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  1. Anyone got some pics of the new lieutenant miniatures, preferably painted? I can't find actual photos of them, only the promotional art
  2. OK, thanks for clarifying. Apparently the next year release date doesn't stop scores of random online stores from claiming they have them.
  3. Pierzasty2

    Which 1E figures are large?

    Also, houserule that razorwing minis may not stand on squares adjacent to each other. This will give you an appropriate feel
  4. Seconding this. The LOS rules (especially the "target blocks LOS to itself" issue), adjacency rules (walking through tile borders) and such need immediate attention. These allow for such idiotic and unrealistic situations (one of which is shown in the rulebook, to boot! Did any playtester read it?) that I'm considering selling my copy if this goes on. Not my loss, since the painted minis will sell well, but FFG could lose another customer.
  5. I'm looking for nice, clear, high-res art for Descent heroes, monsters and evil lieutenants, both first and second edition. I like to paint my minis according/similar to the official color schemes, but find the hero/monster cards lacking. Some uncropped pics would be great. Also, is the hero fluff for Descent 1 available anywhere? I mean something like in Dungeonquest, a few sentences to let us know who the hero is / what they're doing in the dungeons / why do they look like they do.
  6. That's why I'm asking. Maybe in other Runesomething games, or in promo materials? Are you talking about the quotes in Runebound, or is there anything else?
  7. Pierzasty2

    paintin' stuff

    Coldmoonrising said: Another great one, I like your take on the colors. I'd say work on Leoric or Ashrian. Seconding this. Your color schemes are awesome and I'd love to see how you'll differentiate those 3 turquoise characters.
  8. Pierzasty2

    Additional Dice

    I'll definitely buy another set of dice.
  9. Pierzasty2

    Am I the only one who hates the new artwork?

    I also dislike the new artwork, or more specifically,m the art direction. Seriously, who thought it'd be a good idea to have 3 heroes in the almost exact shade of turquoise? The first thing I notice is the color. Descent 1 had a nice, varied palette for both heroes and monsters. Descent 2 seems very drab and uninspired in comparison and forces me to be creative if I want my set to look good and more or less true to the artwork. Sure, I could just invent my own color scheme, but I don't like my hero cards to clash with the minis
  10. Pierzasty2

    Size of bases?

    Do you have Descent 1? If so, the bases are comparable. If not, the map squares are 25x25 mm, so the bases are 1-2 smaller. If you're asking about the monster sizes, the dragons are 3x2 squares, merriods/elementals/ettins 2x2, barghest 1x2, everything else 1x1.
  11. Pierzasty2

    Proof of Purchase

    If the codes differ with each batch of game boxes, they might also help to pinpoint the fault in case of numerous complaints.