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  1. I think the real question here is: Who the hell is going to tell a Rogue Trader with THIRTY LAND RAIDERS! that he is not allowed to have them? Space marines may be good, but their role is mostly poster boys for the imperium. A chapter contains a mere thousand marines. Even the smallest voidfaring ships have upwards of TENS OF THOUSANDS of crew. Do you honestly think a chapter of space marines has any real chance against a large dynasty with millions of men at arms? Space marines may be the best troops that the imperium has to offer, but if you shoot their spaceship out of the sky, it won't do them much good. Chapter Masters are not stupid. They will grumble, then they will tuck their tails between their legs and go home. Rouge traders are that powerful.
  2. After Having tried the Regiment Creation system a few times, the one thing that stood out was the lack of a one point doctrine, Something simple like +5 to the Standard Kit seems in order. Often you find you have all the Options you want but you have ONE point left that ANNOYS THE **** OUT OF YOU. Its not that your squad isnt cool. And there is nothing that you want to change but… BY THE EMPEROR, WHY MUST YOU FORSAKE ME THAT ONE LAST POINT! Maybe i'm just not quite right in the head, but seriously a 1pt doctrine would be AWESOME! (Even if it just gives me a badge that tells me i'm special!) Is there anybody else who is in agreement?
  3. Is there anywhere that describes Operation Conditions? By conditions I mean basic modifiers and rules for fighting at night or during a storm, or in a toxic/bad atmosphere. With all the wargear that can be included to be used in certain conditons (gas masks/respirators, photo visors, survival suits, rebreathers, etc) it seems like there should be at least a table giving example modifiers for such enviroments, and example modifiers for things such as jungles and deserts would be REALLY handy. I was not able to find anything like it in the PDF and it seems quite important, (night fighting missions for example), Have i missed something or is the GM supposed to work it out himself?
  4. Stealth needs Special Uses like Concealment and Silent Move, as there are items that give bonuses to such tests(Chameleoline Cloaks and Strummers),yet both skills no longer exist. Alternately you could change the items, but given the way they work, it seems more practical to add the relevant special uses.
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