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  1. That was the reason. But you are right. I guess I never noticed that Hondo doesn't have a way to note which spaces he's done this with. Edited 4-LOM to stay consistent. Thanks.
  2. Okay. I am fairly happy with the cards where they are at currently. Now I need to make missions for the characters, but I have no idea where to start. I have the full collection of Imperial Assault, so I can build from a wide selection of tiles. Are there guidelines for building maps for side missions? I feel like side missions tend to lean on simpler rules and shorter game time. I want the Cad Bane mission to revolve around him breaking into a rebel garrison that has imperial detractors. For 4-LOM and Zuckuss I want to have the map be set on a hostile world with deadly atmosphere (which they are immune to) and dangerous wildlife. Lastly, has their been any resources developed for making missions similar tot he Descent quest builder?
  3. I see what you mean. Added to Cad Bane's ability.
  4. I don't understand what you are saying here. Thanks for pointing out the typos. Fix'd. Cad Bane is super cunning in the show (he's up there with other famous cunning characters from across all media imo) and I also like the way the ability works. I looked at Take Cover from the Jawa card, Defensible from the Tank's card, and Defensive from The Grand Inquisitor's card. Take Cover - Removing evades from the die roll to add blocks didn't really feel like Cad Bane's style to me. When he's fighting, he prefers the challenge of fighting in close quarters and avoiding the opponents dirty plays and overcoming their battle tactics. He definitely runs away in the form of tactical retreats, and I feel like Stun Gauntlets and Mobile allow him to replicate this in the game. Defensible - This ability came across as too powerful. It's too automatic which makes sense for a tank, but not for a humanoid that commits error. Defensive - This fits the Grand Inquisitor for sure, who in the show mainly uses his spinning saber in a defensive fighting form. The fact that you will roll blocks 50% of the time made this ability feel like a better fit for someone that relies on armor or even a force field rather than a dexterous combatant. Because of these above reason I will be sticking to Cunning, but thanks for the feedback.
  5. Fourtytwo really got me thinking earlier yesterday. Here is what I did for Cad Bane based on feedback and testing. Mobile was pretty much automatic. It represents both Cad Bane and Todo 360's jet boots. The Blast 1 surge ability represents a slew of Cad Bane's arsenal; be that twin pistol fire, bombs, or his flamethrower. I borrowed the text from The Grand Inquisitor to develop his Stun Gauntlets attack. The green and yellow die don't equate to a whole lot of damage, so you usually use a surge for the Pierce 2 ability to get damage through and stun the defender. You can also rely on Todo, in the case of rolling no surges. I removed the Rapid Fire ability because it ate up too much space. Space I would rather have for more thematic surge abilities. The blue die was replaced with another green die in his ranged dice pool, because the double green dice pool tends to average three damage and one surge. This surge will most often be used for Pierce 2 to insure damage is dealt. He can also use Todo 360 to provide a surge when . In the TV series Todo 360 was just always in the right place at the right time for Cad Bane. The 'Command Todo' action is used to reflect this trait. As long as the space Cad Bane needs him in is within 3 spaces (ignoring LoS) Todo will find a way to get there. Todo's health was dropped to 1. In this way, when Cad Bane uses Todo's surge for Blast, he will also temporarily destroy Todo and thus have to replace him with his 'Command Todo' action if he wants those free surges again. I feel that this really captures the "companionship" on display in the TV series.
  6. @Fourtytwo Thanks for the advice. I was getting concerned about this as well.
  7. Yep. I guess I was too tired the first time I posted that to notice I didn't even finish the ability's text. Fix'd
  8. Heck, even Monopoly eventually added an extra red "speed die" for official championship play.
  9. This game has everything it needs to continue thriving thanks to the free community based apps currently available; a gallery of art to choose from; fanmade/official sculpts offered elsewhere; and the existence of the IACP (for skirmish). I am actually kind of glad that they chose to end with the Rebels TV show content, because I enjoyed that show. Some of the characters lived during the time period of the Galactic War, and those minis are not available elsewhere. Sure it would have been nice to see it close with an Endor themed expansion or maybe just three more unit packs, but they "chose" to end with Lothal instead and that is just something we have to come to terms with. If you are unhappy, say your parting words and go. If you are content, stay. And if you are ambitious, share your creations. Imperial Assault is what you make of it from this point onward and trying to convince other people to join your cause (go, stay, create) is just going to bring everyone down to an unhappy state.
  10. Thanks; however, the work is far from finished. I also have had some help in building these.
  11. @Fourtytwo Yep. Agreed on both accounts. I will adjust, need to think of wording for the ability/attack. At first I was shy about having too many actions, but I remember Jabba having more than two.
  12. Oops. Yeah need to delete the surge. Edited original images. Time for me to get to campaign testing! Then I will revise them for skirmish, where needed. I also plan on making Side Missions for these and Agenda cards.
  13. Good Point. Here is Cad Bane, along with revised 4-LOM and Zuckuss. Need to look at rules on companions again. Not sure what I want Todo to do, but I know I want Todo as a companion for Cad Bane.
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