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  1. Hello... I have Full Immersion Recstudio in a demore server with a assertiva and a agenda hosted. The runner access the server. The runner access all cards or only Full Immersion? If all, the runner steal the agenda? Thanks.
  2. Hello people... What happens when I score a agenda with 3 more agendas in the hand, 3 gang sign in the ring and a Strongbox rezzed in hq with the runner don't having more clicks? Thanks.
  3. The best use for Sna is with Surat City Grid... Amazing combo!!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk... One Ice for Free to Rez a Ice in other server paying -2 credits??? And, If you have a Second copy of Surat razed, anote Ice in another server paying -2 credits??? Uhaauuu!!!!! Kkkkkkk
  4. Remember that Dimitruis can only be player If you final is Earth and not Kobol, ok? And don't forget take of the attack cylon crisis Card when use the cylon starbase board.
  5. Hi... Each expantion have 3 or 4 mini expantion that Cam play togheter or not. You can play all of then. BUT, in each expantion come one final diferente and you Must choice one of then to play. If you choice New Civic you don't can play Kobold (base game) or Nébula (Exodus) or Earth (Daybreak). Choice one final and mix the others as you wish. Grats.
  6. Please, please, please... how Media Blitz and 24/7 works??? To me, Media copy the text of the agenda. With Autoscrip i can put a agenda counter im Mdia Blitz and with Award Bait I can place 2 advancement in a card that can be advanced. Whith 24/7 I can place a new counter in Autoscript or give two tags to the runner with Breaking News. Please... How this cards works????? Thanks to all!!!
  7. Hello... In the new FAQ, TIMING STRUCTURE OF TURNS have the Corporation’s Discard Phase 3.1 Lose any unspent clicks and the Runner’s Discard Phase 2.1 Lose any unspent clicks. Question: A player MUST spend all of his clicks in each action phase (Rule Book, pg 12). This change??? Or, a player don't have to spend additional clicks? Thanks, people!!!
  8. Hello all!!! I was playing with a friend and one question appeared: When Asteroid Belt (and all others alike ices) is rez in a run, the advancement tokens stay in the ice or are trasheds? Thanks!!!
  9. I don't understand the question... you can have 1 copy of Eden Shard and 1 copy of Hades Shard and 1 copy of Utopia Shard in your deck!!! Then, you can have Eden installed and Hades in hand. And, if you make a successful run in Archives (or spending 7 credits) you can have Eden AND Hades installed together in your ring.
  10. Hi... I have the three expantions. We play with: Pegasus board (Pegasus); Cylon Fleet (Exodus); Conflicted Loyalties (Exodus) Kobold destiny card (Base), Mutiny cards (Daybreak); Miracle tokens (Daybreak); Cllonial One Overlay (Daybreak), Cylon Locations overlay (Daybreak); Mark vii Viper (Pegasus); CAG (Exodus); Assalt Raptors (Daybreak) and all characters, skills, crises and supercrises cards. With 7 players, Cylon Leader. With 4 or 6 players, Sympathzer. This is far the most playable and crazy game mode.
  11. dakuth said: One lone basestar is PREFERRED by the humans. They CHOSE the "cylon ambush" destination so they could get a measily basestar out and stop the CFB from being a factor. By just controlling the couple raiders with the powerful CAG ability and escorting the civilian ships away at a rate of 2 a turn (via CAG and XOs) there is just no real threat by a lone basestar. The odd launch of raiders or what have you does not present any threat. Another time the humans chose a "add base star to the board" option on a crisis card. They cheered when it came up, because it wasn't just a "free" option, it *prevented the otherwise powerful fleet from jumping in.* Another time a super crisis was played (Fleet Mobilisation.) Awesome card, right? Everything activates. A loaded CFB board, let's bring the lot across! At last all these ships that have been languishing on the CFB will have their reckoning! Wait, what? Basestar activates. Jumps across by itself. Launches 2 raiders and one heavy, then another 3 raiders. Doesn't. Even. Shoot. Galactica. Yes, 5 raiders is a bigger threat than the humans have realistically faced all game, but it's hardly going to do anything when there is only 1 civvie hidden at the back of Galactica and the pilot is running around in a VII !!! Houl….. You don't remove the "attack crise cards" of the crises deck??? Check out: Exodu Rules, pg 12: "Cylon Fleet Option Setup: Before setting up the core game, remove all Cylon attack cards from the Crisis and Super Crisis decks. Return the Cylon attack cards to the box. When adding the Crisis and Super Crisis Cards from Exodus to the decks provided in the core game, be sure to include the “CAG Chooses” cards." Oh, man… Read the rules of exodus… when track persuit is in the end, ALL ships in the Cylon Fleet Board move to the main board!!! - And when a only basestar is in the main board, "every turn" one ship is activate!!! and a heavy raider is always a threat!!!
  12. Mephisto666 said: So, yes, you are doing it wrong. If you run out of Basestars, you just don't place one on the Cylon Fleet board or anywhere else, you JUST move the pursuit track. Exodus rules, page 14: "If all ships of the appropriate type are already on either the main game board or the Cylon Fleet game board, the current player finds the highest-numbered Cylon space area on the Cylon Fleet game board that contains at least one of that type of ship. He then moves all the ships in that Cylon space area to the corresponding space area on the main game board." So, if you run out of basestars, pick the basestar AND all others ships in the highest-numbered Cylon space area on the Cylon Fleet game board and put all of them in teh mais board game.
  13. Hi… On Action Fase each player can play a skill card only in your turn, and only one skill card.Rerremember: on action fase you can: Use a locatio skill, play a skill card (one), be a cylon, or, if a almirant, play a nuke, or, if you are a presidente, play a corum card. If you are a pilot and stay in space, you can attack or move your víper. The skill cards what have a word ACTION are legal to play in action fases. All other skil cards can only be play in "skill tests". In skills tests all players can play any number of skill cards to try pass a skill test. Excuse my poor english, ok? Good Luck.
  14. Cilons, cylons, cilônios (portuguese)…. hahahahahahahehahehah … "Why so serious?"….
  15. Well, it's not a matter of power cilon's players, but the bad job of human's players. If a player managed to hide his true identity long enough that the XO has a devastating effect to human players, merit it. Bad luck of humans. My thought is that the rule is clear: both the rules of Pegasus as the rules of Exodus modify and update the basic rules. So, if the game contain only the basic game, so are just the basic rules. If the game has any of the options of Exodus, we must follow the rules of this expation, with all of its updates (execution, lines of succession, turns of cilons revealed, etc) and also the rules of "play", "human players" and "cilons players". I will play with this rule (or house rule…). All my players agree with that. anyway, thanks for all, people!!!!
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