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  1. Hey Guys, I just don't have the space for them anymore so i am getting rid of my old monsters and heroes. You can check out the thread at bartertown: www.bartertown.com/trading/viewtopic.php peace out all, AZ
  2. Ill get on that eventually. I only plan on painting the master monsters, honestly i wasn't even planning on buying this game…
  3. Rhime said: Any tips for me to start as I've never painted a mini. Is a primer needed and what type of paints are used? I can help you with this! Yes primer is very important. Black primer is usually the best. These models are very small so you should prime them in the following way. 1) Secure to a thick piece of cardboard (you can use sticky tac for posters to do that) 2) make sure your primer is held 6-8 inches away from model. 3) spray in short bursts so that you don't spray too much on and lose detail. get just enough on to cover the model. If you miss spacees you can just go pack and prime those areas or cover them in black paint by hand. Painting for the beginner: Get some paints. best paints you could get would be to get soem Games Workshop foundations, Vallejo paints, or Reaper master series. minimum colors you will need: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, brown. Everything else can be mixed, but it is usually a good idea to pick up a lighter shade of each paint. You can also grab a Boltgun metal paint for the weapons and armory bits. Dwarf flesh is a good all around color for skin. Actually painting: So the big thing is to stay in the lines and get a nice clean base coat. When you paint just keep your colors where they are suppose to be. If a cape is green and hair is not, make sure no green gets on the hair. Also, sometimes the paint might not go on smoothly. You get streaks. Make sure if this happens that you just go over it again. A nice crisp basecoat and staying in the lines will make your models better than 60% of what's out there, don't even need any fancy highlighting Tips: Make sure your paints are too thick, add a little water to thin them out. This might mean you have to add a few coats of the same color but thats ok. Don't over load your brush with paint. Go look at a few youtube tutorials. There are a ton. Where to get good deals on the paints? : thewarstore.com Hope that helps!
  4. Got the Paladin done. I think he will be played more because I gave him some nice Non Metal Metalics. I also replaced that stupid looking mace with a warhammer. That weapon really needed some help.
  5. Another one done today? Hu I must be done with all my graduate admissions essays….
  6. Bringing the thread back from the dead with a Barghest! how fitting . He was painted up for our current overlord since this is his most taken monster. I did some research on the monster and I guess it is suppose to be a phantom black dog, but hey, undead lion is cool too.
  7. While we are on the subject of Equipping when and how can you equip items? For instance can you equip different items during a quest?and if so what restricts how often you can equip unequip items?
  8. I have played the same quests ( except fat goblin). While not all were two players, the heroes have had a great deal of success. There are two things that can really make a difference in the game. 1) How you equip your heroes. Effectively utilizing the shop is very important. Having well equipped heroes allows for you to manipulate the board in ways you need to. 2) Overlord vs player experience. This game is really about effective movement and positioning. Killing things is great, and often necessary, but if the overlord can effectively goad the players into attacking things (even for one or two turns) he often gains the opportunity to win the quest. Conversely a hero group who is experienced enough to plan a few turns in advance or even just come up with an effective begining turn, may allow them to confound an inexperienced overloard ( especially if the overlord does not utilize the mosters as blocking meat shields effectivly). I feel like there have been a wide variety of experiences on the boards. Having such a wide variety of experiences leads me to believe that the game is as "balanced" as one might hope to have it. The disparities most likeley come down to the experience of the players involved and disparities there-in. ( I know often times one player of my group only seeks to kill things, thus we end up severely handicapped during the quest…)
  9. Great job sack1unch. Love the nice clean paintjob.
  10. @warrior of Myth: Great job! having boatloads of painted miniatures i know how rewarding it is to have such a wonderful collection. Keep up the great work, paint always makes the poorly sculpted stuff better too! Kudos! And here is one more contribution from me ( speaking of poorly sculpted). Honestly, i could not figure out what half of the stuff on this model was. is that a sword or a staff or something elese entirly!? are those pants or leather things?! Mold lines ?! really?! I actually had to tottaly resculpt the upper portion of her hair the mold line was so bad! Her brown fur thing isn't that harshly highlighted either. As i said earlier my 2 mp camera doesnt pick up reds well and she has a lot more red in the fur. Speaking as someone who never played decent first edition it is great to see the wide variety of miniatures. So lets keep on posting em!
  11. FInally posting another picture, since the thread was my creation guess i should contribute . With regards to the question about how long it takes to paint, these guys usually take me about 2 hours. I don't spend too much time on them since I have a big pile of commisions waiting for me to get done. @Coolmoon, You can usually jury rig a transportation method. You have a few options. 1) buy some battlefoam and cut it to the size you want. 2) get some egg crate foam ( the weird looking stuff with cones through out it) and line the bottom of the box with a few layers. Either way, you will have to ditch the blue insert found inside the box. Personally, if you can get a hold of a macbook box and buy an Econ storage box for the faom ( the warstore sells them) it works great. Thats what i use to carry around my painted Super Dungeon Explore set.
  12. Thank ye kindly Beoth, He looks great . I am not looking forward to painting those large monsters ( cept the dragons). Your guy looks great though I hope mine turn out that well.
  13. Another one done! choice was courtesy of my wife. Sadly my 2 mp camera doesnt pick up reds very well. Next up is dwarfy
  14. Pierzasty said: Coldmoonrising said: Another great one, I like your take on the colors. I'd say work on Leoric or Ashrian. Seconding this. Your color schemes are awesome and I'd love to see how you'll differentiate those 3 turquoise characters. The real problem will be me not using my new purples for every single character…
  15. Got another one done but I don't know who to paint next
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