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  1. Misnerdastud

    Booby Trap

    Now, that ive just posted this I think i've figured it out. One of the booby traps on the blank non painted side is colored different than the other traps. So essentially the traps are played face-up and when turned over will reveal the actual booby trap. Geez go figure id realize it as soon as I posted.
  2. Misnerdastud

    Booby Trap

    I'm really surprised noone has asked this yet. The card booby trap seems very vague and i'm looking for more clarification. The text reads:" Look at the 4 trap tokens and place them facedown on 4 different empty squares on the gameboard. If an enemy wizard or creature enters a square with a trap token, flip the token faceup. If it shows a trap, the wizard or creature suffers 4 magical damage (this is not an attack). Then, discard all trap tokens and this spell ends. If the trap token is blank, discard it. If dispelled, each trap token muct be dispelled separately. When you look at the trap tokens though, all 4 of them have the same face of the trap on it. how do you differ which booby trap is the actual booby trap? aside from marking it with a pen or something?