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  1. Actually, you can replace Mining Tunnels + Convocation of Eagles with Gifts of Aenerion, and then any mage should be enough (e.g. Loremaster of Hoeth). And then it gets pretty powerful…
  2. Teokrata said: And one more thing - that is almost unstopable, becouse there are no responces like Drain Magic or Disdain to cards played from Winds. Why? The spell is normally played, so why wouldn't you be able to counter it? Bear in mind, that we have plenty of other loops (e.g. Lelansi, RTG) but none of them is as deadly as Kurt with 2xAP was…
  3. I see. That's cool. Should've RTFM first
  4. I was a little to eager to post my opinion. 5x resources from Innovation is not that easy to achieve and Star Crown Fragments is pretty useless, expensive card. Order in Chaos also doesn't work - it won't fetch AP back to hand, but only on top of deck… Current wording of the card is ok. It still allows you to do cool things, but it's not OP. How do you loop 1x Arcane Power with 2x Gathering the Winds? As far as I can see you need 3x GtW, so it's very unlikely to trigger…
  5. Is this errata a joke? You just have to add a catalyst. Like Star Crown Fragments + Innovation. Or even simpler: single Order In Chaos and you're good to go…
  6. Arcane Power also combines with Watchstone of Athel Tamarha. It's way more broken than Visit The Haunted City and should be banned.
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