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  1. You raise a great point about using Rebels as a sort of benchmark. It was clear that he was done with fighting and trying to win.
  2. So let the community help you. What would you cut first? Also wasn't sure why you need +1 evade twice.
  3. Oh he's definitely a text heavy card. Can't even fit all of the text on him. 😛
  4. All fair points. And I agree to some extent. "String people along for their money..." I could see Disney encouraging this for sure and not allowing FFG to provide any form of response to the community. The more I think about it, the more I am starting to wonder if this wasn't on FFG. It's very possible Disney wasn't liking the returns from Imperial Assault and told FFG they wouldn't approve anymore physical content, feeling that the FFG team's resources would lead to greater returns if they were focused on other Star Wars product lines. Tyrants of Lothal might have been FFG's last chance to try and bring in younger/newer players. And when sales continued to show that only veteran IA customers were the only ones buying the product, Disney and FFG agreed that they should search for other sources of profit. Licensing is fun!
  5. Fair enough. I would be curious to see the numbers. I have a feeling that newer fans of Star Wars and board games in general don't care if the game is dead or not. They will do their research by watching video tutorials and reviews, then make the dive if they like what they see. A new fan of the game would probably argue that they feel overwhelmed by the amount of content. I have never personally made my choice to dive into a product based on whether it is currently dead at the time I found myself interested in it. That's a bold assumption to make about them "failing to realize." I am pretty confident that their marketing and sales reps weighed that reason along with many other reasons this community isn't privy to against one another, before deciding on the fate of Imperial Assault.
  6. Exactly. In addition, more content also means more things have to be approved by the licencors. If you have ever had to deal with licencors, then you know some can be a royal PIA, as they tend to drag on approvals and their response times can be painful to endure while the final product is seemingly ready for print. Sending a Legion unit or Xwing ship off for approval takes much less time and leads to much less hassle than having to send an entire Imperial Assault Endor set out for approval. I think the primary "business reason" was due to the fact that Imperial Assault holds a lot of SKUs that FFG can't sell direct from their site. I used to think this way. But ... after getting to know people in the distribution side of the industry ... I get it. FFG is playing it smart as a business by waiting for a product to sell out at the distribution level before making any formal announcement about the game being "dead". They need distributors to trust that they won't leave them hanging with excess stock, otherwise distributors may not reorder current and future FFG product in large orders. Retailers on the other hand are okay with finding out the news when customers do, because it tends to create a "get it before its gone" mentality, which leads to sells and frees up space for new product. Andrew's silence could have something to do with the contract FFG has between Lucas/Dis. I wouldn't be surprised if he had to consult with Disney to find out what he could say prior to the AMA.
  7. To be fair, you have to look at the development resources that go into making anything for Imperial Assault vs Destiny, Xwing, and Legion. Every release for IA requires at the very least; command cards, a skirmish and campaign map, a skirmish and campaign scenario,deployment cards for campaign and/or skirmish units. Larger releases required double-sided maps board, item cards, a short or long campaign, etc. Designing all of that takes way more time and resources from the dev and art team than any other Star Wars product they make. So, even though I don't like the choice, I get how and why they arrived at it.
  8. Yoda was cool during the Clone Wars series and the prequel movies for sure! However, in the original movies Yoda was a guide for Luke, and nothing more. In the final movie he was senile and dying. Yoda also self-exiled himself to Degobah after failing to stop Sidious from enacting his grand plan. I don't even think the galaxy remembers Yoda or his influence at the time Imperial Assault takes place. That, and I remember a good number of community members being miffed when The Emperor was revealed as a playable unit. I would still be curious to see how you would create Yoda for Imperial Assault.
  9. Are there any smaller unit packs worth have multiple copies of for either the figures themselves or the cards they come with?
  10. With the announcement that no more physical product will be released, I've decided to wrap up my Cad Bane, 4-LOM, and Zuckus. I will need help making their side missions, because I honestly don't know the first thing about making them. @Pollux85 I purchased my Cad Bane, 4-LOM, and Zuckus minis from Mel Miniatures. The price was steep, but worth it for the longevity. I worked with two IA designers and the community to make the card. You can find them here. I agree with Strawhat on 4-LOM and Zuckus. They were needed to complete the bounty hunter collection.
  11. Ah. Okay. So it's not "Move up to X spaces first and deal +X extra damage" The name implies that you have to be charging during the assault, but the rules do not. Hence my question. Thanks for the clarity.
  12. Thank you. I will do just that. Off topic to my own topic. How does Charging Assault work?
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