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  1. Haven't even looked here for a month or so, and i am glad to see that there is a forum. It is so sad that so much info was lost from the other forum.
  2. So it seems that cipher-studios.com is now a art website. I knew they were dropping Anima, but I didn't realize that they were totally going away.
  3. Well, it seems to depends on what happens next to determine what kind of character you want her to be. From what you have posted though, that sounds a lot like a young wizard using Natural Magic in times of need, while her mother actually was using standard Magic.
  4. It really is a question of the situation. Magic users have a lot of power that other characters do not have. However, they are limited by there Zeon. Catch them while it is low, and you can mop the floor with them.
  5. No idea. It had done this before, but after some testing it seems that it is not just the Anima forum, but there main website and other forums are down as well.
  6. I and another player are looking for a group. We understand that a group may not have two spots, but we decided to post this as one so that there weren't multiple posts floating around. Thanks to all in advance.
  7. I do not know where the original post is, but there is a clarification over at Cipher Studios: http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php As for Accumulations from Psychic/Magic/Artifact Bonuses, yes, they would apply.
  8. Anima Studios have clarified that a character cannot regenerate Ki naturally while maintaining Techniques or Abilities (thank Ciel and Gaira).
  9. This should be what you were looking for: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/51108-well-hallo-thar-introductions-i-bring-gifts-homebrew-feint-rules/?hl=feint
  10. Glad to see that there are people still running online games. I personally would love to play, but cannot fit the game in during the day. I hope that you find some players to run an awesome adventure with, though. Also, to clarify for potential players: Are you using Core Exxet changes to spells and skill bonuses?
  11. @Lipid, What time zone is the game in?
  12. I have always ruled it that yes, you can use based off of magical/ki/psychic/artifact boosts. However, remember that you will also need to learn while having the requirement as well, so it would take a very long time to learn with Ki Augmentation, since you can only power it for a certain amount of time.
  13. Please, don't mind the tears that may be pouring through the internet right now. Monsters have always been the bane of my existence as a GM, mostly because it takes away time from me writing the story. Streamlining the process would make me melt into a puddle of happiness.
  14. It would definitely be a great addition to Scissura, but dont stress yourself if it is looking impossible. You have already done an awesome thing by adding in all that you have. Right now, I use Scissura as my general compendium, and only have to access Elrics files for Impossible Weapons and some of his Blood Bonds.
  15. I have always ruled it as +40 and -40, and I have never let a player complain. Here is why: When you go for a specialization, the mindset (as I have seen it) is that you are trying to get a free bonus that works with your character, and can hopefully avoid the penalty. It then become my job (in the way that I run my games) to make sure that you are, at some point, punished for that choice. This sounds harsh, but it really helps define a characters strengths and flaws. THIS SHOULD NOT BE ABUSED! No, you should not do it constantly. If the specialization makes sense, then let it work in its situations, but do not be afraid to ask for a roll simply because it doesn't fall under a characters specialization.
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