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  1. My question is about the GX1 Short Hauler ship goal. Do you gain a crew (when available in the market deck) if you have two crew to complete the ship goal? Or do you need to "gain" during a Market Step after buying a crew or encounter a contact to complete the ship goal? I'm not sure when I "gain" the crew.
  2. I have a feature question. I would love to review the log of the latest play a MoM scenario. Sometimes I think that there is a bug in the app and it could be a rules error I made. Most sessions of MoM end late at night and the next day I'm wondering how things went and where the error was made. I'm not able to review the gameplay from the app anymore, because we ended the scenario.
  3. There are doors on the outside of the house (board) and no walls placed. Is this a bug? The scenario is "Cycle of Eternity".
  4. In the MoM scenario "Cycle of Eternity" a Shoggoth is placed in the Study. We didn't reveal any search tokens in the Library. When the app tells you to move the Shoggoth, is it correct that the monster can't move anywhere because of the wall placed between the Study and Library? Rules: Investigators and monsters cannot move through walls unless an effect specifically allows it.
  5. I think I get it now. You ALWAYS hit with a headshot, regardless if it is the weak spot of the enemy or not.
  6. On the Sniper Rifle it says: "During a fight, (special symbol on die) results always inflict hits on the enemy. Does this card mean you only hit with a headshot? So if a ranged enemy can't be killed with a headshot you can't use the Sniper Rifle?
  7. Let me add the exact text the App gave me: Mabel (ghost) calls out, but there is no one to hear her. She vanishes and reappears elsewhere. Mabel moves to the nearest space within range of an investigator.
  8. It doesn't state anywhere on the card when I have to flip this spell card. So how can I use the backside of the "Poison Mist" spell card?
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