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  1. I have been wanting to experiment with the game in a solitaire mode, under a 24"x18" glass on one side of my office desk. I've taken photos with the light to one side, but stitching them together would be a pain - particularly as it is difficult to completely eliminate glare. I may try again once we finally have sunlight here. But I've asked through customer support if there is an electronic version of the game board. Fingers crossed. If they answer, I will post the info here. If there isn't a file they're willing to make public, does anyone else have a high resolution file of the map? I'm figuring the minimum size for a decent printout would be about 9900 x 6600 pixels. For a half size printout, the absolute lower limit for anything worth printing would be 7200 x 4800 (300 dpi). Preferably twice that.
  2. I do wish these were available. Even unpainted, the character figures would add to the game. Don't really care about the monsters, particularly as duplicates of most of the common critters tend to pop up.
  3. I'm anxiously waiting for Dreamlands to show up on Amazon. Seems to be going slowly. It would appear that something in the neighborhood of 14 copies were printed in the first run, and all went to folks who (given only 14 copies are available) want about $60 shipped. Sigh.
  4. Jake yet again said: Probably with a "Final Battle" expansion is that it won't get much in many games. Most likely not, but folks do seem to appreciate the enhancements that have been made with various expansions. We were on our fourth game before we got our first final battle. We hadn't really payed much attention to it before, and when we sat down with the rules to prepare we ended up looking at each other saying things like "that's it?"
  5. I don't remember ever seeing a request for what seems an obvious expansion: Final Battle. That's got to be the most disappointing part of the game. It has always had the feel of something tacked on as a placeholder until something better could be designed. I'd love to continue with players struggling to get across the board from wherever they are to wherever the big nasty critter is breaking through. Instead we get game over (crash!), and now for a few minutes of Yahtzee with Cthuhlu…
  6. I would rather see a dozen new ancient ones. That would be _much_ less work than multiplayer.
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