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  1. Although this technology may seem a bit strong, before Shards of the Throne was released many players believed that the L1Z1X were already an overpowered race. They already started the game with a large target. So the only way to modify them would be to weaken them, or make them strong enough to fight off the other players. I can only assume the reason for this card was: if players are going to attack the L1Z1X anyway, might as well give them a **** good reason.
  2. The INHERITANCE SYSTEMS card doesn't say only when using the Primary ability of the strategy card. Therefore I would assume you could use this ability even if you use the Secondary ability. So you don't have to take the technology card because as long as someone takes it you can also use it. Also, my friend bought his copy of the base game when it was first released, and all his race sheet list the PDS cost at 1. However, the official errata states that as an error and the true cost should be 2. This year I bought my own copy of the base game and all my race sheets all have the correct PDS cost of 2. I suppose the mistake had been corrected when they re-printed the game. Now my copy of Shards of the Throne INHERITANCE SYSTEMS card says: "When researching Technology using the Trade Strategy Card, you … " However the errata in the FAQ says this should not be "Trade Strategy", rather it should be "Technology Strategy". So my questions is: Does your copy of the INHERITANCE SYSTEMS card actually say Trade or Technology Strategy card? Have they corrected the errors in a later re-print of Shards of the Throne?
  3. Well the exact wording is "… to ignore the Technology's prerequisites." and that seems like a plural to me. Therefore, I would assume that once you have the Inheritance Systems in play you could research anything you want on the tech tree for only +2 resources. Although that does seem a bit overpowered, I haven't seen any rulings or clarifications that says otherwise.
  4. 1 and 4: I thought that one you hired a Mercenary they acted like one of your regular units. You can move Mercenary units, and engage in battle with them, either alone or with other units. Mercenaries are not like Shock Troops and they don't require a "chaperone" unit to accompany them at all times. When the Trade III Strategy card is activated then, and only then, all players must pay (discard) one trade good for each mercenary they control, or else they must discard the mercenary. As far as I know this is the only time a Mercenary unit would be discarded, as opposed to killed in battle or something. 2: No, I don't think so. The rules are worded that you MUST select a representative. If you cant, like if all your representatives are dead, then you don't get to vote. 3: That's a good question, I don't know.
  5. From the FAQ, on page 4: Q: Can the Scientist’s ability stop a Dreadnought’s bombardment with the Graviton Negator technology? A: Yes. The ability provided by Graviton Negator should be treated the same as the War Sun's bombardment ability. And from the rulebook, on page 31: • Like the Dreadnought, a War Sun unit is allowed to bombard planets. Unlike the Dreadnought, however, a War Sun ignores the presence of a PDS unit's planetary shield. Also, a War Sun may bombard a planet during the Invasion Combat step of the Activation Sequence, even if no friendly Ground Force units have landed on the planet in an invasion attempt. Therefore, if you have the Graviton Negator, would your Dreadnoughts also be able to bombard without ground forces in an invasion like a War sun?
  6. I have two questions about the Barony of Letnev's flagship, the Arc Secundus, and it's bombard ability: 1) Does the Arc Secundus`s Planetary Bombardment ability work like a Dreadnoughts or like a War Suns? I.e. Are you required to have some units attempt a planetary invasion to use the bombardment (like a dreadnought), OR can you bombard without units participating in an invasion (like a War Sun)? 2) Do the leaders "General" and "Scientist" affect the Arc Secundus's Bombardment ability? The rules state that: Dreadnoughts and War Suns receive -4 to Bombardment rolls against a planet that contains at least one General. Would that -4 also include Flagships, like the Arc Secundus? Does it include all Bombardment rolls? Finally, would a planet with both a Scientist and a PDS be able to block the Arc Secundus's bombardment?
  7. You Section three does sound like you need to send a unit…. However, in section five COMBAT ACTION on Page 015 it says that "Players do not resolve battles in unoccupied enemy territories, even if they are declared territories." It sounds to me like if there is nobody there to fight, then the fight doesn't happen. And If that's true, then why would I be required to send a unit to fight at a location without a battle? Section three says one thing, but I read section five to say another.
  8. Thanks for the answer, it made a lot of sense until the very last line: marcelvdpol said: … ; you are only obligated to assign units to FIGHT there (ie roll dice). Are you saying that if a territory us unoccupied, and therefore "battle" is skipped, I an NOT obliged to send a unit to FIGHT there? I understand the idea that you can't declare more battles then there are attacking units. Despite not finding the exact rule to prohibit this, it seems like a logical assumption. However, the requirement to assign a unit to attack an empty territory is a bit unclear. Are you quoting something from the rule book, or a house rule? I found the book interchanging terms like "Battle", "Fight", "Attack", and "Combat" to be a bit confusing. I understand the options about movement, I am only confused about the attack. Do I have to assign a unit to "attack" each unoccupied territory that I declared a battle in?
  9. I have been over the rules and, although most of it makes sense, I can't seem to find the exact rules to decide what to do in the following situations: "A" Territory is adjacent to "B" Territory, and "B" is also adjacent to "C" Territory. "A"--"B"--"C" "A" is an occupied enemy territory "B" is my territory "C" is an unoccupied enemy territory In situation (1) Assume that "B" has only one infantry unit. I want to attack the enemy units in "A". After combat, assuming the infantry unit survives, I want it to invade the unoccupied "C" Therefore, it possible to declare 2 Battles with a single unit? Only one is classified as a battle, as the other in an attack on an unoccupied territory. In situation (2) Assume that "B" has two infantry units. Again, I want to attack the enemy units in "A". After combat, assuming any infantry units survive, I want them to invade the unoccupied "C" Therefore I declare two battles, one in "A" and the other in "C" In the combat action can I use both infantry units to battle "A" or would I have to split my forces and have one infantry "attack" the unoccupied "C"? If anyone knows the answers to these questions that would be great. Thanks.
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