old one to accommodate the expansion of his labor force. The navigator is located above the hangar and has a better room than most being 15x30 meters but that also includes workspace. The navigators name is Morduth and is from a small navigator house of little renown and is as such a nobody among other navigators however onboard the ship he still possess a great deal of respect from the crew and has gotten them out of quiet a few tight spots. What I need help with is primarliy the initial escape as well as a segway into the "rivals for glory" adventure from the GM's kit.
  3. Good question I wonder the same thing
  4. In theory it's not an impossible thing to have though I have yet to find it in the litterature. Alligning yourself with chaos does not mean you just turn EVILZ but rather it means you take another view on the galaxy than that of the imperium which does not need to be an extreme. The thing however is that for a lot of marines it takes traumatizing experiences (see the crimson slaughter or the flawless host) which has a tendency to propel them in the direction of extrimism. You could make a character that is not an extreme but it requires more tackt than one who is.
  5. I imagine it will be something like this: Tome of rot: Death guard & Iron warriors Tome of lust: Emperor's children, Word bearers Tome of chaos undivided: Black legion, Fallen
  6. I'd say kind of have to split it up a bit because the FFG writting (they also seem to separate themselves enough to be considered individually to a degree) and the GW (I consider BL to be an extension of GW in the case of fluff) writting don't always mesh so It'll have to be best and worst from the two perspectives individualy. GW worst: Ultramarines and Raven guard. Now I have heard that the UM novels are actually infinetly better than GW but I haven't read those so for the moment I'm simply going by what of GW's writting I have read and it's attrocius. The UM are portrayed as the best in everything and without any form of personallity. This is what one would say is the ultimate way of trying to sell the chapter on people because it's incredibly easy and since the younger audiance yet has to develop a critical thinking or a sense of taste it's downright cheap and what's worse is that I've seen fan writting and to a degree FFG writting that manages to actually make the UM interesting but without diminishing anything. In other words they are meant to be a shell which you can use as your own chapter to which I have to say sorry I allready rites of battle I can make my own multilayerd one in under 5 minutes. As for the raven guard it has more to do with the fact that from what I understand the BL's work is canon as long as they don't contradict main sources and as such George Mann manges to get away with his crap. He introduces such things as a the point that says that the raven guard relies on faith in their mission when anyone with half a brain knows that a guerilla army is better off relying on paranoia than blind faith due to the nature of such tactics and a religon that's at best a cross between the space wolves and white scars but without any of the dignity. I could go on but I think I've made my point. GW best: Carcharadons, yes they were designed by FW but it still counts and the carcharadons are a treat. They are shown to be regal but savage, methodical but brutal and with a dark history that still manages to makes sense in a way that it's dark and grim but makes sense (by 40k standards). Well also LotD partially because they are a good concept to begin with and I like the novel (even if they were essentially a sideshow in it). Second is RG because in FFG writting they don't have the George Mann lunacy. FFG worst: any and all of the unaessesary UM chapters. I get why you need to have the UM in the books (in fact FFG does a good job with them) I get why you would have two chapters that represents two different sides of the chapter (like the carcharadons and raptors are the different sides of the raven guard) I get why you would have UM chapters who manages to have something that stands out about them (like mortifactors or silver skulls) but why swarm the book with those that fullfill none of these criterias like novamarines and marines errants when you could have added chapters with at least some actuall substance?
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