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  1. IIIlllIIIlllIIIlllIIIlllIIIlll

    Am I the only one who hates the new artwork?

    The color palette isn't very pleasing to me, it seems limited. Overall though I expected a 'fresher' approach to the art work this time, as someone else said it might bring in a wider audience. The backgrounds, or lack rather, bothers me. I miss the feel of the 'caught in action' look that the old hero cards had. The villager tokens are my biggest gripe though, specifically the male side. Maybe I'm not as educated on hats as I should be but I feel like it's from a completely different time period/world than Descent V2 seems to be set in.
  2. IIIlllIIIlllIIIlllIIIlllIIIlll

    2nd Edition Overlord too weak?

    Royaldoy said: The more apt question after a night of playing…Is the Overlord utterly boring to play? Answer, yes. Is his deck of cards streamilned for efficiency? Yes. Does that translate into fun play? No After a few hours of playing the Overlord, I got to add 2 cards to my deck. Let me assure you for those who have not played, those 2 cards were not enough for me to go "Wow, my whole experience just got better". As a fan of the "epic feeling" first edition, second edition falls absolutely flat. Nothing about our session had me truly excited. The game has become all about how to limit the Overlord and shorten gameplay. As that is what FFG has set out to do, they have accomplished it nicely. It staggers me to think that they could take a gem (albeit a flawed one) like Descent V1 and alienate so many people who enjoyed the first game for it's scope and depth and think that Descent V2 can fill the same shoes. Descent V2 is just another game sitting on my shelf that we can pull out and play for a short romp,which is fine. Unfortunately everyone in my group including myself feels that it would be such a waste of time to play such a watered down version of a greater game. I'm not trying to sound bitter or show my fanboyism for V1 but the reality is I wanted to like this and I just couldn't. Maybe if I play as a hero I might feel differently but woe be to the OL and his mighty deck of 15. This is EXACTLY what I made an account and came here to say. I've been playing Descent V1 since release and with mostly the same group of people. We are all very seasoned players, having burned through all the quests, made our own campaigns and held little competitions with each other on who could make the most brutal map using all of the map pieces. Descent V2 though is stale. Stale, boring and a side of dry. I will admit that V1 had it's flaws, but to call this a second edition is like offering someone an elaborate meal for dinner and a .99 value item from McDonalds for dessert.